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This page deals with the fan/character/series/ARG "OpAphid". For the acronym "OPAPHID" discussed in the official series by Bree and Gemma, see this page.

OpAphid is a YouTube based (for now) ARG in which OpAphid (Operation Aphid) is recruiting "the worthy" for a future conflict.



OpAphid first appeared with the video You Made the Right Choice, Bree! in response to Bree’s My Difficult Decision video. OpAphid has since posted comments and videos to Bree, Cassie (Cassieiswatching) and Daniel. These are generally warnings, some nicer than others, that insinuate that OpAphid is connected to Bree’s religion and that Cassie and Daniel should watch their step.


The Creators announced that OpAphid is a 100-percent fan-created ARG, but that they liked it so much that they contacted its creators and decided to make it the official ARG of Lonelygirl15.[1]

OpAphid’s Modus Operandi

OpAphid’s videos are layered to say the least. There is the surface message of the written and spoken text, the deep meaning of the text and then the text and audio that takes homework (ex. Backwards audio and hieroglyphs).
In addition to the custom logo, at the end of each video there is a false ending which appears as if the video has ended and gone to the related video links but then returns to the real video again before ending.
OpAphid uses video tags that often match Bree's or Cassie's.

Letters in Aphid

Corresponding videos:
A PAIN HID = A IN APHID (on "Cassie Does Not R.I.P.")
HID IN APP = P IN APHID (on "You Made the Right Choice, Bree!")
HAD IN HIP = H IN APHID (on "Do go to god, cassie") AND ("Disclosure: Cassie")
HIP IN AID = I IN APHID (PREVIOUSLY on "Disclosure: Cassie") Now on none
PAID HIND = D IN APHID (on "Add Poe Hinder Vilification")


"The first step toward any solution? The A in APHID, of course"
Profile verifying solution:
The first step toward any solution? ANALYSIS. Analyze the data in front of you.


Only those who have found instruction within the message will be prepared to prove their worth. While history is full of subtle clues toward greater secrets, some messages are meant to be taken literally--regardless of any deeper connections we might suspect.
Above all others, the P in APHID is our greatest purpose. Its importance is essential to understand before any further progress can be made.
In that regard, sometimes additional enlightenment can be found hidden amongst information we previously considered a part of our history...
Profile verifying solution:
To PROTECT is our greatest purpose, above all others. The importance of PROTECTION is essential to understand before any further progress can be made.




Profile verifying solution:
Tachyon sought to INFILTRATE our organization. She attempted to use the I in APHID against us.


Puzzle/Email verifying solution: from Puzzle (Language Labs)

In hindsight, it’s a miracle we spotted that 
"location verified, D in APHID" video in time to 
arrange for your safe passage to a secure location. 
Even though there were no casualties when the bomb
detonated (sans the corpse we planted to fake your 
demise), it still doesn’t change the fact that it
was meant to DESTROY you.

Full Solution Thus Far:

A = Analyze
P = Protect
H = Hinder
I = Infiltrate
D = Destroy


Not everyone is a fan of OpAphid's Puppet Masters.

The answer (phone number) to the Set of Five puzzle was kept secret for the first few hours after it was solved (at the request of OpAphid). We are told it was done to maintain the experience for those who wished to solve the puzzle themselves and earn the "well done" first heard upon calling the phone number. This left a bad taste in the mouths of many, both new players who don't understand why people aren't giving out the answers and veterans who aren't used to a PM who locks down their game to quite this level.

OpAphid has since stated that if there are to be any other "grace periods" on revealing the solution to a future puzzle, they will be limited to a span of 2-4 hours. Recent puzzles have had no such restrictions.


OpAphid has taken credit for gamejacking Cassie's voice mailbox. Evidence in the video, Cassie Does Not R.I.P. (Rest In Peace) proves she had the passcode, and complete control of the mailbox.


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