Summer camp

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Usage in OpAphid

During the phone call test with Brother, he mentions that Tachyon had gone to "summer camp" and that "Mom and Dad" were worried because they hadn't heard from her since.

It is believed that "summer camp" is the codename for Tachyon's mission to infiltrate OpAPHID and its leader, OpAphid.

Usage in lonelygirl15

In What Bree's Dad Said..., Daniel mentions that Bree goes to a summer camp every year and they perform a camp play. Bree's dad asked Daniel to film the play, but Daniel flat out refused. In To Hell With Bree's Dad (yeah!), it is revealed that Daniel went for Bree, but didn't film the play. Apparently the play was religious and associated with the Hymn of One.

Later, the site of the camp play is seen in Jonas's video CAMP PLAY.