School Work in Summer... BLECHH!!!

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Episode 3/1x003
School Work in Summer… BLECHH!!!

Learning about "Antarctica"

Blogger Bree
Date Posted June 21st, 2006
Length 2:23
Description I talk about being homeschooled, and do a little bit of studying... um, also give some cooool information about stuff that I'm learning. (Daniel writing) and I do some sick azzzz editing!!
Location(s) Bree's bedroom
YouTube Tags homeschool girl daniel work walruses antarctica pluto romans cannibalism weird silly dork lg15
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett and Mesh Flinders
Producer(s) Miles Beckett and Mesh Flinders
Director(s) Mesh Flinders and Miles Beckett
Vidplay Mesh Flinders
Story Miles Beckett and Mesh Flinders
Editor(s) Miles Beckett
Music Working for the Man by Roy Orbison
Bree Jessica Lee Rose
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School Work in Summer… BLECHH!!! is the third video in the lonelygirl15 video series. This video is correctly called "School Work in Summer… BLECHH!!!", with an ellipsis () special character instead of three separate periods - it resides here for easier accessibility. Bree reveals that she is homeschooled, and shares dorky stories for the first time.


Bree: Okay so this is my third, (holds up three fingers) one, two, three, video blog. Uh, a lot of you asked me, said that I didn't, um, say nearly enough about myself in my first video blog. Any of the cool editing tricks (screen turns black and white and becomes out of sync with the sound) that you can thank Daniel for that. Not me.(screen returns to normal) Well, I'm homeschooled, and that's not weird or anything if you're thinking that it is, it's not (repeated) it's not (repeated) it's not (the words "It's Snot" (????) appear in green on the bottom of the screen) Okay? Um, that's kind of why I'm doing schoolwork in June. I haven't really got anything interesting to say right now, so I'm going to get back to the school work. But if I find, think of anything then I'll tell you for sure.

(Sped up video of Bree reading her book on her bed. Music plays. Bree returns to in front of the camera carrying a book. Music stops.)

Bree: Okay. So I found something that was kind of interesting. The ancient Romans were the world's... I can't read. The ancient Romans were the western world's only known cannibals. At the height of the Roman empire one of the greatest delicacies was flesh cut from a live slave. Eww. He was in the room to watch himself being eaten. Eww. That's really gross. I'm really glad I didn't live in those days.

(Accelerated video and music resume. Bree is again on the bed reading. At one point Bree leaves the room and then returns. Music stops, Bree has resumed her usual spot in front of the camera.)

Bree: Okay so. There's something else that I find kind of interesting. (air quotes) Antarctica. Wait why would there ever be quotes? I'm a retard. Anyway, Antarctica, you know the continent, is actually twice the size of Pluto, the planet. It presses down with so much force that it actually distorts the shape of the earth.(video and audio slow down) Distooorts. (video and audio return to normal) Pretty cool. Umm, okay, well, that's all that I have to say about that today so um... I hope you enjoy my videos. If you didn't I'm sorry. I know it was kind of boring. Uh, but this kind of stuff really interests me, so yeah, bye.


  • This episode also did not migrate to the Revver website, presumably because of the use of Roy Orbison's copyrighted song "Working for the Man".
  • This is the first episode in which Bree is seen leaving her room.
  • Bree makes a number of interesting comments after this video:
    • Bree corrects herself in the comments section stating that the ancient Romans were in fact not cannibals and that her book was wrong.
    • Bree says that the closest Daniel has ever been to getting inside her pants was when he lost a bet with her about Gondwanaland and had to do her laundry.
    • Bree denies being Christian in the comments to this video.