Paytotheorderofofof vs. Dinosaur

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Episode LG15001
Paytotheorderofofof vs. Dinosaur

The dinosaur that started it all.

Blogger Bree
Date Posted May 24th, 2006
Length 0:40
Description Did paytotheorderofofof really get eaten by dinosaurs? I think so...
YouTube Tags dinosaur paytotheorderofofof thewinekone disappearance utubeterrorist filthywhore kaiserro11 brookers scream0 love
Music Mad World by Gary Jules
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Paytotheorderofofof vs. Dinosaur is the first video ever posted by lonelygirl15. The video follows a development in the video blog of a popular YouTube user at the time, paytotheorderofofof2.


Text: The Event that Shook the World...

Text: May 22nd, 2006

Text: "...Early this morning I woke up to discover I was not staring at my ceiling, I was staring at the sky.

It turns out that overnight a few hungry dinosaurs decided to have my house for breakfast.

I therefore will not be on YouTube..."


(footage of paytotheorderofofof2 from one of her videos)

(cartoon footage of a dinosaur smashing a house)

(more footage of paytotheorderofofof2)

(more cartoon footage of a dinosaur this time smashing a person)

Text: Emily Fights Back...

(footage of another vlogger with dinosaur sounds)


  • The tags to this video include the names of other popular YouTube users at the time.
  • It was revealed in Wired magazine that when this video was created, Miles Beckett and Mesh Flinders had not yet found an actress to play the part of Bree.
  • The dinosaur picture is from Dinosaur Comics.