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Episode 0275/2x019

It's Taylor!

Blogger Taylor
Date Posted August 30th, 2007
Forum [13648 forum discussion]
Length 2:47
Description OMG, why aren't you answering your phone! Daniel, you gotta help him!
Location(s) Zavalla, Taylor's house
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 bree daniel danielbeast jonas jonastko
Taylor Becki Kregoski
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Run! is the two-hundred seventy-fifth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the nineteenth video of season two.

Run! is the two-hundred seventy-fifth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the nineteenth video of season two.


(Taylor is in a rose garden.)

Taylor: Edgar Degas. Born in 1834, he was an amazing impressionist who loved to paint historical themes and fruit portraits. But his favorite thing to paint were real people in real settings. Like Girl Carrying Flowers in her Apron. He painted that one around 1860 or 1862. Oil on canvas, I think. Unfortunately, Degas lost his sight later in life, as well as most of his friends and family. Although he was a great painter, he turned out to be a not so great guy. And died at age 83 pretty much alone.

(The scene changes and she is in front of a tall bush.)

Taylor: So what does that give us? We have this painting of the girl and the title. I really like doing this stuff. I love researching these random things. I love to learn, I can't help it. I mean, right now, I'm taking this amazing online programming class. It's only been five days, but already it has confirmed so much for me. I know that I want to go to MIT. No, strike that. I know I am going to MIT. I cannot wait to be out of Zavalla and in Boston learning these new things. You know, I can actually take a class from Noam Chomsky about the philosophy of language. I mean, that would just blow me away. (A thud is heard off camera.) Sarah! What? Now what's wrong?

(Taylor is now on her bed in her room.)

Taylor: Ok, so things are not so great with Sarah right now. And I have to say, I feel sorry for her. She's still dating that boyfriend who acts like our dad in all the wrong ways. What Sarah told you last week--total lie. Sarah's self-professed new life is not perfect. Sleeping with all these random guys and working in a book store is not where Sarah thought her life was going to take her. And even though we fight--constantly--I'm worried about her. When she's not hanging around jerk-boyfriend, she's pretty much alone. (Sighs.) I hope Sarah's life turns out better than Degas. (Sighs again.) I gotta get outta here.

(Taylor is now on her laptop with a finished frappuccino outside, most likely in front of the coffee shop.)

Taylor: Hey, Jonas. Jonas, this is amazing! The lonelycrackers on the comments page and the forum and the chat, they've figured this stuff out. It's a Flickr account. It's Ok, look at the photo titled littlegirlcarryingflowersinherapron. OK? Little Girl Carrying Flowers in her Apron. Ok, the new girl--the new trait positive girl th Order's after, she's been under our noses all along. Jonas, I just tried calling you, you're not picking up. Daniel, if you see this, you need to go to Jonas' and get him and his sister out of there. Jonas, take Emma and run.


  • This video confirms that Emma is the next trait positive girl the Order is after.