You Made the Right Choice, Bree!

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Episode 5/1x005
You Made the Right Choice, Bree!

Aphid Approves

Blogger OpAphid
Date Posted September 24th, 2006
Length 0:38
Description "Did Hannah say as Hannah did?"

An outsider could never understand what you are going through, and how important this honor is to both you and your family.

YouTube Tags LG15 lonelygirl15 daniel danielbeast sad bastirma parents ceremony lame opaphid aphid HID IN APP
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Glenn Rubenstein
Assistant Producer Mari Devincenzi
Director(s) Glenn Rubenstein
Camera Glenn Rubenstein
Vidplay Glenn Rubenstein
Story Glenn Rubenstein
Editor(s) Glenn Rubenstein
Music "Friends of P" by The Rentals
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You Made the Right Choice, Bree! is the fifth video in the OpAphid video series.


(Black screen, white text. There is inverted audio playing.)

Text: You made the right decision, Bree

Text: An outsider doesn't even have the capacity to understand what an honor this is for you.

Text: Or how important it is.

Text: Most of the people here will not agree with your decision to stop posting videos…

Text: But like Daniel, they just don't get it

Text: Your purity is essential

Text: Friendship fades away

Text: Why risk eternity on something so fleeting?

Text: Some things were not meant to be explained to or be understood by those who do not deserve the knowledge that lies within.

(The infamous false YouTube ending appears.)

(The OpAPHID logo appears.)

Clues in the video


A palindrome appears in the description.

  • "Did Hannah say as Hannah did?"


The capitalized tags are:

  • "HID IN APP" which anagrams to "P in APHID"

Background music

The background music of this video is a reversed and slowed down segment of the song "Friends of P" by The Rentals. The segment appears to start around 2:40 in the original song.
Reversed Background Music
"Friends of P" Music Video

Companion video