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These are the unabriged logs of the chat following Recovered Memory - a filtered version can be found here.

*	Traveler50 ( has joined #lg15chat
<charlette>	ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
<SocksRock>	my lil eric loves him too
*	Traveler08 ( has joined #lg15chat
<charlette>	shush
<livelovelaugh>	You ok???
<GlacialRose>	Ah... Plantcake = Mole...
*	Traveler87 ( has joined #lg15chat
<pmonkeygetsfunky>	ya
<Chelseyrl>	quiet!
<SocksRock>	he loves to watch you on the youtube
<mtl4ever>	i love spamchannels^^
*	Traveler72 is now known as SoundSoldier
<DisenchantedBabe>	yayy
<littleapplegirl>	i have a secret: i auditioned for this show when it started. :(
*	JesskaFace kmmano let them talk its okay. we only have a few minutes. and the mods will take care of it
<pmonkeygetsfunky>	did you get my pm??
<newsie>	lol
*	ApotheosisAZ has disconnected (" ajax IRC Client")
<Kemo>	gine & bree ARE sisters
<immortal1>	thanks socks
<masonishappy>	loud noises!
<silentdre>	quatre minutes
<GlacialRose>	I thought it was a delicious dessert I'd never heard of...
<Shiori>	Transcript is up
*	Traveler05 (i=traveler@ has joined #lg15chat
*	kmmanofakind everyone stop talking mk we want this chat to be peaceful for Gina dont you think she has had enough
<KaNicole>	dude... there's a tornado warning here... i hope my power doesn't go out
<littleapplegirl>	clearly i was not cas
<DisenchantedBabe>	fpIs she in?
<SocksRock>	your weclome :)
<september2star>	hey pmonks!!!!
<SickSlickMan>	my and the other mods have the patience of gods if they can handle all of this
<SocksRock>	see mason!
<Preposterous>	Oh! I finally get plantcake now xD
*	Traveler59 ( has joined #lg15chat
<malloreo>	hello
<SocksRock>	thats how you talk to people
<pmonkeygetsfunky>	heyy sept!!
<silentdre>	vier Minuten
<SickSlickMan>	i have never respected them more than today
<cheddarcheese>	Chuck Norris can speak braille.
*	Traveler70 ( has joined #lg15chat
<SocksRock>	you dont ignore them, thats rude
<juliacat>	tornados are terrible!
<Chelseyrl>	:'( there are way too many ppl here
*	Traveler59 is now known as jasmine
<Hannah13>	ppl please
<DisenchantedBabe>	ahh
<Liso>	there is a tornado warning wherei am to!!!!!!!!!!
<Evergreen>	hey jasmine
<drstrangelove17>	haha, I know. I wandered out for a while to look at waking life clips.
<malloreo>	why isn't anyone talking again
<DisenchantedBabe>	im so excited
*	luvLG15 is now known as luvflower
*	Traveler69 ( has joined #lg15chat
<littleapplegirl>	why are we talking about chuck norris?
*	ApotheosisAZ (i=3f87eb7a@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #lg15chat
<SocksRock>	me too!
<cheddarcheese>	Chuck Noris puts the "laughter" in "manslaughter".
<PinkTigger>	lolm i already have a list of questions :)
<SoundSoldier>	Hey everyone. =].
*	BrandiLynn ( has joined #lg15chat
<mib_dq86lggu>	haha u have a tornado warning and all u care about is your power! ( i mean that in the most harmelss way possible)
<newsie>	I cant wait
<Traveler56>	how is  this followable?
<SocksRock>	im so excited
*	Traveler05 is now known as candyappleretto
<drstrangelove17>	too much childishness.
*	Traveler69 is now known as Quirkynesss
<GlacialRose>	Tornado? We don't get those where I am...
<juliacat>	I live in Atlanta and it was really scary a few weeks ago when it hit downtown!
<JesskaFace>	really? i don't remember our last tornado
<SocksRock>	I cant wait
<Evergreen>	hey traveler69, whats your nickname?
<caravelle436>	In-character chat rules: No imitating characters. No swearing or abusive talk. Do not use colors or bold or all caps in an effort to be noticed. These may all result in you being banned from chat.
<Preposterous>	Chuck Norris doesn't read. He stares at books and demands information.
<pmonkeygetsfunky>	sooooo dezzy......
<JazmynGrey>	Apo!
<mtl4ever>	silentdre: what country do u come from?
<JazmynGrey>	Brandi!
<mib_dq86lggu>	i would be hiding under a ... idk
<silentdre>	cheddarcheese, did you know chuck norris once walked through town with an erection?
*	JesskaFace goodluck to anyone with tornado warnings
<jasmine>	CC! *HUGGLES*
<silentdre>	nobody survived
<AnarchyAmes>	lol
*	luvflower is now known as funkymonkey21
<mib_dq86lggu>	i dont get tornados
*	Traveler69 ( has joined #lg15chat
<DisenchantedBabe>	:)
<ILOVEFRANCE>	then turn off ur electricity or u could get electricuted
<Chelseyrl>	silent, wtc
<cheddarcheese>	Chuck Norris counted to infinity - twice.
*	Traveler26 is now known as amanda
*	Traveler50 is now known as redSUV51
<Jackie>	kayla
*	Traveler39 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Liso>	im in missouri right in tornado ally
<masonishappy>	shall I pull out a shotgun and start taking some of the talkers out?
<DisenchantedBabe>	hehe 69
<alyssaxlea>	:)
<silentdre>	mtl4ever, the US of A
*	Traveler69 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<Traveler78>	Chuck Norris can run around the world and touch his own back.
<Jackie>	hehe
*	Traveler39 is now known as blade8r
<funkymonkey21>	omggg
*	JazmynGrey opens the anti insanity shield to let in Apo and Brandi
*	GlacialRose is in the frigide cold of Canada...
<SteamboatMickey>	3 minutes!
<malloreo>	3 minutes
<DisenchantedBabe>	Jackie!?
<Kemo>	people saying anything baout chuck norris will be ignored
<charlette>	shush
<Hannah13>	                                                               3 min
<alyssaxlea>	2
*	Traveler01 (n=traveler@VDSL-130-13-233-121.PHNX.QWEST.NET) has joined #lg15chat
<cheddarcheese>	Chuck Norris was once on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune and was the first to spin. The next 29 minutes of the show consisted of everyone standing around awkwardly, waiting for the wheel to stop.
<charlette>	man
<toniegirl>	w00t
<drstrangelove17>	wow.
<JenniPowell>	mason: that was a little far
<SocksRock>	no mason!
*	kmmanofakind Calm down everyone She will be here soon
<SocksRock>	thats mean
<AnarchyAmes>	*sigh*
<Jackie>	Kayla ?!
*	jasmine huggles live
*	samibobami is now known as cheetosrhot
<JazmynGrey>	Over here... its safer...
<SocksRock>	your really mean
<charlette>	this is annoying
<Preposterous>	Chuck Norris visited the Virgin Islands. Now they're just the islands.
<Evergreen>	hey traveler01, whats your nickname?
<Traveler56>	slow down
<JenniPowell>	let's not threaten to harm people please
*	Traveler39 ( has joined #lg15chat
<DisenchantedBabe>	haahah i didnt know u were here
<lioness23>	i saw bree in a movie the other day i forgot what it was called but it was a scary movie with lindsey lohan
>quote_marker<	Gina chat
*	Traveler99 ( has joined #lg15chat
*	Traveler70 is now known as Amander
<Liso>	lol
<SocksRock>	I bet you dont even watch other fan series mason
<masonishappy>	...just sayin'
<KaNicole>	yeah, I'm in Arkansas
<Quirkynesss>	-le sigh-
<livelovelaugh>	Jasmine!
<Jackie>	haha ya
*	Traveler24 (n=traveler@ has joined #lg15chat
*	Traveler52 ( has joined #lg15chat
<SocksRock>	ahve you seen The Coalition videos?
*	kmmanofakind I know who killed me
<SocksRock>	they are awesome!@
<jasmine>	sup
*	Traveler05 (n=traveler@ has joined #lg15chat
<mib_dq86lggu>	(laughs)
<mtl4ever>	silentdre: in that case, nice language abilities^^
<drstrangelove17>	hahaha, quirky
<NinjaLama>	guys....take a deep breath, slow down and......yeah :P
*	Traveler39 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<mtl4ever>	^
<SoundSoldier>	I know who killed me.
<SocksRock>	hi jasmine!
<Traveler13>	i know who killed me
*	hopefulsemblance threatens people with love
<GlacialRose>	Bree and Lindsey lohan? I thought she was better than that...
<cheddarcheese>	Chuck Norris thought up some of the funniest Chuck Norris facts ever, but he hasn't submitted them to the site because he doesn't believe in any form of submission.
<PinkTigger>	:) :) :) I love Jenni! :) :) :)
<blade8r>	lots of anynonmous people
<silentdre>	mtl4ever, thanks ~.^
<TheBeautifulMstk>	you know...its probably the show creators or some secretary
<jasmine>	sup
<SocksRock>	jenni rocks!
<mib_dq86lggu>	oh sorry about that one guys
<littleapplegirl>	heres wha ithink: Gina should go with bree's mom. but she should take with her A GPS TRACKING DEVICE. and they should be in a car waiting to follow her. TELL ME if yo agree
*	Traveler32 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Evergreen>	Traveler13, what nick do youw ant to use?
<rach28>	lol chdr
<funkymonkey21>	Gina is watching
<DisenchantedBabe>	:)
<Traveler32>	t
*	Traveler89 ( has joined #lg15chat
<SickSlickMan>	yeah, our little silent one is a master of the tongue
<cheddarcheese>	Chuck Norris sleeps with a night light. Not because Chuck Norris is afraid of the dark, but the dark is afraid of Chuck Norris
*	Traveler73 ( has joined #lg15chat
<DisenchantedBabe>	Don
*	Traveler52 is now known as lindholmka
<Traveler25>	how do you change you
<SteamboatMickey>	No Chuck Norris jokes! >.<
<Hannah13>	                                                                              hello
<silentdre>	in more ways than one, tom
<SickSlickMan>	...not in the way one would want him to be, tho
<DisenchantedBabe>	t trust bree's mom, she's just another Aunt Alex
<Traveler25>	r nickname
*	silentdre winks
*	Traveler83 ( has joined #lg15chat
>#LG15chat<	Now is the time to turn off any autoresponses left
*	Traveler10 ( has joined #lg15chat
<SteamboatMickey>	LA REZISTO
<mib_dq86lggu>	ok so gina should go with her mom but take a jet pack.
<Evergreen>	Traveller25 what do you want to use as your nick?
<Renegade15>	jasmine please let go of your shift key
*	Traveler17 ( has joined #lg15chat
*	Broken_Kid sets channel mode -c #LG15chat
*	ChanServ sets channel mode +c #LG15chat
<heyaja>	no caps please
<Liso>	omg
<Traveler25>	hi
<malloreo>	2 minutes
<mib_dq86lggu>	then she can fly away.
*	PinkTigger is soo excited!
*	Traveler67 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Traveler13>	2 mins
<Preposterous>	There is no theory of evolution, only a list of animals Chuck Norris has allowed to survive.
<immortal1>	I went to NowLive and no one was there LOL
<kmmanofakind>	Please everyone calm down
<TheBeautifulMstk>	GPS...swallow one..all the chick on lg15 need to lol :-) :-)
<cheddarcheese>	If you can see Chuck Norris, he can see you. If you can't see Chuck Norris you may be only seconds away from death.
<malloreo>	1 minute
<pmonkeygetsfunky>	chat makes me dizzy
<Hannah13>	1 min
*	voyboy ( has joined #lg15chat
<charlette>	shush ppl
*	mib_42ewbceb (i=4611ccae@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #lg15chat
<jasmine>	k srry
*	mib_hw1w5igs (i=424a4a0f@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #lg15chat
<kmmanofakind>	Calm Down please calm down
<Liso>	stop talking about chuck norris
<Traveler25>	how do you change your nickname
*	Broken_Kid sets channel mode -c #LG15chat
*	ChanServ sets channel mode +c #LG15chat
<Traveler17>	:)
*	t (i=tom@freenode/staff/tomaw) has joined #lg15chat
<Abbie>	1min!
<lindholmka>	me too
<Evergreen>	Traveler25, what nick do youw ant to use?
<Renegade15>	!traverler
<Darkslyfox>	she come in yet?
<immortal1>	!traveler
*	P-Monkey says: -- Hello Traveler. Please let us know who you are! Type "/nick newnicknamehere" (without the quotes " ) to change your name. --
<Liso>	1 min
<rosieiswatching>	Un minuto
<Chelseyrl>	People, please calm down.
<mib_vtbxqorp>	people, calm down
*	NinjaLama hands out chill pills
*	redSUV51 is now known as new
<malloreo>	hello
<DisenchantedBabe>	mhm =\
<rosieiswatching>	hahaha
<mib_dq86lggu>	uhhhh eyesss
<Liso>	lol
*	Traveler17 is now known as fettachelli
<kmmanofakind>	chill out people
*	Traveler73 is now known as laurensav
<juliacat>	chat is terrible
<cheddarcheese>	I think her name will be Ginabear, srsly
<Traveler99>	nick/oohpoordaniel
<Sammyantha>	Bree's mom was in on the Order and EVERYTHING, killing her daughter. Why should Gina trust her to keep her safe?
<rosieiswatching>	calm down...? hahaha
<SickSlickMan>	aiight, everyone
<copertop>	 /nick lg15 lover
*	Traveler83 has disconnected (Client Quit)
*	Traveler05 is now known as living4mydyingwi
*	mib_oq0wno1b (i=4c5ba32a@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #lg15chat
*	jasmine hopes lily dont come for the sake of spoilers
<Evergreen>	use a space, t99
<SickSlickMan>	let's calm it down now
*	Traveler32 is now known as fan
<laurensav>	hey people
<Darkslyfox>	kk
*	livelovelaugh ish confuzed
*	Traveler55 ( has joined #lg15chat
*	JesskaFace yawns. i'm not going to bother keeping up with the chat too much. lol
<WATERMELONHEAD>	Gina should do what is in her heart
<Quirkynesss>	Her name will probably be just Gina.
<modelmotion>	HI rosie
<hopefulsemblance>	this is like a movie theater during the previews... everyone is telling everyone to hush up... when in reality... who gives a crap?
<rosieiswatching>	u are in a LG chat room? calmin down is not an option
<masonishappy>	CHILL fer sureous
<rosieiswatching>	lol
*	blade8r want to talk with GINA NOW!
<mib_dq86lggu>	thats why she needs the jetpackl
*	Traveler67 is now known as gina2008
<Traveler25>	its time
<cheddarcheese>	Yay
*	mib_42ewbceb is now known as coolwill100
<funkymonkey21>	hi gina
*	Traveler21 ( has joined #lg15chat
<pmonkeygetsfunky>	heyy gina
<Preposterous>	Gina!
<caravelle436>	no caps blade
<NinjaLama>	hey G
<GlacialRose>	Hey Gina!
<Liso>	ITS TIME!!!!!!!
*	Traveler24 is now known as xo_suchuhblonde_
*	Traveler41 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Bratty>	hi
<AnarchyAmes>	w00h00
*	ChanServ sets channel mode -c #LG15chat
*	Ethan_Fox is back
<SoundSoldier>	Gina!
<jasmine>	omg live i g2g but i be back asap
<Evergreen>	Traveler25, whats you nickname?
<Hannah13>	hey
<xXRockstarKitten>	Hi, Gina. :)
<laurensav>	previously on lost...
*	Traveler55 is now known as Maccadole
<livelovelaugh>	Hey Gina!
<Chelseyrl>	Hanna, no colors
<caravelle436>	In-character chat rules: No imitating characters. No swearing or abusive talk. Do not use colors or bold or all caps in an effort to be noticed. These may all result in you being banned from chat.
<Traveler13>	hi gina
*	mib_hw1w5igs has disconnected (Client Quit)
<mib_dq86lggu>	wait.
<toniegirl>	hey gina
<Quirkynesss>	Hi Gina.
<livelovelaugh>	Bye Jassmine!
<Traveler89>	Hi Gina!
<rosieiswatching>	hy MM
<mib_vtbxqorp>	hey gina!
<alyssaxlea>	gina =]
<masonishappy>	Evening Gina.
<Ethan_Fox>	has Guna came in yet?
<mib_dq86lggu>	everybody stop
<JenniPowell>	turn off colors Hannah
<rosieiswatching>	long time
*	Traveler49 ( has joined #lg15chat
<jasmine>	hi gina
<Libra>	gina2008?  ginaZenMaster would have been cooler
<cheddarcheese>	Ginaaa
<mib_dq86lggu>	which one is gina
<funkymonkey21>	gina go to your mom
<RoyTheBoy>	Do not use colors
<Becky15>	hi ginaaaaa
<gina2008>	hey guys
<Traveler43>	hi gina
<Traveler25>	shes late
<Zoey>	please turn off your colors jasmine and alyssaxlex
<fettachelli>	hello gina!
<kmmanofakind>	Hello Gina How Are you doing tonight?
<silentdre>	lol
<Maccadole>	hi everyone
-Broken_Kid/#LG15chat-	REMEMBER: NO COLORS
<JenniPowell>	turn off your colors everyone
*	heyaja gives voice to gina2008
<blade8r>	her name is gina2008
*	Traveler10 is now known as mamaenem
<Darkslyfox>	gina2008
<Shiori>	No colors, guys, seriously
*	hopefulsemblance smells kicks
<Jijendia>	hey gina !!
<blade8r>	and it's it's pink
<DisenchantedBabe>	Heyy Gina
<gina2008>	its me
<DreamHaze>	Hi Gina!
<littleapplegirl>	wait, who is gina?
<Kemo>	bah at turning off colours
<Evergreen>	Gine, use a color so we can see you
<littleapplegirl>	oh
-Broken_Kid/#LG15chat-	Only Gina has a color so we can see her typing.
<coolwill100>	hey
<JesskaFace>	hey gina
<littleapplegirl>	duh
<charlette>	hey
<SteamboatMickey>	Hi Gina! =)
<kmmanofakind>	How are you tonight?
<Bratty>	hey Gina
<AnarchyAmes>	hey =]
<mib_vtbxqorp>	gina!
<LUladybug>	hello gina!
<Traveler56>	color haters, gosh
<Ethan_Fox>	Hi Gina
<TheBeautifulMstk>	Hi Gina
<alyssaxlea>	hey gina how are you
<TheHelper>	hey gina
<BriarRose>	Are you doing okay?
<gina2008>	so... did u guy see the vido today?
<Preposterous>	Gina is using a color.
<SocksRock>	no colors!
*	Traveler24 ( has joined #lg15chat
<kmmanofakind>	Yes
<DisenchantedBabe>	Yes.
<NinjaLama>	yeah
<lioness23>	hey gina
<SickSlickMan>	yup
<Sammyantha>	yess
<fettachelli>	yes.
<BriarRose>	Yah
*	Traveler92 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Liso>	yes
<cheddarcheese>	Yep!
<pmonkeygetsfunky>	yup
<blade8r>	yeah we did
<lindholmka>	yep
<Eirlys>	yea
<Broken_Kid>	traveler56, no color
<toniegirl>	yes
<masonishappy>	sure did.
<Preposterous>	Yes, yes we did
<GlacialRose>	yup...
<AnarchyAmes>	Yeah, we saw it!
<SocksRock>	no colors!
<DreamHaze>	Yeah, we saw it Gina
<JesskaFace>	yeah we saw the video
<xXRockstarKitten>	Yeah.
<Kormek>	yeah
<charlette>	yea 
<Shiori>	Of course, Gina
<alyssaxlea>	yeah
<SocksRock>	no colors!
<Quirkynesss>	Of course we did =)
<coolwill100>	yeah
<thebeautifulmind>	hi there Gina
<TheHelper>	of course
<gina2008>	doing okay, little cofused rigt nw
<SteamboatMickey>	Yeap
<KaNicole>	yeas we saw it
<Traveler89>	YEs
<SocksRock>	no colors!
<lioness23>	yeeeeeeeeeees
<mib_vtbxqorp>	yeah 
<DisenchantedBabe>	Don't trust Bree's mom
<laurensav>	loved the video!
-heyaja/#LG15chat-	no caps, no colors
<Darkslyfox>	@_@
*	Traveler73 ( has joined #lg15chat
<SickSlickMan>	i can imagine
<Thurgix>	Yikes people!
<kmmanofakind>	Its a lil fast in here
<charlette>	well tell us whats going on
<DisenchantedBabe>	She's just another aunt alex
<LUladybug>	yep, you were a cute kid!
<Liso>	dont trust brees mom
<Sammyantha>	I dont think you should go Gina
<Traveler89>	Why is that, Gina?
<Traveler92>	hi
<SocksRock>	hi gina!
<Ethan_Fox>	Ye I did Gina, you were so cute when you were little
<Renegade15>	no bold, please
<JesskaFace>	guys chill with the colors lol.
<Traveler99>	nickname/oohpoordaniel
<Traveler49>	hey
<Jijendia>	gina: i did see it and someting interesting came out of it.
<BriarRose>	Its horrid, the chatroom.
<pmonkeygetsfunky>	just trust what you think and have a backup plan
<gina2008>	Disenchanted, why shld I not trusther?
<blade8r>	don't trust bree mom bring the gorup
<malloreo>	hehfooe
<Hannah13>	                           Gina I think you should go to your But take backup just in case
<rosieiswatching>	OMg
<caalan21>	hi gina
*	Traveler65 ( has joined #lg15chat
*	Traveler05 ( has joined #lg15chat
<silentdre>	hahahaha
*	ThaBeave (i=WALLAWAL@unaffiliated/thabeave) hat #lg15chat verlassen
*	heyaja has kicked ILOVEFRANCE from #lg15chat (colors)
<Kormek>	I can understand that Gina
<SocksRock>	gina can u see this?
*	Traveler51 ( has joined #lg15chat
*	mib_f820gk1p (i=18f50386@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #lg15chat
<lindholmka>	How do you feel seeing a video of you as a small child with your sister
<AnarchyAmes>	Gina, the gang wouldn't have gotten anywhere without taking risks now and then. If she wanted you, she wouldn't have brought you back, but she did. I think it's safe to trust her.
<living4mydyingwi>	i say go but take a gun
<SocksRock>	gina can u see me?
<DisenchantedBabe>	Shes probably in the order...they always are
<drstrangelove17>	seriously, I think you can.
<Kormek>	it's a hard choice
<TheBeautifulMstk>	yes,i think you should hear bree's mom out
<rosieiswatching>	Hi Gona
<Broken_Kid>	hannah, no colors
<SocksRock>	talk gina!
<SocksRock>	hi gina
<kmmanofakind>	Can you remember anything that your mother has said.
<rosieiswatching>	Gina
<drstrangelove17>	But, you should bring Jonas.
<JenniPowell>	Hannah, final warning, turn off your colors
<JesskaFace>	don't trust her, but go anyway
<rosieiswatching>	hehehe
<NinjaLama>	just be careful....
<silentdre>	I'm sorry, but you people are mad stupid...mad stupid
<Traveler73>	Is Gina Here?
<DisenchantedBabe>	Just like aunt alex was
*	Traveler00 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Sammyantha>	She's taking advantage of your emotions, and using that to get to you
<JesskaFace>	make a plan with everyone, so you are safe
<SocksRock>	gina rocks
<NinjaLama>	yeah
<SoundSoldier>	Go to your mom, But have Daniel and Jonas clos by.
<SocksRock>	whoa
<heyaja>	jesskaface, no bold
<Traveler13>	dont it is just a trap they were probly thrying to do the ceramony when they kidaped you
<Zoey>	jesskaface, no caps please.
<Evergreen>	Gina, do you think she knew about Bree? What they were going to do to her?
<Liso>	yeah go with jonas and danial hiding somewhere
*	Traveler99 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<pmonkeygetsfunky>	have someone watching you when you go
<Traveler25>	is anyone there
<gina2008>	but then why would she just retrn me?
<littleapplegirl>	okay gina, i said this before and i will say it again, go but take a gps trackin device and maybe also a swithblade
<Traveler56>	so, do you miss bree?
<caravelle436>	*In-character chat rules: No imitating characters. No swearing or abusive talk. Do not use colors or bold or all caps in an effort to be noticed. These may all result in you being banned from chat.*
<fettachelli>	i think you should go...but make sure othe rpeople are close by
<JesskaFace>	sorry
<SocksRock>	I like gina!
<coolwill100>	dont trust your mom
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<SocksRock>	she is nice
<mib_dq86lggu>	sooo  i have an idea
<heyaja>	liso, no bold please
<blade8r>	forget daniel and Jonas bring everybody
<Renegade15>	JesskaFace and liso turn off the bold, please
<Liso>	just in case
<Traveler25>	or here
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<SocksRock>	gina is the best
<kmmanofakind>	to gain ur trust
<mib_dq86lggu>	ok
*	Traveler04 ( has joined #lg15chat
<SocksRock>	go gina!
<NinjaLama>	she wants you to trust her
<RoyTheBoy>	Please do not use Bold or Colors
<Ethan_Fox>	Yea Gina do not trust your mom! you saw what happened last time
<cheddarcheese>	Gina, you should trust Bree's mom. She's your only hope at this point!!!
<DisenchantedBabe>	To get you to trust her
<SocksRock>	hey gina
<Sammyantha>	confuse everyone why else?
<EmiB>	mute please
*	mib_vtbxqorp has disconnected (" ajax IRC Client")
<mib_dq86lggu>	so
<drstrangelove17>	who knows, maybe she feels guilty.
<Jo_16_2>	gina cant type o.O
<laurensav>	gina, i got your bench! beautiful job!
<DisenchantedBabe>	The order is trucky
<TheHelper>	she may have other intentions
<Abbie>	5 min
*	thebeautifulmind has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<SocksRock>	whats your favorite color?
<masonishappy>	I'd say trust her. If she was going to kill you, she'd have done it by now...
<fettachelli>	because she doesnt want you to think shes in the order
*	caalan21 (i=816b49cc@gateway/web/ajax/ hat #lg15chat verlassen
<Jijendia>	Gina: If your mom gave you that video, there is a reason, she wants you to know your past, right... but now, if she was yelling something... what if you were trait negative now ? could you confirm it ?
-heyaja/#LG15chat-	NO BOLD
<SteamboatMickey>	ddaanngg calm down everyone
<alyssaxlea>	i think you should go see her gina
*	Traveler49 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<SocksRock>	do you like soda gina
<BriarRose>	Because the Order plays mind games Gina.
<charlette>	guys stop 
<silentdre>	lol
<SocksRock>	I liek soda gina
<SickSlickMan>	i can imagine they were testing your blood to see if you were still trait positive, perhaps
<hopefulsemblance>	Gina, while Bree's mom may have the face of an angel I don't think you
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<SocksRock>	so does lil eric
<Evergreen>	Gina, did you see Dr. Hart??
*	LyssaRose ( has joined #lg15chat
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<Preposterous>	Gina, I know you have some serious feelings about this, and meeting Bree's mom might be the only way to find out what really happened, but remember what happened the last time you acted on your intuition?
<Quirkynesss>	I think she cares for you, Gina, but still, she's with the Order, and they haven't been the best people in the world.
<gina2008>	its weird, i really dnt think she meant 2 hurt me
<mib_dq86lggu>	go see your mommy and then bring abckup.
<SickSlickMan>	it's likely
<SocksRock>	lil eric loves soda
<silentdre>	too many people talking at once
<gina2008>	its just a feeling
<september2star>	Gina, when you go, simply ask her why she allowed Bree to die
<SocksRock>	he just keeps drinking it
<silentdre>	this is amazing
<toniegirl>	u should talk to ur mom and find out about bree and the whole order thing
<Traveler25>	ok
<immortal1>	she's trying to gain your trust.  it's a trap!
<silentdre>	and funny
<kmmanofakind>	They were testing your blood
<JesskaFace>	i don't know. but you should really go. but make a really good plan with everyone and talk about how you can keep everyone, especially you, extremely extremely safe
*	new is now known as redSUV51
<SocksRock>	I tell him to stop
<mib_dq86lggu>	backup on the dl
*	swimgirl52 (i=45ddfdd7@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #lg15chat
<AnarchyAmes>	Gina, the gang wouldn't have gotten anywhere without taking risks now and then. If she wanted you, she wouldn't have brought you back, but she did. I think it's safe to trust her.
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<Traveler87>	gina, you're the only one who has met her, and so you know her best. Do what you think is right, you're the best judge of hr intentions.
*	Traveler42 ( has joined #lg15chat
<SocksRock>	but he keeps doing it
*	Traveler48 ( has joined #lg15chat
<fettachelli>	you might be right but you never know
*	Traveler70 ( has joined #lg15chat
*	Jo_16_2 thinks that gina cant type for shizz
*	blade8r thinks you should decided how best to be safe
<pmonkeygetsfunky>	but she is with people who do want to hurt you
<Broken_Kid>	it looks like she hurt you, Gina
<Evergreen>	Jonas follows his feelings all the time
<gina2008>	like the way I jst KNW Bree is my sister, u know?
<SocksRock>	what can a dad do?
<kmmanofakind>	They are still looking for a trait positive girl
<Liso>	i thinks shes doing it to gain your trust
<Renegade15>	AnarchyAmes no bold please
<Traveler34>	hey guys
<SocksRock>	nothing
<BriarRose>	I dont know... I think shes playing with you.
*	Traveler74 ( has joined #lg15chat
<SocksRock>	thats what
<masonishappy>	**Gina, do you remember anything besides waking up in the car?
<SocksRock>	I tell you
<Hannah13>	She might be protecting you but why is she working for Verdus 
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<Traveler34>	is gina here
*	mib_4a4glpkx (i=47342ccf@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #lg15chat
<TheBeautifulMstk>	I think she may want to help :-)
*	Traveler39 ( has joined #lg15chat
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<Traveler89>	I think it would be too.
<SocksRock>	if I had a qwuarter
<SickSlickMan>	well...hmm...
*	Traveler51 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<newsie>	HI! um whats her name?
<NinjaLama>	She may love you and alll, but she might not have a choice....
<SocksRock>	for every soda he darnk
<DisenchantedBabe>	That's true.
<KaNicole>	exactly, she wants you to lure yourself into this false sense of security
<SocksRock>	id be rich
<drstrangelove17>	wow... 
<PinkTigger>	Gina, Who is your Favorite Artists?
*	Traveler15 ( has joined #lg15chat
*	Traveler74 is now known as alyssaxlea
<Liso>	they erased your memory
<SocksRock>	he just keeps drinking them
<DisenchantedBabe>	Maybe it's Carl you shouldm
<xo_suchuhblonde_>	maybe she wants to protect you, but doesn't want to jeopardize her place by helping you 
*	Traveler10 ( has joined #lg15chat
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<DisenchantedBabe>	trust
<SocksRock>	over and over
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<drstrangelove17>	this is insane.
<GlacialRose>	Your instincts aren't always right...
<SocksRock>	no matter what
*	KGabMI (i=424a4a0f@gateway/web/ajax/ hat #lg15chat verlassen
<lioness23>	ya and with the cd  she must have been trying to help u by givin u the cd
<gina2008>	but what wld she be trying to get from me?
<Eirlys>	Maybe she didn't but you have to be carful since she's with Verdus...even if she's on your side, the connection is still there. which is dangerous
<SocksRock>	I tell him to stop
*	Traveler00 is now known as BroadwayChick
<rosieiswatching>	JUst hingk about it Gina, you mom gave you away t science
<JesskaFace>	i know what you mean, but you can never be to careful. if you have a good plan, you know nothing will happen.
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<xXRockstarKitten>	Gina, I say to trust your heart and do what you think is best for you. Not the others in this case. It's your life, so do what YOU want.
<littleapplegirl>	seriously, go with. take a gps take a weapon. 
<rosieiswatching>	WTF
<oddnluvnit>	but what happens when your hopes are destroyed..possibly
<SocksRock>	but he doesnt listen
<DisenchantedBabe>	Maybe its carl you shouldn't trust..
<BriarRose>	Your bood
<SocksRock>	thats my lil eric
<DreamHaze>	Your blood, maybe?
<PinkTigger>	ur blood
<Traveler34>	lol gina 2008
<blade8r>	hey just drugged ya not earsed your memory
*	mib_4a4glpkx (i=47342ccf@gateway/web/ajax/ hat #lg15chat verlassen
<mib_dq86lggu>	personally i second guess my own sister at times
<Ethan_Fox>	Gina do not go see her, remember that she willingly let the urder bree, I don't want the same thing to happen to you, do not go see bree's mom
<SocksRock>	he loves soda
<GlacialRose>	Your blood...
<Evergreen>	They took you blood, GINA
<Traveler13>	your blood 
<SteamboatMickey>	You should take someone with you Gina, jjust in case. You never know if Brees mom would be alone or not.
<Jijendia>	gina, your memories.
<Traveler34>	are you kidding me
<SickSlickMan>	blood, maybe memories
<Liso>	your blood
<silentdre>	so uh...what're you wearing?
<Sammyantha>	your blood
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<SocksRock>	lil eric loves pie too
<september2star>	Gina....................... as her why she allowed Bree to die if she loved her
<JesskaFace>	prob your blood
<fettachelli>	blood
<SocksRock>	he likes apple
<BroadwayChick>	Your BOLOOD, Gin!
<Traveler34>	they want you
<kmmanofakind>	Bree might be your sister but look what happened to her she was trait positive and was killed
<KaNicole>	you're trait positive.
<LUladybug>	I think you should go, but take someone with you.  If she really want's to see you she'll understand that you need someone else there to back you up.
<SickSlickMan>	anything could be possible
<SocksRock>	and peach
*	Traveler84 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Traveler34>	FOR SEX
<Traveler34>	FOR SEX
<NinjaLama>	they were probably testing your blood
<fan>	What's wrong with going to mee her "alone" and draggin the boys around, hiding somewhere and taping/watching the whole thing?  Since they think they're so good at that.
<copertop>	soul
*	Traveler95 (n=traveler@ has joined #lg15chat
<Traveler34>	FOR SEX
<gina2008>	right -- but then why didn't they keep me?
<SocksRock>	and pumpkin
<Traveler34>	FOR SEX
KaNicole karebare1978 KasloTULaw kelseygirl15 Kemo kmmanofakind Kormek 
<Traveler34>	FOR SEX
*	Traveler71 ( has joined #lg15chat
<charlette>	ya your blood anything
<smoochyxxx>	information about what you and the others know maybe
<SocksRock>	and pineapple
<PinkTigger>	cause u might be trait positive
<Traveler73>	Is Gina even here?
<drstrangelove17>	maybe she feels guilty for bree dying.
<Traveler34>	FOR SEX
<SocksRock>	and cherry
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<SocksRock>	he loves then
<newsie>	well sh emight try to use you like she used Bree
<toniegirl>	maybe she thinks u know where emma is
<Jijendia>	gina, logically speaking, she's maybe trying to get you as a new Bree to her.
<gina2008>	if she wantedto serve me to them, she totally could have
<lindholmka>	Maybe you're blood isn't ready yet
<SickSlickMan>	that we don't know
*	Traveler99 is now known as jerrbear
<WATERMELONHEAD>	Gina, people make mistake, I think you should trust her. She obviously cares for you-- look at the video! You're having fun at the playground!
<GlacialRose>	Because of the legal reprecussions maybe?
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<blade8r>	they know where your going to be so why even bother
<fettachelli>	because theyre not sre if your trai positive
<Sammyantha>	because daniel and the crew would be after her
<Jijendia>	reviving memories of bree
<SocksRock>	I like pie too
*	mib_7npnbamz has disconnected (" ajax IRC Client")
<PinkTigger>	cause ....ur not trait positive
<Sammyantha>	she doesn't want to cause a scene
<alyssaxlea>	yeah shes right
<Traveler25>	i think im alone
<TheHelper>	because they only needed you for the testing phase
<Traveler42>	how do you change ur name
<SocksRock>	but not as much as lil eric
<littleapplegirl>	tehey were testing you to see i oyu had the trait, an ow that you do, thy need you aain
<Traveler89>	That is true.
<Quirkynesss>	Maybe it was a pre-test, and the meeting she's arranged is the ceremony.
<lioness23>	ya ur right
*	Traveler14 ( has joined #lg15chat
<PinkTigger>	cause ur mom loves u
<Evergreen>	Maybe, Dr Hart made you Trait Negative, GINA
<kmmanofakind>	They need something from you besides that
<Preposterous>	The thing is, Bree's mom already knows you - the video proved it, she took care of you once. She may or may not want to hurt you, but the fact is she gave you up.
*	Traveler35 ( has joined #lg15chat
<BriarRose>	Because the Order plays mind games
<DreamHaze>	Maybe they're trying to get closer to Jonas and Daniel and Sarah
<Traveler92>	yeah
<jerrbear>	hi
<Traveler25>	or maybe its not working
<pmonkeygetsfunky>	was there anyone with her??????
<masonishappy>	***Gina, do you remember anything besides doing IV tests?
*	Traveler04 is now known as thegoobcat
<funkymonkey21>	she wants to talk to you privately about the past, perhaps
<TheBeautifulMstk>	this is nuts'
<JesskaFace>	it could have been a trick to get you to trust them much easier. but even if it isn't, you need to be careful. you need to make a plan
<silentdre>	so uh...what're you wearing?
<drstrangelove17>	maybe she's working for them, but she wants to get out.
<swimgirl52>	maybe she has some important imformation
<DisenchantedBabe>	That's true Gina. But, it could always be a trick.
<xXRockstarKitten>	I think she's on your side, Gina.
*	Traveler95 is now known as AnarchyAmes
<Darkslyfox>	Traveler73 - she's voiced and her nick is gina2008
<heyaja>	funkymonkey21 no colors
<Loser>	maybe thats not what they want
<SickSlickMan>	andre
<silentdre>	so uh...what're you wearing?
*	Traveler14 is now known as Liso
*	caalan21 (i=816b49cc@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #lg15chat
<Renegade15>	funkymonkey21 color
<Bratty>	Gina could take a purse and put a hole or somthing in the front and put the camera in the purse
<laurensav>	go bk!
*	coolwill100 (i=4611ccae@gateway/web/ajax/ hat #lg15chat verlassen
<fettachelli>	mayeb she has second thoughts
<silentdre>	lol
<Traveler48>	meybe she gave u shots to make u trade negative blood
<SocksRock>	lil eric
<jerrbear>	its so crouded
<alyssaxlea>	i think you should see what she has to say, but be careful
<funkymonkey21>	sorryy
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<living4mydyingwi>	no because david and jonas always win (almost)
*	mib_7npnbamz (i=447eb9de@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #lg15chat
<SocksRock>	I rell you what
<Traveler73>	Is Gina here??????? :'(
<mib_dq86lggu>	she probably didnt keep you to gain your trust!!!!
<Shiori>	If you go, take Daniel, not Jonas
<Thurgix>	I would just advise caution...a lot of caution
<Kemo>	no colours no bold
<drstrangelove17>	Maybe it's all just something she's gotten too deep into.
<SocksRock>	he is all about soda
<candyappleretto>	I think you should go, but take back up
<PinkTigger>	cause she's ur mommy and she loves u!
<gina2008>	good ida Bratty!
<charlette>	because they wanted you to trust her, like they already said, 
<SocksRock>	he drinks it all day
<SoundSoldier>	Go to her Gina, but HAVE PROTECTION.
<Chelseyrl>	alyssa, color
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<DisenchantedBabe>	Meet up with her, but in a protected environment with Jonas and Daniel right there
*	Traveler67 (n=traveler@ has joined #lg15chat
<hopefulsemblance>	If she also wanted to save her daughter (Bree) she could have... I don't trust her
<Shiori>	Jonas gets things out of hand
<SocksRock>	he is like
<Traveler71>	                                Gina you hsould meet with your mom but keep backup incase you never know what could happen
<SocksRock>	soda soda soda
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<SocksRock>	and i tell him
<SocksRock>	stop eric
<juliacat>	Gina I think you just need to be cautious about the whole thing.  You are never going to stop wondering unless you talk to her
<gina2008>	I may take th camera purse idea and record the meet... if I go
<SocksRock>	and he wont
*	mib_6bia080v (i=47342ccf@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #lg15chat
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<silentdre>	sodaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
*	Traveler89 has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<DisenchantedBabe>	Meet Meet her under your condition
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<SickSlickMan>	definitely have back-up, if you go
<SocksRock>	he just keeps drinking it
<juliacat>	Just be very careful
<kmmanofakind>	Your really need to be Careful
<SocksRock>	all day long
<BroadwayChick>	This is going so fast!
*	Traveler50 ( has joined #lg15chat
<fettachelli>	i think that makes sense
*	Liso has disconnected (Client Quit)
*	Traveler06 ( has joined #lg15chat
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<BriarRose>	Thats a good idea
*	Traveler22 is now known as funkymonkey21
<SocksRock>	I think its gonna hurt his liver
<silentdre>	so uh...what're you wearing?
<NinjaLama>	jut be very careful!
<blade8r>	if your are planning on gonig make sure your safe.
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<Broken_Kid>	ok, time out guys...
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<Broken_Kid>	let's let Gina say what she wants to tell us
*	mib_tzkdrewx (i=93485dac@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #lg15chat
<Broken_Kid>	so we can actually read it
*	Traveler30 (i=traveler@ has joined #lg15chat
*	Traveler56 ( has joined #lg15chat
<gina2008>	the thing reaally bothering me is... why did she just send me back?
<gina2008>	I mean, yeah, she got my blood but what does she want to do with it?
<gina2008>	and why would she give me the video?
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<gina2008>	that HAS TO mean something
<gina2008>	showing me and Bree together
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<gina2008>	bt then again
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<gina2008>	the weekend reminded me of Hart
<Broken_Kid>	ok, unmuting
<SickSlickMan>	maybe a sample of it could possibly be used for a scientific purpose for a better method
<cheddarcheese>	Maybe that means she wants to help you!!!!!!!!
<kmmanofakind>	she might need something else from you so they lured u into a false sense of security 
<Thurgix>	Just be cautious, you guys have trusted before and then gotten burned...
<xXRockstarKitten>	Maybe she did it to help you remember your past.
<Loser>	jonas daniel sarah and maybe their still after emma
<mib_dq86lggu>	taht
<mib_cipe6e5l>	its just a trick to get you to go with her
<Ethan_Fox>	I wanna know how they knew were TAAG lives
<swimgirl52>	maybe shes trying to help you remeber
<cheetosrhot>	maybe she knew you would appreciate the video, you want so much to remember your past and shewants to help you, she may love you, but that wont stop her from using you
<xo_suchuhblonde_>	well I mean you and Bree were sisters right. And Bree was her daughter... so obviously she has some emotional attachment
<Traveler60>	exactly, i say, dont trust her yet
<juliacat>	Do you think she could be trying to use your trait positive blood to find some other way to help the elders--without killing you?
<jerrbear>	she might have wanted to to trust her more
<mib_dq86lggu>	yeah sorry about heart and all
<Evergreen>	Gina, did you see Dr Hart?
<Traveler92>	wierddd
<gina2008>	just, being in a daze and not knwing whats happening
<mib_dq86lggu>	but
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*	mib_cipe6e5l is now known as coolwill100
<Traveler71>	she is trying to gain your trust
<Eirlys>	Maybe to get a message to the others that she's serious about taking you away....and showing you and Bree together could just be to throw you off and gain your trust.
<fettachelli>	thats the problem...
<Sammyantha>	exactly
<Traveler84>	she wanted to test to see if you were trait positive and didn't want to hold you captive and gave you the video so you'd trust her.  
<mib_dq86lggu>	i mean u dont even know if thats u in the video
<Kemo>	travler60 no bold
<Ethan_Fox>	Gina did you tell then were TAAG lives
*	mib_dmz7evu9 (i=42201e30@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #lg15chat
<SteamboatMickey>	Bring someone with you! 
<fettachelli>	if it wasnt bad why did she drug you?
<GlacialRose>	maybe she gave you the video to keep you strung along emotionally...
<Traveler92>	they probably drugged u
<SocksRock>	lil eric
*	Traveler45 has disconnected (Client Quit)
*	Traveler67 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<SocksRock>	I tel lyou what
*	Traveler14 ( has joined #lg15chat
<PinkTigger>	What was your first memory of Dr. Hart?
<Traveler70>	gina , you know you kind of look like bree. lol
<SoundSoldier>	She's trying to tell you something, and if you go, with protection, then you could find out.   
<swimgirl52>	i think you should meet with her
<mib_dq86lggu>	it didnt really look like u..
<blade8r>	she sent you to your friends the safe ones
*	Traveler56 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<SocksRock>	he lieks shoes too
<Preposterous>	How did the weekend remind you of Hart, Gina?
<Traveler52>	don't go alone
<Quirkynesss>	Maybe she wants your blood to make other girls trait positive.
<Chrissymommy>	Well, I think that maybe she wants you to get to know her and prove that she has no intention of hurting you gina
<Abbie>	maybe she wants to warn you that you need to be careful because the order will looking for you if your taite positive
<DisenchantedBabe>	Meet her under your own conditions, jonas and daniel nearby, you guys have weapons, not her
<Loser>	the thing is we dont know if we can trust her
<Evergreen>	maybe DR HART succeeded in making you Trait Neg
<SocksRock>	lil eric wnats blinky shoes
*	Traveler50 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<jasmine>	i dont know but maybe she just wants you to trust her so that you'll do what she wants?
<Traveler25>	shes 7  minutes alte
<SocksRock>	blinky shoes I Tel lyou
<blade8r>	she is a part of the order.
<mib_dmz7evu9>	hello
<Quirkynesss>	A la KM.
<Traveler25>	late
<Traveler14>	hi
*	Traveler30 is now known as candyappleretto
<SocksRock>	but I said no
<Traveler25>	i think
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<kmmanofakind>	Maybe they need a memory of yours!
<SocksRock>	no blinky shoes
<PinkTigger>	What was your first memory of Dr. Hart????
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<september2star>	Gina, it seems that she was checking your blood. You have survied longer than any other trait + girl, naturally born that way or not 
<Bratty>	ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh i knw she could match your bood type with hers to see if your related
<swimgirl52>	she could have some answers to some of your questions
<SocksRock>	but he keepsasking
<gina2008>	it was scary, beig like a lab rat again
<Traveler52>	don't go alone
<DreamHaze>	They drugged you, Gina, and took your blood--that is hardly motherly.
<SocksRock>	and asking
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<KGabMI>	Like I said, just a thought.. but it seems like after they took your blood, Bree's mom went crazy... so I think the results were not what they wanted.
<SocksRock>	and asking
<Chelseyrl>	omg >.<
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<SteamboatMickey>	                                                       Bring someone with you anyway!
<blade8r>	be safe! and don't get caught.. ove ranything
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<Traveler52>	DON"T GO ALONE
<Sammyantha>	Don't go and see what she does.
<SocksRock>	but I say no
<gina2008>	I never wanted to feel that way ever again
<SocksRock>	I tell him
<kmmanofakind>	They need a memory of urs
<DisenchantedBabe>	=( im sorry gina
<SocksRock>	no eric
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<SocksRock>	no blinky shoes
<motomike>	hey no caps cuys
<Kemo>	jerrbear no colour
<SocksRock>	but he keeps asking
*	mib_dmz7evu9 (i=42201e30@gateway/web/ajax/ hat #lg15chat verlassen
<Traveler14>	sup
<motomike>	guys*
<fettachelli>	then you shouldnt trust her
<alyssaxlea>	=[
<GlacialRose>	Then going back to her would be a bad idea...
<SocksRock>	no matter what
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<toniegirl>	if u go talke someone with u
<NinjaLama>	I'm so sorry, gina!
<Traveler52>	Wwhatever you do don't go along
<SocksRock>	no colors!
<Traveler52>	alone
<DisenchantedBabe>	Meet her under your conditions, so you can get through this, and be safe
<mib_dq86lggu>	then move on
<Traveler70>	wait, so gina was the one in that video from a while ago??
<KGabMI>	hi?
<thegoobcat>	She could be checking your trait + status.  To see if Dr. Hart maybe made you trait negative.
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<Traveler51>	                            Was Hart working with Verdus
<KaNicole>	i'm sorry you had to go through that again.
<Traveler71>	thats exactly why you shoulnd go
<SickSlickMan>	hang in there, luv, you're alright now :)
<jasmine>	i really dont know what to say
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<masonishappy>	Can you remember anything she did while you were captive? Did she say or do anything out of the ordinary? Can you remember her speaking in a different language? Like French, perhaps?
>PinkTrigger<	sorry, the line jumped >_<
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<swimgirl52>	you shouldn't trust her
<JesskaFace>	but if you don't go, these questions will never ever ever be answered gina. it's got to be scary, and i'm sorry for what you went through
<SocksRock>	lil eric
<BriarRose>	Thats totaly understandable, and they might take you again if you go without help.
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<lioness23>	i think u should go see the place where u are gona meet her before u go alone
<Traveler39>	I wish I could say trust her but you never know.
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<SocksRock>	he sure is crazy
<Kemo>	no colours no bold
<Traveler52>	don;'t go alone
*	Traveler20 is now known as charlette
<gina2008>	thanks SlickSlick
<kmmanofakind>	Maybe they need a memory of yours thats why ur back
<SocksRock>	I tell him all the time
<drstrangelove17>	hmmm. maybe you should just do what you feel is right.
<Traveler52>	dont go alone
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<laurensav>	im sorry you had to feel like a lab rat
<gina2008>	im tryng
<charlette>	ok now im mad 
<mib_dq86lggu>	if the order knows your weakness is your mom then tehy will use it against u!!!
<newsie>	Gina, its pkay, were here for you
<swimgirl52>	but you should here what she has to say
<SocksRock>	I say no soda and no blinky shoes
<SocksRock>	but he keeps asking
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<SickSlickMan>	well, gina
<Chrissymommy>	Yeah, I would definately take one of the guys with you and have them hide
<SocksRock>	and no matter what
<Ethan_Fox>	Gina I have a question for you... Are you Cassie???
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<DisenchantedBabe>	Meet her under your conditions, so you can figure it out, and be safe
<september2star>	GINA- the video she gave you was to gain your trust. Something you should not be doing just yet
<TheHelper>	gina what ever you chose think about your safety first
<SickSlickMan>	what i suggest to you
<SocksRock>	he just wont stop
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<caalan21>	i can't imagine that she would do that to you, knowing how it would make you feel if there wasn't some very important reason
*	Traveler77 is now known as alyssaxlea
<swimgirl52>	iit could help in the long run
<Loser>	you shouldnt have to feel like a lab rat again
<Preposterous>	But that's where you went - if that's really you in the video, then Bree's mom must have at some point given you up to the study, whether she knew or not.
*	Traveler27 is now known as Bockwurst[GER]
<SickSlickMan>	is, if possible
<PinkTigger>	What was your first memory of Dr. Hart????
<SocksRock>	he stole my wallet once
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<drstrangelove17>	do you trust her?
*	Traveler46 ( has joined #lg15chat
*	Traveler52 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<gina2008>	haa, no Ethan, I AM NOT Cassie
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<Traveler82>	where is gina?
<SocksRock>	its so hard being a a single dad
<blade8r>	i say don't go at all.
<Traveler73>	lmao
<AnarchyAmes>	lol 
<TheBeautifulMstk>	                                                                               Gina, buy a GPS
<alyssaxlea>	why the hell do u care if we have colors
<SickSlickMan>	they still have the serum spencer made to make the trait negative
-Broken_Kid/#LG15chat-	REMEMBER: NO COLORS!
<Traveler25>	newnickname
<TheHelper>	lol
*	Traveler00 is now known as jasmine
<blade8r>	its time you move one and do your own thing
<KGabMI>	Right in this room..
<lioness23>	lol funny
<Evergreen>	Gina, do you trust Yourself??
<toniegirl>	gina can a ask u something
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<lindholmka>	IF Ginas mom wanted to GAIN TRUST...why kidnap her so brutally?
*	Traveler80 ( has joined #lg15chat
<mib_dq86lggu>	how do u know
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<Traveler39>	I trust you will do the right thing. I believe in you Gina.
<Chelseyrl>	You've heard about Cassie, then?
<mib_dq86lggu>	i mean
<living4mydyingwi>	have Jonas teach you to use a gun...then take one with you
<jasmine>	srry about the colors
<gina2008>	of course I trust myself evergreen
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<WATERMELONHEAD>	maybe she gave you the video of you and bree because you came from the same blood
<GlacialRose>	She's potentially not even your real mom anyway... I mean... Look at the trait positive baby that Carl brought to that family...
<SickSlickMan>	it might not be a bad idea
<cheddarcheese>	                                                  Gina, do you like cheese?
<mib_dq86lggu>	u cant remember right
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<Traveler92>	who thought gina was cassie?!?! thats retarded... retard...
*	Traveler36 is now known as Chrissymommy
<SocksRock>	mmm cheese
<Traveler87>	The only way to know what happened this weekend is to go back and talk to her
<Evergreen>	Then follow your heart, GINA
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<PinkTigger>	                          What was your first memory of Dr. Hart?
<SocksRock>	lil eric likes cheese too
<xXRockstarKitten>	Trust your heart, Gina. If you trust her, go with her. If you don't, stay put. We believe in you. But if you do go, take Jennie. Reinforcements never hurt.
<JesskaFace>	take the guys and set them up in places where people can't see them. hide them really carefully and stuff. bring your camera and give them signals so they know if you're uncomfortable or not safe
<SickSlickMan>	to try using it, just for a little bit
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<alyssaxlea>	ginaaaaaaaaaa
<drstrangelove17>	haha, cheese.XD
<SocksRock>	he likes velvetta
<Quirkynesss>	You should be very cautious, Gina. If you do go, take all the precautions you can. You barely know Bree's mom!
<Traveler80>	who kicked me out?
<candyappleretto>	Gina.... Have you talked to Jonas and them about this problem?
<oddnluvnit>	make a list of pro's and con's
<Broken_Kid>	how do you feel about Bree's mom?
*	Traveler97 ( hat #lg15chat verlassen
<SocksRock>	abd cheddar
<littleapplegirl>	so, as of right now gina, od you think you're gonna go?
*	Traveler13 is now known as KaNicole
<caalan21>	what does the vid show
<SocksRock>	and swiss
<september2star>	SHe was not kidnapped exactly.... it all seemed planned from all points of view
<kmmanofakind>	Gina Could Something have happened in your past that they need!!!
<Traveler71>	dont go back
<DisenchantedBabe>	Again, meet her under your conditions, so you can figure it out and be safe.
<SocksRock>	and even american
<caalan21>	it shows that you were happy once
<NinjaLama>	gina, follow your instinct, just take precautions
<SickSlickMan>	if anything
<Traveler25>	nine minutes alte
<Preposterous>	I think Bree's mom is insecure about finding Gina again. Maybe she doesn't know -what- she wants to do.
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<blade8r>	trust that who been there since the beggining. Dr hart and the group
<Darkslyfox>	Chelseyrl - she saw the videos from the time Bree was here
<Bratty>	Do you want to go Gina
<Traveler25>	late
<PinkTigger>	I�2019m sorry, this is probably a bit overwhelming with all these people in here.
<gina2008>	i just want some answers
<SocksRock>	I told him that cheese isnt good for you 
<laurensav>	do you remember bree?
<caalan21>	that you and bree were happy once
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<DisenchantedBabe>	Don't get hurt or kinddapped.
<jasmine>	how could you possible believe that Gina is Cassie?! Thats insane!
*	Traveler81 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Traveler39>	Have you told anyone else about this meeting?
<Chrissymommy>	Yeah, gina have you talked to the others about this yet?
*	mib_a3y3zyuv is now known as coolwill100
<SickSlickMan>	i dunno if it'll work
<xo_suchuhblonde_>	If you don't go and meet her, then you will never know what she wanted. 
<funkymonkey21>	You are very smart Gina... i know you will make the right decision with the help of Jonas, Daniel, and the others
<Traveler82>	ahahaha gina do u like blueberyy muffins?
<SocksRock>	if you eat so much of it
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<writtenlullabye>	The only thing to do might be to trust Bree's mom. If not, you might never get information that you need. 
<mib_dq86lggu>	uhm your heart is an organ that pumps your bloood
<Chelseyrl>	Gina, is it possible for you to go and have one of the guys be a lookout?
<Traveler48>	were they trying to replicate your blood maybe?
<gina2008>	thats wat my intincts are telling me
<Traveler73>	Gina do you ever feel that Bree is secretly alive? :'( I miss Bree...
<SocksRock>	will give him a complex when he grows up
*	Traveler39 is now known as techno_kid
<JesskaFace>	seeing your mother will give you those answers!!!!!!!!!
<tasder>	have dan and jonas on standby if u go! and make sure they bring guns!
*	mib_8livu3yg (i=447eb9de@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #lg15chat
<BriarRose>	I think you should go see her, but dont just go off on a whim. Look at what happened last time.
<fettachelli>	i still think that you should go
<SickSlickMan>	gina, one thing i could suggest
<Traveler45>	hi
<Shiori>	Take DB with you, Gina
<funkymonkey21>	and us of course!
<SickSlickMan>	carl
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<kmmanofakind>	They answers lie in ur PAST
<SocksRock>	the last thing I need is him all obsessed with cheese
<DreamHaze>	Gina, scout out the area a day before you meet her, set up cameras, whatever you need to stay -safe-!
<BroadwayChick>	Gina, I think you should meet her.
<NinjaLama>	meet your mom under your conditions
<mib_dq86lggu>	trust it if you must....
<drstrangelove17>	We don't have the answers. We have helpful suggestions.
<SocksRock>	but he loves it
*	Traveler45 is now known as kennnyyyy
<DisenchantedBabe>	Do not trust Carl.
<JesskaFace>	your mom must love you!
<Abbie>	and maybe meeting Brees mom will give you thoes answers
<SocksRock>	he just eats and eats
<Evergreen>	We're not going to have your answers, Gina
<drstrangelove17>	And I think we're always wrong.
<Quirkynesss>	Bring Daniel or Jonas with you then, and have them hide behind a bush or something :D
<TheHelper>	ok but take percautions 
<SteamboatMickey>	                                               Everyone should just kidnap Brees mom instead 
<Thurgix>	We all want answers, and you deserve them...but caution is the way to go
<juliacat>	Gina I think you need answers.  You just need to do it carefully and make sure you protect yourself
<SickSlickMan>	the guy's been hanging around your house for, what, a week now, two?
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<JenniPowell>	Traveler92: be respectful
<JenniPowell>	and change your nick
<Broken_Kid>	ok, muted again
*	Traveler89 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Broken_Kid>	Go ahead Gina
<gina2008>	if I go, should I bring the group with me?
<gina2008>	i dont know, it might put them in danger too
<gina2008>	thanks BrokenKid
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<Broken_Kid>	that's a good question. Let's open that back up and see what people say...
<gina2008>	if I were take anyone, who would it be?
*	Traveler37 ( has joined #lg15chat
*	heyaja sets channel mode -m #LG15chat
<swimgirl52>	mmm
<Ethan_Fox>	Jonas
<DreamHaze>	Gina, you definitely should bring them with you. You guys are a team, and to leave them behind would be unfair. You need to stay safe too, and there is strength in numbers.
<smoochyxxx>	Daniel
<kmmanofakind>	Bring the Group the more the better Buddy system
<Traveler29>	Jonas
<Quirkynesss>	You're better working as a team then by yourself, Gina. Together we stand, divided we fall.
<cheddarcheese>	                               Bring them with you! Theyve been through this millions of times. Together it's safer.
<Libra>	Gina, take Daniel!
<Chelseyrl>	I believe you should at least bring one of the guys, Gina. Probably Daniel.
<SocksRock>	Whats the point of an interactive chat if we cant talk?
<jasmine>	you should totally bring the group with you cuz there is no way that Jonas or anyone would let you go again
<AnarchyAmes>	Take Jonas
<laurensav>	bring them with you! dont go alone! bring all of them!
<Evergreen>	If you think they will be in danger, then YOU will be in danger GINA!
<jabefalc>	DB
<RoyTheBoy>	Take everyone
<xXRockstarKitten>	Whatever you do, Gina, I reccomend you DON'T take the guys. Just Jennie, MAYBE Sarah. The guys tend to...make things overly dramatic.
<Loser>	jonas de
<drstrangelove17>	hmmm. danger... I think it would be safer to bring people.
<living4mydyingwi>	Jonas
<Traveler46>	u should do wat sarah did and do the camera thing with the purse and sneake it in
<Traveler07>	Jennie
<fettachelli>	jonas
<KasloTULaw>	I would say bring people who wouldn't cause needless drama or angst, like I would bring Jen only 
<Thurgix>	Definitely! At least one of the guys anyway...DB's a good choice
<writtenlullabye>	Jennie
<Traveler01>	take jennie
<mib_dq86lggu>	jonas 
<TheHelper>	take Jonas
<Sammyantha>	Johas
<coolwill100>	take jonas
<thegoobcat>	Bring Jonas
<mamaenem>	If you go, wear a GPS module and let them track you.  If you do not return in a reasonable amount of time, they can come get you.
<caalan21>	and leave Jennie at home
<Traveler48>	jeny
<Shiori>	DB
>#LG15chat<	please stop the leading spaces
<SocksRock>	yay
<BriarRose>	Daniel and Jonas.
*	Traveler67 is now known as Chrissymommy
<DisenchantedBabe>	Jonas
<Traveler71>	it wont put them in danger 
<Libra>	Daniel!!!!!
<SocksRock>	gina
<blade8r>	bring the group. they are your base. and they will go to ends deep for you. that's what friends are for. and you are important enough for that. i say take all of them
<Traveler70>	you should take jonas!
<Traveler84>	Bring the boys
<SocksRock>	gina
*	Traveler81 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<SickSlickMan>	my god
<drstrangelove17>	but, not daniel.
<masonishappy>	But not, u know, too distant.
*	mib_3nrudwaz (i=47097ce6@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #lg15chat
<KaNicole>	the boys.
<hopefulsemblance>	Take Beast... He knew Bree's mom firsthand
<SocksRock>	do you liek cheese
<Traveler92>	...DANIEL AND JONAS
<tasder>	do not bring carl!Bring Beast and Jonas
<Chrissymommy>	Please quit kicking me
<alyssaxlea>	yeah bring jonas with you 
<Traveler87>	Don't bring the group with you...if Bree's mom sees them she won't tell you anything
<Libra>	Daniel knows her!
<Kormek>	Take Jennie.
*	Traveler07 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<SocksRock>	eric does
<LUladybug>	I'd take Daniel, he's less impulsive.
<lindholmka>	WHAT Jonas messes up every time!!
<Traveler70>	but daniel might get jealous
<Traveler29>	Jonas
<TheHelper>	or Jennie
<Traveler70>	lol
*	Renegade15 has kicked KaNicole from #lg15chat (Renegade15)
<PinkTigger>	                                                                there is safety in number! 
*	RoyTheBoy has kicked Traveler70 from #lg15chat (no colors)
<SocksRock>	eric loooves cheese
<GlacialRose>	Well, Sarah might get in the way as much as she tries to help...
<mib_dq86lggu>	not jennie
<Traveler78>	Let them come, but keep them in the car away from the meeting.
<swimgirl52>	take either jonas or daniel
<BroadwayChick>	I think Daniel
<laurensav>	bring everyone!
<kennnyyyy>	i say 30 cent
<Traveler29>	Jonas
<gina2008>	the thing is - she said to cme alone
<xo_suchuhblonde_>	Sarah or Jenny
<masonishappy>	Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo........NOT JONAS.
<tmf16>	jonas
<SocksRock>	mmm cheese
<caravelle436>	i would take daniel since he kinda knows miss avery
<cheddarcheese>	               Bring them with you! Theyve been through this millions of times. Together it's safer.
<Quirkynesss>	I would bring Daniel or Jennie. They seem to care for your best interests the most!
<cheetosrhot>	i think they should be close, but maybe not with you. if you were to take anyone i would take daniel- hes not as emotional and we know we can trust him!
<toniegirl>	take both of the boys
<jasmine>	id take sarah
<SocksRock>	eric loooves
<mib_dq86lggu>	no offense
<TheBeautifulMstk>	                                                                           gps gps
<littleapplegirl>	take a gps...but if you have to take someon take Daniel: heres why: jonas is a hothead and beats ppl up to quick
<kennnyyyy>	50**
<Traveler29>	JOnas
*	heyaja has kicked kennnyyyy from #lg15chat (colors)
<SocksRock>	love loves it
<SocksRock>	I tell him
<caalan21>	DB and jonas will do anything to take care of you
<SocksRock>	stop eating it
<Becky15>	Take Jenny
<tasder>	do not bring carl!Bring Beast and Jonas
<BriarRose>	Have them hide
<Loser>	you think shell come alone?
<SocksRock>	but he wont
<Sammyantha>	She kidnapped you
<SickSlickMan>	i know she did, gina, but the risk is really big
<Traveler35>	Jenny
<Traveler84>	they can watch you from a distance
<fettachelli>	she doesnt have to see them...
<drstrangelove17>	daniel might get mad at her and flip out.
<lindholmka>	Jenny
<BroadwayChick>	Daniel! He knows Elizabeth!
<GlacialRose>	Jonas for sure...
<SocksRock>	its crazy
*	Traveler73 is now known as name
<Chrissymommy>	And yes, I would take one of the guys
<Traveler78>	Let them come, but keep them in the car away from the meeting.
<alyssaxlea>	but let jonas hide somewhere to make sure you are safe
<living4mydyingwi>	too bad
*	mib_yqdxrwxs (i=185a7593@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #lg15chat
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<Traveler29>	........................JONAS
<Traveler55>	Jonas tends to be hot headed in situations
<lindholmka>	Jenny for sure
<SocksRock>	he just eats and eats
*	mib_vaciqjde (i=42e1a187@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #lg15chat
*	Traveler51 ( has joined #lg15chat
<SocksRock>	and eats
<masonishappy>	Have DB.
<xXRockstarKitten>	Jennie difinitely. Sarah maybe.
<Abbie>	have them hide out and video tape the whole meet
<SteamboatMickey>	                                                  Take DAniel, He's strong, and he could help you kidnape Brees mom!
<Traveler69>	                       Why would she say come alone 
<laurensav>	you should bring sayid!
<DisenchantedBabe>	Dont go alone
<JesskaFace>	but if you bring them, and make a plan. take the guys. and take sarah and jennie. take everyone. keep them well hidden, and put a camera in your bag.
<coolwill100>	hide them somewhere, with a camera
<fatestepsin>	so then have them hide somewhere close by
<SocksRock>	and aone time
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*	Traveler80 is now known as motomike
<kmmanofakind>	if she really wants to talk to you she will understand its for ur safety
<KitKat>	Take Jennie or Daniel
<Traveler46>	secretly bring a camra
<PinkTigger>	          bring the Camera!!!
<writtenlullabye>	If you want to bring anyone, bring Jennie or Sarah, they aren't as emotional.
<lindholmka>	She seems the most honest
<techno_kid>	well tell her that if you can't bring anyone then you won't go.
<TheHelper>	have them in hiding but do not go alone\
*	Traveler51 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<DisenchantedBabe>	it isn't worth your safety
<candyappleretto>	But you have to meet her under your conditions
<SocksRock>	I caught him
<fettachelli>	have them hide a safe distance away
<charlette>	have them hide somewhere
<Traveler78>	Let them come, but keep them in the car away from the meeting.
<thegoobcat>	It would be best to bring everyone, but if you only bring one person bring Jonas
*	Traveler34 ( has joined #lg15chat
*	mib_dmz7evu9 (i=42201e30@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #lg15chat
<voyboy>	I dont think thats a good idea. I really dont. 
<Amander>	Going alone isn't safe. You should bring Daniel and Jonas.
<living4mydyingwi>	she doesnt have people wanting to kill her and kidnapping her
<SocksRock>	eating i out of the bo
<SoundSoldier>	Bring them! But, Keep them at a distance.
<coolwill100>	yeah
<NinjaLama>	I think you shouldn't go alone...but not veryone. Mabie Jonas or Daniel, just not both. They'll butt heads.
<Preposterous>	The boys would get too angry and might interfere and put you both in danger. Take Jenny.
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<Traveler46>	secretly bring a camra
<Traveler78>	Let them come, but keep them in the car away from the meeting.
<writtenlullabye>	They don't know Bree's mom. Feelings won't get in the way.
<fettachelli>	with a camera
<SocksRock>	he's so ccrazy
<PinkTigger>	                                                                                    Bring the Camera!
<Traveler84>	bring a camera
<blade8r>	ALL of them
*	Traveler26 is now known as KaNicole
<SickSlickMan>	jonas would be my best bet
<caalan21>	have them come and watch from a distance, with the car running to come in and save you if needed
<Chelseyrl>	Gina, I would definitely have one of the guys lookout for you. 
<techno_kid>	if she really wants you to go then she will say okay.
<coolwill100>	its abviously a trick
<gina2008>	if I go, I feel like I have to bring a camera
<Thurgix>	DB would be the best choice for backup in this situation I think
<blade8r>	take em all
<BroadwayChick>	Daniel Knows EA!
*	Traveler28 ( has joined #lg15chat
<KasloTULaw>	Daniel and Jonas may go off with Bree issues, while Sarah in general causes drama
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*	mib_yqdxrwxs (i=185a7593@gateway/web/ajax/ hat #lg15chat verlassen
<Traveler86>	Bring mudkips. I heard you like mudkips.
<fettachelli>	yes!
<SocksRock>	crazy crazy crazy
<writtenlullabye>	They are more likely to stay hidden untill needed.
<BriarRose>	YES
<SickSlickMan>	he's handy with a gun, at least
<Evergreen>	Jenny knows the most about Verdus. Take her!
<swimgirl52>	yeah, daniel does sort of know her
<techno_kid>	you should bring a camera.
<lindholmka>	uh YEA!
<Loser>	you should
<name>	lol
<gina2008>	that way I have you guys with me at least :)
*	Traveler26 ( has joined #lg15chat
<coolwill100>	definately
<GlacialRose>	For sure...
<PinkTigger>	:)
<kmmanofakind>	You should bring a camera
<Traveler55>	Of course bring a camera!!
<JesskaFace>	Gina?! do you want to know these answers?? i'm sure you really want to know about your mom. right?
<Traveler71>	bring a cammre
<xXRockstarKitten>	It's a good idea, Gina.
<smoochyxxx>	It depends where you have to meet her, she may never know if you decide to bring one as they may be able to hide close by
*	mib_8livu3yg has disconnected (Client Quit)
<funkymonkey21>	yes bring the camera definitely
<mib_dq86lggu>	maybe u can kep a microchip on you
<caalan21>	and have the guys with cameras too
*	Traveler80 ( has joined #lg15chat
<hollyxmas>	don't go with Jennie
<mib_f820gk1p>	yes bring a camera
<SocksRock>	gina gina
<oddnluvnit>	if your taken, so is the camera...
<lioness23>	                                               ya bring a camera
<swimgirl52>	so he might be more helpful
<Traveler29>	you should bring a cammera
<SocksRock>	gina
<TheBeautifulMstk>	                                                                bring the camera and a GPS :-)
<Traveler87>	If she said go alone, go alone, and take the camera for safety
<techno_kid>	mhm!
<littleapplegirl>	    yeah akea camera bu tak a gps tooo
<fettachelli>	:)
<SickSlickMan>	definitely
<SocksRock>	go gina
<caalan21>	awww
<Libra>	awww gina you are so cute
<Amander>	Yes, definitely bring a camera.
<Traveler46>	no doubt
<SoundSoldier>	Do bring a camera!
<SocksRock>	go gina
<laurensav>	bring everyone!!!!
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<DreamHaze>	Gina, there is safety in numbers, and you need to stay safe just as they do--go with Jonas, and Daniel, and Sarah (if she'll come). Maybe even bring Carl, if you trust him.
<Traveler92>	YEAH
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<Traveler71>	and ahve backup
<xo_suchuhblonde_>	Take Jenny... she seems to be the most grounded and rational. 
<Bratty>	They could follow you but not get seen or the cmera could get hhocked up to a tv or somthing and they can be close in a car
<motomike>	gina how can you keep up reading this?
<SteamboatMickey>	                                                 Take Daniel, and kidnap Brees mom, reverse the role on the order!
<SocksRock>	its ur birthday
<Kormek>	Gina, bring a camera.
*	name is now known as Davo
<SocksRock>	go gina
<masonishappy>	I'm thinking take DanielBeast. 
*	Darkslyfox ( has joined #lg15chat
<TheHelper>	thats good
<JesskaFace>	you'll always have us with you. :)
*	Sammyantha has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<DisenchantedBabe>	It isnt safe to be alone
<drstrangelove17>	haha, wowww.
<jasmine>	its a possibility that Elizabeth is actually a good person and she's trying to send a message to you Gina
<Quirkynesss>	Bring Daniel, Gina. He cares about you.
<Traveler71>	and a gps
*	Renegade15 has kicked motomike from #lg15chat (Renegade15)
<Abbie>	that way youll be safe and if they try to pull anything Daniel and Jonas will be there near you
<Traveler29>	.
<SocksRock>	do the robot gina
<funkymonkey21>	and a cell phone
*	rach28 has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<NinjaLama>	Bring a camera, and one of the boys
<SocksRock>	do it!
*	daniel247 (i=3aa47747@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #lg15chat
<Traveler01>	bring the camera and jennie... but have the other guys close by
<KGabMI>	I would say Jennie, she at least still seems to be in a good state of mind..
<alyssaxlea>	we love you gina =]
*	Traveler14 ( has joined #lg15chat
<SocksRock>	please
<SocksRock>	do the robot
<Preposterous>	Bring Jenny. SHe's calm and won't interfere unless necessary.
<SocksRock>	do the robot
*	Traveler29 is now known as newsies
<kmmanofakind>	Safetly in numbers Bring People with you!
<juliacat>	Def bting a camera. and make sure everyone knows where you are going
<Chrissymommy>	At least bring the camera, but idealy bring one of the boys
<SocksRock>	come on!
<coolwill100>	or bring jonas and daniel and they can film from afar
<SocksRock>	its fun
<Chrissymommy>	Have them hide
<gina2008>	Quirkyness - I know Daniel cares about me but I feel like everyone does
*	Traveler68 ( has joined #lg15chat
<xXRockstarKitten>	Yikes, guys, let the girl breathe! Slow down a bit!
<TheHelper>	Daniel is too violent though
<funkymonkey21>	maybe a walkie-talkie
*	SocksRock does the robot
<Kemo>	+m
<toniegirl>	make sure to take ur cam with u
<GlacialRose>	Jonas and Jennie then...
<lindholmka>	Daniel will not let happened what happened to bree
<candyappleretto>	IF you go under her conditions then you'll give up any kind of control
*	SocksRock does the robot again
<mib_dq86lggu>	noooo
<Chrissymommy>	The guys are good at hiding lol
<september2star>	GINA_ bring Sarah.... if Carl is still connected to them she will not get hurt due to the way her feels about her!***********************************
*	SocksRock does the robot aone mroe time
<gina2008>	and I dont want to put them in harms way, u know?
<SocksRock>	do it!
*	mib_8livu3yg (i=447eb9de@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #lg15chat
<blade8r>	damm it imma post this in the forums. in your section
<Ethan_Fox>	Jonas is the only one that has a gun, but for sum reason he never has shot any one, second thought don't take Jonas take every one, including Sarah, and by the way Please smack some since into Sarah like Emma did, she shouldn't be that close to Carl
<DisenchantedBabe>	Dont bring just Daniel. hell lose it
*	EmiB has disconnected (" ajax IRC Client")
<SocksRock>	eric loves doing the robot
<SickSlickMan>	we all do, of course
<KaNicole>	yeah.
<swimgirl52>	yeah bring a camera
<Traveler28>	gina , why did you let jonas' sister go???
<SocksRock>	he loves some robots
<PinkTigger>	                                       but bring others 2 ...something bad always happens when people go alone
<WATERMELONHEAD>	Go alone, and bring the camera with you. If you bring a group, you won't get a chance to ask any questions, because a fight will break out. 
<hopefulsemblance>	I think Daniel cares about you in the other way 
<juliacat>	I agree - Jennie is the only one who seems to have control of their emotions right now
<littleapplegirl>	i hae a great idea!!! say where teh meeing is, and we'll all go as just ppl in the backgrond, ppl in the area, if its at a playground for example some ppl can go and just have lunch on the gass or play on the swings
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<SocksRock>	he's all about them
<Broken_Kid>	they can protect you, Gina
<Traveler71>	they wont be in harms way
*	Traveler73 ( has joined #lg15chat
<drstrangelove17>	but, it could be worse for you if you go alone.
<living4mydyingwi>	they've been in harms way for a long time though
<fettachelli>	thats whats hard...and if you ask them all of them r gonna wanna go
<techno_kid>	WeI know but you'll be putting yourself in more harm if you go by yourself.
<gina2008>	there's so much that I want to know
<oddnluvnit>	bring your heart and a thing of mace
<SocksRock>	robot
<SteamboatMickey>	                                   Take Daniel and kidnap Brees mom!
<kmmanofakind>	they need your memories
<Traveler30>	bring a gun
<KGabMI>	That is a good point... Gina, how do you feel about Carl?
<Evergreen>	GINA, if you think they'll be in harms way, then YOU will be in harms way!!!!
<SocksRock>	he loves it
<coolwill100>	do you want to put yourself in harms way?
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<Traveler68>	Heellllo
<cheddarcheese>	                  The point is, its safer if you go as a group
<tasder>	bring a gun
<Thurgix>	They would be more hurt if you left them out completely
*	mib_dmz7evu9 laugh
<Shiori>	I think Bree's mom will understand you wanting to be cautious
<Abbie>	dont worry as long as you are safe
<Traveler01>	they know the risks!! if they want to go, let them go
<newsies>	                                       Yeah but you need to protect yourself!
<kmmanofakind>	They Need Your Memories
<SocksRock>	robots robots robots
<BriarRose>	Jennie would be nice, shes smarter then the boys... *no offence*
<Traveler71>	what does the order want with them
<Preposterous>	Why don't you ask the group which of them wants to go in the first place?
<SocksRock>	he wotn stop
<gina2008>	and I feel like she wants 2 tell me
<Shiori>	Take someone with you
<Traveler46>	wat did the video say can u plzz mabey post it in lg15
<masonishappy>	The thing is Daniel cares about you....but he wont get himself killed like JONAS.
<JesskaFace>	bring the girls i think atually. i mean. they are calm.
<newsies>	:)
<TheHelper>	if they're up for it Gina its best you bring someone
<NinjaLama>	Bring Daniel and...hrm. I dunno who else.
<BroadwayChick>	Bring DB with you he knows Elizabeth!
<Amander>	But we don't want you to put yourself in harm's way either. Bringing them along would be much safer.
*	Traveler89 is now known as Bianca23
<GlacialRose>	They're already in harms way, really...
<kmmanofakind>	They Need Your Memories
<drstrangelove17>	Safety in numbers, you know?
*	|djkira ( hat #lg15chat verlassen
*	SocksRock does the robot
*	mib_tzkdrewx has disconnected (" ajax IRC Client")
<Traveler86>	Gina, you should try something new: Do a barrel roll (Press Z or R twice).
*	mib_dmz7evu9 (i=42201e30@gateway/web/ajax/ hat #lg15chat verlassen
<SocksRock>	yay robot
<lala_loveee>	If anything, you will be better off with the group. They all worry, you know?
<kmmanofakind>	They Need Your Memories
<funkymonkey21>	That is why u need to see what you r mom wants to tell u
<caalan21>	if you don't take them and something happens to you then they will be in more danger trying to track you down...
<SocksRock>	come on!
<jasmine>	i mean maybe she wants to communicate with you without the ppl in the order and Verdus watching over her shoulder
<xo_suchuhblonde_>	you need a safety net. just in case. 
<Traveler71>	yeah
*	Traveler53 ( has joined #lg15chat
<SocksRock>	lets all do the robot
<Chrissymommy>	And you deserve to know Gina
<SocksRock>	!
<blade8r>	she should of told you everything she needed in the CD
<lindholmka>	why wouldn't she just have told you the FIRST TIME
<kmmanofakind>	They Need Your Memories
<SickSlickMan>	the thing i have with mother
*	PinkTigger Did your mom talk to you in the car after they kidnapped you?
<mib_dq86lggu>	dont take db
*	Traveler23 ( has joined #lg15chat
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*	Traveler56 ( has joined #lg15chat
<TheBeautifulMstk>	                                                                      so contact her and meet her a POLICE DEPART..
<SocksRock>	someone do the robot with me!
<kmmanofakind>	They Need Your Memories
<gina2008>	safety in numbrs is always good
<Bianca23>	wow, this goes fast
<DreamHaze>	Gina, but they feel the same thing about you--you guys need to trust that you'll all be okay, especially if you're together.
*	Traveler60 ( has joined #lg15chat
<SickSlickMan>	is that she works for verdus
<Davo>	You think there's a hidden message in the disc other than your memories as a child with Bree? :)
<newsies>	zz
<SoundSoldier>	They all went through it with Bree. They would be fine.
<blade8r>	the first time
*	SocksRock does the robot
<tmf16>	they are using you
*	Traveler71 is now known as LIso
<Preposterous>	Ask the group who wants to go with you - they can decide.
<gina2008>	but what if its a trap?
<Thurgix>	Don't hurt Daniel and Jonas by not including them
<kmmanofakind>	They Need Your Memories
*	Jonpro (n=Jonpro@unaffiliated/jonpro) has joined #lg15chat
<swimgirl52>	yeah i was thinking about jeanie going with you
<blade8r>	be safe
<mib_dq86lggu>	the mom figure will recognize him
<drstrangelove17>	it is a trap.
<gina2008>	then I get them hurt too
<kmmanofakind>	They Need your Memories
<coolwill100>	IT IS
<fettachelli>	but not to many numbers you gotta be careful
<toniegirl>	BLAH i have to go :(
*	Traveler97 ( has joined #lg15chat
*	Traveler23 is now known as Touch
<BriarRose>	Thats the point
<blade8r>	it is a trap
<GlacialRose>	I mean... They wouldn't be trying to protect the trait positive girls if they didn't know and accept the dangers....
<littleapplegirl>	i hope you print this ou and red i later cause i feel like you cant possibly read all of this
<Traveler30>	kidnap brees mom and tie her up and make her talk
<tasder>	bring all but sarah
<laurensav>	thats why you shouldnt go alone
<Evergreen>	GINA, tell her she needs to post a vid telling you what she wants to say
*	LIso is now known as Liso
<AnarchyAmes>	jonas has a gun... lol
<blade8r>	always a trop
<Eirlys>	Well Gina, you could do some past actions and kidnap Ms. Avery and question her mercilessly...but we've all seen how that can turn out
<Broken_Kid>	they're in it as much as you
<xXRockstarKitten>	You'll never know until you try, Gina.
<SickSlickMan>	but gina, think of how much worse it'll be alone
<techno_kid>	well bring some extra protection. if you know what I mean.
<TheHelper>	Well theres only one way to find out
<caalan21>	then you need the guys to help you if its a trap
<Amander>	That's why you bring them, so they can help you if it ends up being a trap.
*	Traveler33 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Kormek>	That's true, gotta because of that
<Darkslyfox>	but they are the ones that would most likely pull you out Gina
*	JesskaFace with everyone there with you, and they are really well planned out and hidden, you can all stay safe
<PinkTigger>	                                          then at least you're trapped together! :) :)
*	BroadwayChick says that Daniel already know Elizabeth. You should bring him!
<drstrangelove17>	but, as far as traps go... it's your only lead.
*	Traveler60 is now known as RHlove
<Preposterous>	If you bring too many people, Bree's mom won't trust you, and you'll be in harm's way for nothing.
<Traveler84>	she's going to use you just like she used bree sry2say
<Traveler86>	Please, it's absolutely a trap, but isn't that par for the course in LG15, Gina?
<smoochyxxx>	either that or by then they will have the blood test back to see if you a trait neg and may not give you back this time
<Traveler53>	i doubt it'll be a trap. if they wanted you they wouldnt have let you go in the first place!
<Abbie>	JOnas is always carring a gun
<xo_suchuhblonde_>	If you don't go, you will never know. 
<Traveler68>	Have someone come with you in secret
<techno_kid>	Jonas got a gun.
<Traveler01>	if they wanted to hurt you, they would have done it already
*	Traveler95 ( has joined #lg15chat
<cheddarcheese>	                 Its a tough risk, but what if she wants to help you?
*	Bratty is now known as emilycat2YouTube
<Chrissymommy>	Exactly Gina, that's why you simply CANNOT go alone
<Chelseyrl>	Gina, I would definitely bring one of the guys, not sure which, but you need to have someone with you. It's really hard to say if you should trust Bree's mom, so you should take all the necessary precautions.
<Quirkynesss>	Its like you guys splitting up again: not good!
<KGabMI>	Yes, but it only works if the group stays together...
<lindholmka>	Why not have HER MEET YOU in the place of your choice
<SocksRock>	gina
*	Traveler26 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<Chrissymommy>	It's just not safe
<Thurgix>	Yes, but don't you think it would seem like another Emma situation?
*	Traveler89 ( has joined #lg15chat
<SickSlickMan>	i know it's a risk, but going by yourself, if it is a trap
<SocksRock>	do you liek the robot?
<NinjaLama>	Bring Jonas and Daniel. The girls can stay back either with the camera or to make sure no one sneaks up on you guys-don't want that again
<jasmine>	and i totally think that you should bring the group with you cuz its all for one and all for one you all are in it together to then end
<Touch>	if its a trap you definaltly cant go alone
<SocksRock>	I do
<blade8r>	bring everybody.
<WATERMELONHEAD>	i think she she wants to tell you something important-- REALLY important. And she can only do it alone, one-on-one. Bring a camera JUST IN CASE though
<gina2008>	thanks cheddar - thats EXACTLY how I feel
<DisenchantedBabe>	Who knows if they will actually get hurt, if you trust her, she wouldnt hurt you
<SocksRock>	the robot is fun
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<laurensav>	tell jonas to wear his gun beanie
<lala_loveee>	It doesn't matter. Jonas is prepared, he has a gun XD.
<writtenlullabye>	The only thing is. It's you they want not them. If you take friends, they should be alright.
<cheddarcheese>	Yay
<SickSlickMan>	isn't going to be much help for anyone
*	Traveler40 ( has joined #lg15chat
<tasder>	Carl could have brainwashed sarah! do not bring her
<SteamboatMickey>	                                                     TAke CArl!
<gina2008>	what if she does want to help?
*	kmmanofakind you need to have a group
*	mib_8livu3yg has disconnected (Client Quit)
<DreamHaze>	But if it IS a trap, you'll all be together Gina--you have a much better chance of escaping if you have SOMEone with you, Maybe leave two people at home in case you need outside help?
<SoundSoldier>	Don't kidnap anyone.
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<Ethan_Fox>	         Gina...WHen you bought the train ticket for Emma, where was her final destinatation, do you know, and did you tell emma that she should go
<Traveler80>	                           You should go 
<gina2008>	i keep asking what if what if what if
<coolwill100>	........what if she doesnt?
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*	Traveler70 ( has joined #lg15chat
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*	LyssaRose has disconnected ("Bye Bye Butterfly!")
<Evergreen>	Then she'll help no matter what
<swimgirl52>	yeah, you shouldn't go alone
<living4mydyingwi>	they've been shot at, stabbed, kidnaped you name it one lil trap isnt that big of a deal
*	caravelle436 has kicked Traveler80 from #lg15chat (caravelle436)
<Liso>	get carl hostige
<blade8r>	the real question is.. what if she doesnt.
*	Traveler40 is now known as kennnnnnnyyyy
*	Traveler74 ( has joined #lg15chat
<redSUV51>	***GINA, if you want to know the truth about your past you should go. ****
<Bianca23>	I thought gina was coming at 6
*	JesskaFace you'll never know unless you go
<Traveler87>	If she wanted to hurt you, she would have done it this weekend
<Preposterous>	A group is safe, but this sounds like something Gina needs to do alone.
<fettachelli>	thats the hardest part
<caalan21>	        go alone and you will regret it, you need them and they need you... you're  a team
*	daniel247 (i=3aa47747@gateway/web/ajax/ hat #lg15chat verlassen
<toniegirl>	IT was nice being able to talk to u gina i hope things work out for u!
*	Traveler68 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<jasmine>	i cant stand losing someone else to the order so GINA PlEASE WHATEVER YOU DO DONT GO ALONE!
<BriarRose>	Then you should take it. But you have to be carefull.
<NinjaLama>	don't go alone
<techno_kid>	well stop asking what if and just do it.
<KGabMI>	Thats the problem... how do you know you can trust her?
<juliacat>	Gina - if you don't go you are never going to know the truth
<Davo>	It's hard to know who to trust
<DisenchantedBabe>	Carl hostage..hehehe
<TheHelper>	then you'll have so much more to benefit
<Traveler55>	Go, and make sure Daniel and Jonas are nearby. Take a cell phone (concealed) to keep contact.  Better yet, take an iphone with youtube connection!  
<littleapplegirl>	ugh this is going too fast for you to even read what i'm trying to tell you.
<mib_vaciqjde>	Hey Gina, I don't think you should go, when Bree went to meet up with her father he ended up getting killed and maybe that's what will happen to your mom if you meet up with her!!
*	Traveler83 ( has joined #lg15chat
<PinkTigger>	                            just be safe please 
<Traveler30>	crap crap crap... all fake crap
<Morgsytown>	maybe you should just spend some time and get to know her for a while
<NinjaLama>	safety in numbers
<WATERMELONHEAD>	I think she does want you to help you. trust her and go alone.
<Quirkynesss>	You need to bring people with you, just in case.
<Darkslyfox>	has anyone ever thought that Gina's mom could be one of the people to start the order in the first place?
<Liso>	do not go alone
<techno_kid>	if you don't you'll regret it forever.
<Traveler01>	well you'll never know unless you go
<Traveler53>	it could go either way. 
<SocksRock>	I love the robot
<fatestepsin>	Gina, have you talked to the rest of the group yet?
*	kmmanofakind they might need your memories for they;re plan
<Evergreen>	If you dont go, she'll find another way to help, GINA
<swimgirl52>	but you should definently go
*	Traveler04 ( has joined #lg15chat
<SocksRock>	gina do you like hats>?
<Preposterous>	Bree's mom will be able to tell if she had someone with her.
<drstrangelove17>	Seriously! Just do what you want. People have your back.
<Thurgix>	Emma ditched out on Jonas and the rest without a word..think how they'll all react if you do the same?
*	Traveler84 is now known as Courto
<candyappleretto>	Well in your heart.... Gina, do you think that she wants to hurt you????
<SocksRock>	I love hats!
<Chelseyrl>	If she does want to help, always have someone with you, tread lightly.
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<TheHelper>	Elizabeth knows things about verdus
*	mib_dmz7evu9 (i=42201e30@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #lg15chat
<redSUV51>	***You knew Bree. You played with her****
<blade8r>	plan for the worst hope for the est
<KasloTULaw>	If she really wanted to help she wouldn't be the CEO of a company that condones this stuff
<SocksRock>	gina do you like socks?
<fettachelli>	even if you do bring the others, they wont want them so chances are they wont get hurt
<SocksRock>	I love socks?
*	livelovelaugh has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<funkymonkey21>	she seems like a sweet lady
<ohmygod>	dont be hatin!
<techno_kid>	if you go at least you'll know what happening as opposed to wondering.
<emilycat2YouTube>	Gina i know what u could doif you want sombody there with you
<WATERMELONHEAD>	face her alone
<AnarchyAmes>	no way
<gina2008>	I've talked to the group and eveyrone just keeps arguing about it
*	Traveler73 is now known as motomike
*	Traveler41 has disconnected (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
<SocksRock>	gina do you like tops rollign tobacco?
<NinjaLama>	whatever you do-don't go in it alone
<september2star>	if you do not go, you will forever wonder what if
<SocksRock>	I do!
<gina2008>	who should go
<Kormek>	this is a hard choice
<funkymonkey21>	in a trap of her own
<GlacialRose>	Hey... Why not Spencer and Taylor... I know you haven't met them yet, but they're at least objective third parties...
<KGabMI>	Traveler 53... can you lose the pink, please?
<jasmine>	uh oh
<littleapplegirl>	when is the date? i hope its tomorrow. 
<SocksRock>	I love topps
<gina2008>	who should stay
<xXRockstarKitten>	I don't know how you can keep up with all of this, Gina. Yikes, I'm getting dizzy. But seriously, follow your heart. Do what you think you need to do.
*	Traveler42 has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<PinkTigger>	she's ur mom and i think she relly does love u
<SocksRock>	gina do you like hats?
<BroadwayChick>	DANIEL!!!
<SteamboatMickey>	                                              Gina, take Daniel with you, Have Jonas record from a distance, tell Brees mom to meet you at a place that YOU want to meet her
<SocksRock>	I love them!
<Liso>	everyone
<Traveler30>	just get jesica rose back for Gods sake
<SoundSoldier>	Daniel and Jonas.
*	JesskaFace you know. gina. she could be doing this in secret. she could be just as scared as you.
<AnarchyAmes>	they like to argue
<voyboy>	These people have controled your every waking moment up until a few months ago. Dont let them any more. Meet on YOUR terms.
*	daniel247 (i=3aa47747@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #lg15chat
<SickSlickMan>	jonas is the best bet
<Traveler74>	bring the people you know could help
<SocksRock>	I also love cows
<Traveler87>	Fortune favors the brave
*	Renegade15 has kicked candyappleretto from #lg15chat (Renegade15)
<caalan21>	Jonas, DB
<coolwill100>	whao thinks you should go?
*	kmmanofakind Daniel Jonas GO!
<SickSlickMan>	maybe jennie too
<tasder>	ppl must stay behind just in case it is a trap
<Traveler83>	take a guy
<SocksRock>	do yo like cows gina?
<laurensav>	everyone!!! dont split up!
<AnarchyAmes>	                   please take jonas
<fettachelli>	hey everyone quiet for a sec!
*	Traveler32 (n=traveler@ has joined #lg15chat
<toniegirl>	LATER EVERYONE!
<tmf16>	guys go girls stay
<SocksRock>	are therecows in russia?
<swimgirl52>	bring sara and jeanie
<DisenchantedBabe>	Daniel Jonas and Jennie
<Chrissymommy>	No, if DB and Jonas hide, her Mom will not know.  They have done things like this before.
<techno_kid>	I say bring Jonas and Daniel.
*	Renegade15 has kicked jasmine from #lg15chat (Renegade15)
<BriarRose>	They all have diferent views
<lioness23>	                       i think u should bring them but they should just not be seen or stay like a block away and if it is a trap just scream or something to get there attention and they will come running them they will stay out of harms way and u will be safe too we all just dont want anyone to get hurt
<NinjaLama>	Take Daniel and Jonas
<Thurgix>	Gina, you should def take DB
*	mib_dmz7evu9 has disconnected (" ajax IRC Client")
<littleapplegirl>	when is the ae?
<lala_loveee>	I think it should be a group matter.
<TheHelper>	Sarah and Jannie shouls stay
<juliacat>	What about Carl?  He should go with you.
<SocksRock>	tell us gna!
*	caravelle436 has kicked AnarchyAmes from #lg15chat (caravelle436)
*	Traveler52 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Abbie>	Bree's mom tried to protect her by telling her to stay with Daneil so im sure she souldnt mind if he came with you
<WATERMELONHEAD>	how about invite her over for some BBQ
*	daniel247 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<Darkslyfox>	has anyone ever thought that Gina's mom could be one of the people to start the order in the first place?
<littleapplegirl>	when is the date?
<SocksRock>	I wanna hear about the cows please
<Bianca23>	go with Daniel and Jonas
*	Renegade15 has kicked Traveler95 from #lg15chat (Renegade15)
<caalan21>	Sarah and jennie should stay... and they should stay together
<KitKat>	I say go, but be careful.
<BriarRose>	They're stressed right now.
<Morgsytown>	I don't think you shold bring either of the guys they are too emotional
<coolwill100>	bring jonas and jennie
<iluuvmedinner>	whoah which ones gina lol
*	Traveler32 is now known as DreamHaze
<PinkTigger>	         Jonas, You, Jennie go .......Sarah, and Daniel stay
<techno_kid>	Carl is a bad idea.
<Davo>	I think Jonas should go because Daniel might lose control of himself 
<Chelseyrl>	Gina, have you thought about putting a poll on the forums asking who we think should go? You might get a more clear answer.
*	JesskaFace the girls. they're calmer. daniel and jonas freak out at any sign of tension
<xo_suchuhblonde_>	There is always a chance of something bad happening in life, but if you don't take risk you won't be able to get the good things that can come. 
<DisenchantedBabe>	Jennie can calm down Jonas and Jonas can calm down Beast
<SickSlickMan>	db should stay with sarah, if anything, in case it's a side-plot for carl to go off with sarah
<swimgirl52>	i think the boys should stay
<KasloTULaw>	Take Jen, leave the rest a decent distance away
<Bianca23>	Sarah and Jennie are no help at all
<caalan21>	they need to keep an eye on each other...
<SocksRock>	gina do you like monkeys?
<blade8r>	this chat setup isn't working
<gina2008>	how did you guys feel whn you saw the home movie today?
<KGabMI>	Gina... how do you feel about Carl?
<gina2008>	it was weird, right?
<Traveler62>	take whoever u feel more comfortable with
*	toniegirl has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
*	daniel247 (i=3aa47747@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #lg15chat
<iluuvmedinner>	sad
<Traveler56>	Who ever does go in should be armed and ready to kick some butt!!
<drstrangelove17>	Do what you want. What ever happens, happens.
<kmmanofakind>	Yes
<BriarRose>	Creaped
<coolwill100>	yeha
<SickSlickMan>	mmm
<fettachelli>	definatly...
<TheHelper>	very
<NinjaLama>	It was odd....
<DisenchantedBabe>	yes
<littleapplegirl>	when is th date?
<Traveler55>	wierd
<techno_kid>	very weird.
*	Traveler61 ( has joined #lg15chat
<SickSlickMan>	very
<Traveler86>	Do a barrel roll (Press Z or R twice).
<Davo>	Kind of
<LUladybug>	have them pull straws! j/k
<Courto>	sad
<caalan21>	either sarah or Jennie is selling you out... 
*	Traveler52 is now known as hilary
<Traveler74>	yeah really wierd
<lindholmka>	no, it was sweet
<Eirlys>	I felt really nostalgic
*	Traveler63 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Liso>	very weird
<SickSlickMan>	that guy
<funkymonkey21>	Daniel should come, since Bree's mom knows him
<PinkTigger>	Take Jennie too...she can kick ass
<Traveler55>	definitely
<blade8r>	not wierd just history
<fettachelli>	but again, it was pretty cool
<gina2008>	but it felt kinda cmfortng too
<SickSlickMan>	in the background
<SocksRock>	gina do you like tacs?
*	Traveler58 ( has joined #lg15chat
<coolwill100>	tht was bree...
<caalan21>	the home movie was sad
<Kemo>	weird but kinda nice
<Preposterous>	Gina, this is something very personal, and just between you and Elizabeth.
<BroadwayChick>	Why wasn't your mother speaking Russian?
<laurensav>	i loved it! it reminided me of my sister!
<kmmanofakind>	Who was the blonde one huh
<tmf16>	fake
<techno_kid>	It was weird in a kinda sweet way.
<Ethan_Fox>	Well zgins the best thing to do is to just not go...because In last fridays vid, you pretty much brought every one with you and you still got captured, the best thing to do is to just not go
*	Traveler67 ( has joined #lg15chat
<cheddarcheese>	            It was nostalgic, seeing you and Bree =[
<september2star>	--------------------------------------- as her how she could love Bree and let her die
<swimgirl52>	yeah it was really weird
<SocksRock>	gina do you like rum?
<drstrangelove17>	It was strange seeing bree, that's for sure.
<Liso>	yeah i know what you mean
*	Traveler33 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<Kormek>	I was very concerned Gina
*	Traveler06 (i=traveler@ has joined #lg15chat
<WATERMELONHEAD>	the movie was sad comforting  and weird.... mostly weird though
<SocksRock>	gina do you like vodka?
<Davo>	True, kind of nostalgic...
*	Traveler96 ( has joined #lg15chat
<KGabMI>	Yeah, but... well... I donno, really
<BriarRose>	It did... in an odd way.
*	Traveler58 is now known as jasmine
<SickSlickMan>	something was up with him
<Chrissymommy>	Yeah, but Gina it must be nice to have some part of your childhood, you know?
<Traveler01>	take jennie and jonas. that way, you have protection, and daniel and sarah can have some alone time to work things out
<SocksRock>	gina do you like rocks?
<Abbie>	i miss bree
<NinjaLama>	it looks so peaceful, but creepy too
<RHlove>	i can understand that.
<xo_suchuhblonde_>	Did the video help you remember anything else?
<juliacat>	It really looked like she loved you both didn't it?
*	Traveler88 (n=traveler@ has joined #lg15chat
<caalan21>	but it was nice to see you and bree actually having fun
<Traveler74>	you could miss the times back when you were little
<PinkTigger>	                    but they were both in the hymn of one Gina
<GlacialRose>	That video is actually why I think that they're just trying to string you along emotionally...
<SocksRock>	gina do you like socks?
<fettachelli>	its like she trying to help you regain your childhood
<caalan21>	for once
<Chelseyrl>	It was weird, but very cute and nostalgic. Brought back a lot of memories.
<BroadwayChick>	She should have been speaking Russian!
*	JesskaFace there is a mysterious guy in the video gina! stop the vid you posted at 1:05
<Preposterous>	It was depressing, knowing what would eventually happen to them
<Darkslyfox>	has anyone ever thought that Gina's mom could be one of the people to start the order in the first place?
<xXRockstarKitten>	Sad. You and Bree were adorable, I wish I could see you together now.
<RHlove>	it was really peacefull
<SickSlickMan>	the shadowy one
*	Traveler52 ( has joined #lg15chat
<emilycat2YouTube>	Gina could hook uo the camera to like a mini Tv or somthing and then all of them could see what she is doing
<Traveler87>	It was kind of sad...I think Bree's mom might feel sad about everything that has happened
*	Traveler35 has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
*	Traveler97 ( has joined #lg15chat
<SocksRock>	gina do you like hats?
*	thegoobcat has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<Traveler04>	                                     Everyone should go but keep them in the car close by so she wont know they are there 
<redSUV51>	*Gina, you did play with Bree. More than once. Go to the meeting and you'll find out more.*
<SocksRock>	gina do you like dogs?
<gina2008>	where do you think we were in that video?
<SocksRock>	gina do you like cats?
*	Traveler88 is now known as AnarchyAmes
*	Abbie has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<Evergreen>	OK, Darkslyfox. We get it
*	Traveler49 ( has joined #lg15chat
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*	mib_3nrudwaz has disconnected (Client Quit)
<Traveler30>	----------------------------------------------------------------------Bring back Jesica Rose
<heyaja>	k traveler04 colors
<SocksRock>	gina do you like puppies?
*	kmmanofakind maybe it was a clue to a way to shut down the order is in ur past
<Preposterous>	It also showed a different side to Elzabeth, though
*	Renegade15 has kicked Traveler04 from #lg15chat (Renegade15)
<PinkTigger>	a park
*	PhilKC (i=PhilKC@freenode/staff/philkc) has joined #lg15chat
<fettachelli>	at a park somewhere
<Traveler74>	the park
<techno_kid>	in a park.
<GlacialRose>	A park?
<coolwill100>	Gina, do you feel like you know bree?
<SocksRock>	gina do you like toads?
<NinjaLama>	a park
*	Traveler74 is now known as ROB
<SickSlickMan>	a playground like that, could be anywhere
<SocksRock>	gina do you like frogs?
*	Traveler82 has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<caalan21>	it makes you all misty eyed remembering the horrible things you have both been through
<Traveler55>	Bree's mom and Dad were looking out for her before they ever ran away.  Bree's Mom may be trying to help you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*	Traveler67 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<TheHelper>	it looked liek the same park
*	Renegade15 has kicked techno_kid from #lg15chat (Renegade15)
<tmf16>	a park
<alyssaxlea>	park
<cheddarcheese>	                       Theres defntly a purpose for her sending that home vid
<SocksRock>	gina do you like fish?
*	xoChels has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<Kormek>	A park
*	Zoey has kicked Traveler30 from #lg15chat (please stay in character)
<blade8r>	umm the playground at a park>
<Traveler62>	probably at bree's house
<hilary>	gina, you cant remember any of your childhood???
<Broken_Kid>	hey...when did Gina play with Bree?
<PinkTigger>	the same park you were in today
<SocksRock>	gina do you like rocks?
<SteamboatMickey>	                                              The same park you were at
<drstrangelove17>	I think I saw somebody in the background... but I could just be paranoid.
<hopefulsemblance>	I'm sure that Bree felt that her mom was peachy keen jelly bean too... ya know... before she... um died!
<caalan21>	you were about 4, bree about 2
<TheHelper>	the arkbree [played at
<jasmine>	listen Gina i think that you all should go together. like you said strength in numbers
*	Traveler33 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Ethan_Fox>	You were at The Golden gate park
<SocksRock>	gina do you like horses?
<fettachelli>	its impossble to pinpoint exactlt where.
<Quirkynesss>	Maybe a park by Bree's old house.
<smoochyxxx>	the park in the video
<Traveler86>	The worn-out tape effect was obviously a post-production trick. I don't trust it for authenticity. Oh, yeah, also, Do a barrel roll (Press Z or R twice).
*	Traveler92 ( has joined #lg15chat
*	JesskaFace in the park by her house?
<Traveler49>	first timer
<jasmine>	when they were littl
<Liso>	there is a weird guy
*	Traveler15 ( has joined #lg15chat
<DisenchantedBabe>	Go to the pak
<voyboy>	looked like the same park.
<SocksRock>	gina do you like eric?
<xXRockstarKitten>	A park like the one you were in with Jennie.
*	Traveler96 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<Evergreen>	Bree;s mom is on the inside. She can help!
<Davo>	Isn't it the Park you were at today or maybe somewhere near where Bree's home is...
<Traveler83>	GINA? are you syill here?
<SocksRock>	gina do you like jenni?
<gina2008>	I don't think it could have been the same park from tday
<Chelseyrl>	Well I personally don't know much about scenery, but maybe someone else here does.
*	Traveler46 has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<SocksRock>	gina do you like gina?
<PinkTigger>	the same park down the street from bree's house
<Liso>	no
*	Traveler66 ( has joined #lg15chat
<NinjaLama>	are there any parks nearby where you live, or where bree lives?
<SocksRock>	gina do you like cattle?
<Davo>	Oh 
<gina2008>	now afte what Hart told me about my past
<ohmygod>	chelsey!
<laurensav>	gina do you remember bree??
<Amander>	It was nice, but I have no idea what it would mean. I don't understandw why she would give you a password protected disc with an old home video.
<mtl4ever>	how can any1 read in this channel...
<PinkTigger>	did everything match?
<KGabMI>	It couldn't have been out here... didn't Dr. Hart say you two were split up before brought into the States?
<living4mydyingwi>	thhink about this tho, she let them kill bree and she didn't love you enough to keep you from being their lab rat so what do you think she is capable of letting happen to you?
<alyssaxlea>	it looked the same
*	Traveler53 ( has joined #lg15chat
<lindholmka>	things change in 10 years
<SoundSoldier>	Definitley not in Russia.'
<SickSlickMan>	mmm, no, seemed different
<DisenchantedBabe>	Its the park Bree went to in thre earlier videos!
<gina2008>	if he could even be trusted
<SocksRock>	gina do you like snakes?
<Chrissymommy>	No, I think it's the park by Bree's house, Gina
<writtenlullabye>	Russia?
<SocksRock>	gina do you like spiders?
<fettachelli>	what did hart tell you?
<TheHelper>	it was the aprk form brees home town
*	hilary has disconnected (Client Quit)
*	Traveler76 ( has joined #lg15chat
*	Traveler72 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Chelseyrl>	hi mikey
*	Traveler40 ( has joined #lg15chat
<SocksRock>	gina do you like cats?
*	JesskaFace he cared about you gina
<jasmine>	of course he could
<Darkslyfox>	has anyone ever thought that Gina's mom could be one of the people to start the order in the first place?
<SocksRock>	gina do you like kitties?
<motomike>	hey renegade why dont you kick out the useless chatter
<GlacialRose>	What did Hart tell you about your past?
<Liso>	i like heart
<SocksRock>	gina do you like babies?
<SickSlickMan>	however with the order hart was
<kennnnnnnyyyy>	why did you guys do that oldies effect on that video? wasn't it on a cd so it was digital
<AnarchyAmes>	i think it was the park that she and daniel went to the night they went bowling...
<Evergreen>	Dr Hart is alive!
*	Traveler35 ( has joined #lg15chat
<PinkTigger>	What was your first memory of Dr. Hart?
<SocksRock>	gina do you like the order?
*	Traveler46 ( has joined #lg15chat
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*	Traveler72 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<Chelseyrl>	SocksRock, please stay on topic.
*	Traveler13 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Preposterous>	Where did Elizabeth want to meet you, Gina??
<jasmine>	Socks stop!
<SocksRock>	gina do you like bree?
<lindholmka>	Dr. Hart loved you gina
<DisenchantedBabe>	Its the park BRee went to in her earlier viedos
<Traveler87>	What did Hart tell you that makes you think it couldn't be the same park?
<SickSlickMan>	i do believe he had his reasons for doing what he did
<mib_dq86lggu>	eh
*	swimgirl52 has disconnected (" ajax IRC Client")
<KGabMI>	I would trust Dr. Hart... in the end he did help...
<SocksRock>	gina do you like jasmine?
*	Traveler06 is now known as semi-sweet
<lioness23>	                                                             i think u should bring them but they should just not be seen or stay like a block away and if it is a trap just scream or something to get there attention and they will come running them they will stay out of harms way and u will be safe too we all just dont want anyone to get hurt
<SocksRock>	gina do you like me?
<PinkTigger>	did he find u in the rain like in ur video????
<jasmine>	like a daughter
<SocksRock>	gina do you like sweets?
<Traveler86>	Do a barrel roll (Press Z or R twice).
<redSUV51>	Gina, you knew Bree. You played with her. 
*	mib_6cdinzdv (i=93485dac@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #lg15chat
<Traveler53>	-------------------------------------------------------Jesica Rose is what made Lonelygirl 15, she made it real
*	mib_dq86lggu has disconnected (" ajax IRC Client")
<SickSlickMan>	but he did care about you, gina, and emma too
<jasmine>	Socks!
<BriarRose>	He can be trusted, he saved yours and Emmas life, and (I think, but I hope not) died doing it.
<Chrissymommy>	One of Bree's old videos talked about her being in the park
<PinkTigger>	                    What was your first memory of Dr. Hart?
<SocksRock>	gina do you like trees?
<jasmine>	Stop!
*	heyaja gives voice to redSUV51
<gina2008>	socksrock - of course i like bree
<blade8r>	just don't go
<Traveler75>	Is Gina here??
*	charlette has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<SocksRock>	yayy!
*	heyaja sets channel mode +m #LG15chat
<gina2008>	i just wish i could have known her better
<Broken_Kid>	muted
*	Traveler91 ( has joined #lg15chat
*	semi-sweet has disconnected (Client Quit)
<gina2008>	i feel a connection to her
<Broken_Kid>	at Gina's request
<redSUV51>	Gina, you did know her.
*	Traveler68 (i=traveler@ has joined #lg15chat
<gina2008>	and i feel something similar to Elizabeth
<redSUV51>	You played with her. More than once.
*	Traveler92 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<gina2008>	its not as strong
<gina2008>	but its there
<gina2008>	something is definitely there
<redSUV51>	Come to the meeting and you will get more information.
*	Traveler20 ( has joined #lg15chat
*	Bockwurst[GER] has disconnected (Client Quit)
<redSUV51>	There are things you don't understand.
<gina2008>	as scared as I was on Friday, I got the feeling she wanted 2 protect me
*	Traveler92 ( has joined #lg15chat
<redSUV51>	Come. 
*	ThaBeave (i=WALLAWAL@unaffiliated/thabeave) has joined #lg15chat
*	redSUV51 has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
*	writtenlullabye has disconnected (Client Quit)
*	littleapplegirl has disconnected (Client Quit)
*	Jo_16_2 has disconnected (Client Quit)
*	Traveler28 ( has joined #lg15chat
*	heyaja sets channel mode -m #LG15chat
<Traveler86>	Do a barrel roll (Press Z or R twice).
<SteamboatMickey>	                                       Less people, thank goodness
<Chelseyrl>	Gina, was there anything specific that Elizabeth said on Friday that stuck out in your mind?
<Ethan_Fox>	Gow ith your gut feeling gina
<Thurgix>	That was creepy...
<laurensav>	who was redsuv51?
<Quirkynesss>	Oh geez. Now you have to take people with you. That was eerie, Gina!
<kmmanofakind>	dont go!
<cheddarcheese>	                    Eeeeeeeeeevil!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<jasmine>	WTF?!
<Traveler40>	You need to go to the meeting. If you don't you'll probably regret not knowing what was going to happen.
<Traveler66>	wjo is redSUV51??
<SoundSoldier>	If you could tell Bree anything, What would you say?
<BroadwayChick>	WTF?
<GreekFan1>	Thats good Gina at least your getting that feeling and not hatred
<Liso>	dont go that makes it evern more creepy do not go
<PinkTigger>	....who is redSUV51?!?!?!?!?!IT'S GINA'S MOM!
<Traveler86>	F1RST
<Traveler76>	gina i think you should go meet her mom but bring one of the gus with you and tell them to hide just in case ok to be saff
<jasmine>	who was that?!
<TheHelper>	dont listen to them
<GlacialRose>	That was really weird... He had a + sign in front of his name just like Gina...
<gina2008>	wait 
<caalan21>	the most important thing is finding out what Elizabeth has to tell you
<SickSlickMan>	not as much, but maybe on what elizabeth's up to
*	Traveler75 is now known as TeganandSarafan4
<caalan21>	no matter the cost
<SocksRock>	gina whats your favorite color?
<Morgsytown>	maybe she was having second thoughts about whatever thosetests were
<kmmanofakind>	gina that was your mother
*	Renegade15 has kicked Traveler86 from #lg15chat (Renegade15)
<laurensav>	who was that>
<SocksRock>	gina whats your favorite shoe?
<gina2008>	did anyone see redSUV51?
<BriarRose>	RedSUV is Eleiz
<SocksRock>	gina whats your favorite drink?
<RHlove>	who is redSUV51?
<kmmanofakind>	yes
<Traveler40>	yes!
<Kormek>	yeah
<Liso>	i did
<alyssaxlea>	no
<funkymonkey21>	She will be in a redSUV
*	Traveler83 is now known as newsie
<Traveler66>	yeah
<jasmine>	Yes!
<funkymonkey21>	lol
<SocksRock>	gina whats your favorite food?
<Darkslyfox>	yea
<Chrissymommy>	Yes
<JesskaFace>	yes i did!
<Traveler01>	yes!!!
<tmf16>	yea
<fettachelli>	yes!
<TheHelper>	yeah
<BriarRose>	OMG
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<LorettaJALG>	hi!
<SocksRock>	gina whats your favorite animal?
<GlacialRose>	yes
*	Traveler40 is now known as techno_kid
<newsie>	YES
<PinkTigger>	that was ur mom!
<KGabMI>	In the chat, yes..
<daniel247>	yes
<BroadwayChick>	YESYESYWS
<hopefulsemblance>	That was Bree's mom!
<SoundSoldier>	Yes.
<BrandiLynn>	Gina, she well may want to protect you, but others around her may not. You have to be careful
<lindholmka>	yes
<SocksRock>	gina whats your favorite doggie?
<cheddarcheese>	                             Most likely Brees Mom
<JesskaFace>	that was your mom!
<Thurgix>	Yeah
<PinkTigger>	omg!
<Chelseyrl>	Verdus!
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<SocksRock>	gina whats your favorite sock?
-Broken_Kid/#LG15chat-	Gina asked us to voice redsuv51 so she could read what she was saying
<SteamboatMickey>	                                                   Nope
<RHlove>	she was here!
<gina2008>	I should go
<TeganandSarafan4>	So many ppl talking.
<blade8r>	it's obbivous that your bent on seeing bree's mom. so you'll go anywyas
<fettachelli>	no! it couldnt be!
<techno_kid>	OMG! it was your mom.
<BriarRose>	That was... *falls over*
<jasmine>	i agree with hopeful semplance
<newsie>	omg it was Bree's mom
<Chelseyrl>	Redsuv= verdus
*	kmmanofakind gina you need to meet her but be cautious
<techno_kid>	YES GO!
<SophieKay>	omg!!!
<coolwill100>	NO
<xo_suchuhblonde_>	yes you should
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<SocksRock>	gina whats your favorite rock?
<GlacialRose>	It may not have been bree's mom...
<fettachelli>	wait!
<LorettaJALG>	oh we're on mute.
*	Traveler90 ( has joined #lg15chat
<tmf16>	its a trap dude
<gina2008>	im a little freaked
<SocksRock>	gina whats your favorite tree?
<KGabMI>	However... you really going to listen to him?
<newsie>	NO
<Traveler85>	is your (and possbily the others') lives worth the information?
<ThaBeave>	Autobots roll out!
<Liso>	                          someone who works for brees mom
<Traveler91>	omg
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<alyssaxlea>	NO
<Traveler91>	wow
SocksRock SoundSoldier 
<blade8r>	wow.. 
<PinkTigger>	what meeting is she talking about???
<alyssaxlea>	dont go
<funkymonkey21>	GO GO GO
<TheHelper>	no
*	Jijendia ( has joined #lg15chat
<ROB>	not suprised
<techno_kid>	We all are.
<GlacialRose>	It could have been a watcher for all we know...
<Traveler91>	really
<SocksRock>	gina whats your favorite moobie cow?
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*	Traveler37 has disconnected (Connection reset by peer)
<Evergreen>	bye Gina
<newsie>	Go tell JONAS
<jasmine>	its ok Gina.....
<gina2008>	and ive got some thinking to do
<Broken_Kid>	I don't know who she is either, Gina
*	Traveler28 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<laurensav>	going to watch lost, gina?
<drstrangelove17>	haha, serious?
<PinkTigger>	u HAVE 2 go
<Kormek>	Be safe, Gina
<Traveler01>	go talk it over with the group
<ROB>	but i dont know if you should fo
<SocksRock>	gina whats your favorite hat?
*	Traveler88 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Traveler55>	When is the meeting Gina?????????
<SickSlickMan>	ok
<coolwill100>	i dont want you to die like bree
<xo_suchuhblonde_>	she's obviously trying to reach out to you 
<emilycat2YouTube>	the camera idea is a good one
<BriarRose>	We are too. Look at the board
<Liso>	DO NOT GO
<SocksRock>	gina whats your favorite show?
<Darkslyfox>	has anyone ever thought that Gina's mom could be one of the people to start the order in the first place?
<SickSlickMan>	but please
<DisenchantedBabe>	bye Gina
<KGabMI>	Ignore it, Gina... its just another Order thing..
<newsie>	GO TELL JONAS!
<GlacialRose>	bye Gina!
<Quirkynesss>	Bring people with you!!
*	Traveler76 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<TheHelper>	okay bye gina
<SocksRock>	gina whats your favorite book?
<Traveler87>	good luck Gina
<fettachelli>	okay, feel better!
<DisenchantedBabe>	we all love you
<SickSlickMan>	don't go alone
<Traveler85>	bye Gina
<blade8r>	i don't remember a red suv
<SocksRock>	gina whats your favorite movie?
*	kmmanofakind Gina Bye
<Traveler97>	you cant leave now
<ROB>	lots of people signed off when she did
<KitKat>	Bye Gina
<gina2008>	seriously tho guys, thank u so mch
<fatestepsin>	if you go you need to bring someone with you. at least someone to be in the background so they can keep an eye on you
<RHlove>	good luck!  follow your heart!
<Chrissymommy>	Ok Gina, be careful regardless of what you do.  We all care about you!
<daniel247>	ok think hard
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*	swimgirl52 (i=45ddfdd7@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #lg15chat
<Traveler33>	 Ok bye Gina be safe
<SocksRock>	gina whats your favorite song?
<SteamboatMickey>	                                                  Bring a gun with you lololol
<Traveler52>	you need to follow your heart
<Shiori>	PLEASE take someone with you
<SocksRock>	gina whats your favorite album?
<blade8r>	take care.
<NinjaLama>	bye!
*	Traveler96 ( has joined #lg15chat
<SickSlickMan>	of course
<SocksRock>	gina whats your favorite band?
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<AnarchyAmes>	Bye!!!
<SoundSoldier>	Bye Gina! Ask Daniel for help.
<fettachelli>	feel better!
<PinkTigger>	We <4 uu STAY SAFE!
<Traveler91>	byee
<Davo>	Nope problem , be careful
<Thurgix>	Be careful and think it over
<jasmine>	ok be safe Gina!
<GlacialRose>	np! Take care!
<gina2008>	its nice to know i've got your support :)
<ROB>	carful!!
<daniel247>	cya gina
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<xXRockstarKitten>	Good luck, Gina. <3
<tasder>	gl gina
*	JesskaFace bye gina!
<Traveler91>	bee safe
*	RoyTheBoy has kicked RHlove from #lg15chat (colors)
<caalan21>	OMG be careful GINA
<Quirkynesss>	Bye Gina. Think carefully
<techno_kid>	no problem. WE LOVE YOU GINA!
<coolwill100>	Bye!!!!
<juliacat>	Be careful and good luck!!!
<cheddarcheese>	                                          Be careful!
<funkymonkey21>	Bye Gina!!
<Traveler52>	and we do all love you
<lala_loveee>	Of course you do.
<Broken_Kid>	we're here for you, Gina
<SocksRock>	gina whats your favorite cable show?
<Traveler55>	When??????
<kmmanofakind>	BE SAFFE
<ROB>	no problem
<cheetosrhot>	bye gina!
<daniel247>	be saFE
*	Traveler96 is now known as Chickable
<BriarRose>	You allways will
<DisenchantedBabe>	We love youU!
<funkymonkey21>	BFF
<Traveler01>	:)
<xo_suchuhblonde_>	be safe!!!
*	Traveler79 ( has joined #lg15chat
*	JesskaFace you'll always have our support!
<fettachelli>	were behind you 100%!
<immortal1>	wow the Order must have some special code to break muting!
<SocksRock>	gina whats your favorite internet reality series?
<ROB>	anytime
<TheBeautifulMstk>	                                                                GPS GPS GPS GPS GPS GPS
<DreamHaze>	Bye Gina--<3
<Traveler66>	I HEART U GINA
<Davo>	Sayonara
<Kormek>	We're always here, Gina
<NinjaLama>	just follow your gut!
<drstrangelove17>	bye! it's all okay whatever happens!
<TheHelper>	goood luck
<jasmine>	you can always count on us!
<blade8r>	be sfae
<laurensav>	thanks for the bench!!!!!!
<swimgirl52>	bye ginia
*	heyaja has kicked kmmanofakind from #lg15chat (colors)
<Traveler01>	 be safe gina!!
<Traveler91>	tat was so weried
<alyssaxlea>	she said COME
<SteamboatMickey>	                                                   God Bless
<ROB>	were always here for you
<gina2008>	ill let you know what I decide soon
<blade8r>	be safe
<Traveler85>	good luck
<coolwill100>	we'll be watching
<Traveler82>	Good luck gina!
<Traveler56>	Your beautiful GINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<lala_loveee>	We care about you
<SickSlickMan>	just hang in there
<Preposterous>	Good luck!
<Morgsytown>	don't take the guys!
<KGabMI>	Yep... we are here for you!
<TheHelper>	we love you gina
*	gina2008 has disconnected ("Java user signed off")