Recovered Memory

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Episode 446/3x036
Recovered Memory

So cute!

Blogger Jennie
Date Posted March 27th, 2008
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Length 3:02
Description You'll never guess what was on that disc.
Location(s) General LA area
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 lg15 Recovered Memory Jennie bree jonastko hymn of one
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried, and Amanda Goodfried
Series Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Production Assistant(s) Jenni Powell
Director(s) Marcello Daciano
Camera Kevin Schlanser
Vidplay Ben Kruger
Story Tom Pettit, Blair Singer, and Jim Campolongo
Editor(s) Matt Vanselow
Music Supervisor Seth Jacobs
Music "Better That Way (acoustic)" by Janell Marie
Gina Crystal Young
Jennie Melanie Merkosky
Elizabeth Avery Melissa Kite
Young Bree No Credit Given
Young Gina No Credit Given
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Recovered Memory is the four-hundred forty-sixth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the thirty-sixth video of season three.


(Gina is walking in a park and waves to the camera. Cut to Gina walking across a bridge on a children's playground.)

Jennie: Gina... (Laughs.)

(Gina plays on the rings. Children are continuously heard playing in the background.)

Jennie: Know any tricks?

(Gina giggles and shakes her head. Jennie laughs and Gina continues on the rings.)

Jennie: It's pretty good, though; better than I could do. (Giggles with Gina.) Let's go.

(Cut to Gina sitting on a bench near the playground.)

Gina: Thanks to everyone on who helped crack the code.

(Cut to screenshots from Jonas's "please help" thread and Gina in her room.) There were numbers that corresponded with letters from the alphabet. 1 was A, 2 was B... And that added up to an anagram. Bronislava and Yeugeny: Bree's birth name and mine, side by side.

(Cut to Gina back in the park.)

It was a video. And it hasn't quite sunk in yet. I had a sister, and we played together.

(Cut to a montage of young Gina and young Bree playing together at a playground. Elizabeth Avery is watching and playing with them. At the end of the clip, Elizabeth holds Bree and waves at the camera saying "Hi, daddy." Cut to Gina on another bench in the park.)

She reminded me that I actually had a childhood.

Jennie: But what else happened last Friday? I mean, where did she take you?

Gina: They were doing tests and... took my blood. Then they hooked me up to some IV and... I don't know. I mean... The last thing that I remember was Bree's mom was yelling something at one of the doctors.

Jennie: Can-can you remember anything that she said?

Gina: No. Next thing I knew I was waking up on the backseat of some strange car. I know that she wasn't trying to hurt me. I actually think she was trying to protect me.

Jennie: Gina, she kidnapped you.

Gina: I know, but why would she give me that video and then just let me go?

Jennie: I don't know if it's that simple. Right? I mean, you should tell them. Come on, tell them. It's okay.

Gina: There was a message on the disc. A time and a place. She wants me to meet her- (Abrupt cut.) She wants it to be alone.

Jennie: And you seriously think you can trust her?

Gina: I don't know. I really don't know.

(Jennie sighs and puts her hand on Gina's arm. She then turns the camera on herself..)

Jennie: You guys should talk to Gina. Seriously, she should hear what you have to say. Gina's gonna be in chat tonight at 6 PM on

Live chat

As announced, Gina joined chat on March 27th shortly before 6:00 PM PST. The log below is color-coded to highlight characters and filtered on Gina's and Mysterious Chatter's lines, as well as lines Gina referenced. The full log can be found here.

*	Traveler50 has joined #lg15chat
*	Traveler50 is now known as redSUV51
*	Traveler67 has joined #lg15chat
*	redSUV51 is now known as new
*	Traveler67 is now known as gina2008
<gina2008>	hey guys
*	heyaja gives voice to gina2008
<gina2008>	its me
<gina2008>	so... did u guy see the vido today?
<gina2008>	doing okay, little cofused rigt nw
<DisenchantedBabe>	Don't trust Bree's mom
<DisenchantedBabe>	She's just another aunt alex
<gina2008>	Disenchanted, why shld I not trusther?
<gina2008>	but then why would she just retrn me?
<gina2008>	its weird, i really dnt think she meant 2 hurt me
<gina2008>	its just a feeling
*	new is now known as redSUV51
<gina2008>	like the way I jst KNW Bree is my sister, u know?
<gina2008>	but what wld she be trying to get from me?
<gina2008>	right -- but then why didn't they keep me?
<gina2008>	if she wantedto serve me to them, she totally could have
<Bratty>	Gina could take a purse and put a hole or somthing in the front and put the camera in the purse
<gina2008>	good ida Bratty!
<gina2008>	I may take th camera purse idea and record the meet... if I go
<gina2008>	the thing reaally bothering me is... why did she just send me back?
<gina2008>	I mean, yeah, she got my blood but what does she want to do with it?
<gina2008>	and why would she give me the video?
<gina2008>	that HAS TO mean something
<gina2008>	showing me and Bree together
<gina2008>	bt then again
<gina2008>	the weekend reminded me of Hart
<gina2008>	just, being in a daze and not knwing whats happening
<gina2008>	it was scary, beig like a lab rat again
<gina2008>	I never wanted to feel that way ever again
<SickSlickMan>	hang in there, luv, you're alright now :)
<gina2008>	thanks SlickSlick
<gina2008>	im tryng
<Ethan_Fox>	Gina I have a question for you... Are you Cassie???
<gina2008>	haa, no Ethan, I AM NOT Cassie
<Evergreen>	Gina, do you trust Yourself??
<gina2008>	of course I trust myself evergreen
<gina2008>	i just want some answers
<gina2008>	thats wat my intincts are telling me
*	heyaja sets channel mode +m #LG15chat
<Broken_Kid>	ok, muted again
<Broken_Kid>	Go ahead Gina
<gina2008>	if I go, should I bring the group with me?
<gina2008>	i dont know, it might put them in danger too
<gina2008>	thanks BrokenKid
<Broken_Kid>	that's a good question. Let's open that back up and see what people say...
<gina2008>	if I were take anyone, who would it be?
*	heyaja sets channel mode -m #LG15chat
<gina2008>	the thing is - she said to cme alone
<gina2008>	if I go, I feel like I have to bring a camera
<gina2008>	that way I have you guys with me at least :)
<Quirkynesss>	Bring Daniel, Gina. He cares about you.
<gina2008>	Quirkyness - I know Daniel cares about me but I feel like everyone does
<gina2008>	and I dont want to put them in harms way, u know?
<gina2008>	there's so much that I want to know
<gina2008>	and I feel like she wants 2 tell me
<gina2008>	safety in numbrs is always good
<gina2008>	but what if its a trap?
<gina2008>	then I get them hurt too
<cheddarcheese>	Its a tough risk, but what if she wants to help you?
<gina2008>	thanks cheddar - thats EXACTLY how I feel
<gina2008>	what if she does want to help?
<gina2008>	i keep asking what if what if what if
<redSUV51>	***GINA, if you want to know the truth about your past you should go. ****
<redSUV51>	***You knew Bree. You played with her****
<gina2008>	I've talked to the group and eveyrone just keeps arguing about it
<gina2008>	who should go
<gina2008>	who should stay
<gina2008>	how did you guys feel whn you saw the home movie today?
<gina2008>	it was weird, right?
<gina2008>	but it felt kinda cmfortng too
<redSUV51>	*Gina, you did play with Bree. More than once. Go to the meeting and you'll find out more.*
<gina2008>	where do you think we were in that video?
<gina2008>	I don't think it could have been the same park from tday
<gina2008>	now afte what Hart told me about my past
<gina2008>	if he could even be trusted
<SocksRock>	gina do you like bree?
<redSUV51>	Gina, you knew Bree. You played with her. 
*	heyaja gives voice to redSUV51
<gina2008>	socksrock - of course i like bree
*	heyaja sets channel mode +m #LG15chat
<gina2008>	i just wish i could have known her better
<Broken_Kid>	muted
<gina2008>	i feel a connection to her
<Broken_Kid>	at Gina's request
<redSUV51>	Gina, you did know her.
<gina2008>	and i feel something similar to Elizabeth
<redSUV51>	You played with her. More than once.
<gina2008>	its not as strong
<gina2008>	but its there
<gina2008>	something is definitely there
<redSUV51>	Come to the meeting and you will get more information.
<redSUV51>	There are things you don't understand.
<gina2008>	as scared as I was on Friday, I got the feeling she wanted 2 protect me
<redSUV51>	Come. 
*	redSUV51 has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
*	heyaja sets channel mode -m #LG15chat
<gina2008>	wait 
<gina2008>	did anyone see redSUV51?
-Broken_Kid/#LG15chat-	Gina asked us to voice redsuv51 so she could read what she was saying
<gina2008>	I should go
<gina2008>	im a little freaked
<gina2008>	and ive got some thinking to do
<gina2008>	seriously tho guys, thank u so mch
<gina2008>	its nice to know i've got your support :)
<gina2008>	ill let you know what I decide soon
*	gina2008 has disconnected ("Java user signed off")


  • In the chat, a user named redSUV51 initially tells Gina to go to the meeting and suddenly switches to telling her to come to the meeting, indicating that she will be present at the meeting.
  • The name of the mysterious chatter, redSUV51 is an anagram for "Verdus15", likely a reference both to Verdus Pharmaceuticals, where Bree's mother works, as well as to Bree's username lonelygirl15.
  • Elizabeth Avery works at Verdus, indicating a connection betwteen herself and redSUV51. Also, Elizabeth comes alone to the meeting in The Devil Speaks.