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This page's purpose is to archive updates from Tachyon's YouTube profile; A character in the OpAphid ARG.

November 7th, 2006

For my "Brother": 


So you didn't get what I left for you? Then who retrieved the package? I went back to check and it was gone! 

I have my fingers crossed that the notes and message were so straightforward that if anyone from Operation APHID
found them, they'd be confused and try to break it like some complex code. I need to figure this out. More when I get to my next destination. I can't stay in one place for too long.

November 8th, 2006

It's been so long since I've seen the ocean... 
I guess I should.
  • Lyrics from the song "Long December" by Counting Crows.

November 14th, 2006

There is never a dull moment, I assure you. 


November 15th, 2006

OMFG. I need to find a better phone line.

November 16th, 2006

For my "Brother": 

Now I've got "It Takes Two" and "Three is a Magic Number" stuck in my head. OMFG, I hate you! BTW, nice movie quotes,

November 23rd, 2006

I-fop top-hop-e-rop-e 
i-sop e-vop-e-nop a 
I hop-a-vop-e top-o 
top-rop-y a-nop-dop 
fop-i-nop-dop hop-e-rop
  • Translates to "If there is even a chance I have to try and find her."
  • The "//-----" stands for 25.
  • The word "op" appears 23 times, and this update was on Nov, 23.

November 24th, 2006

Trail turned cold. was able to hit my old stomping grounds though and visit my favorite hangout. the place that made
highschool bearable. I left something for you that should explain what i've been up to. i will tell you more about
it in the morning. sleep well and be ready.

November 26th, 2006

SSB0aGluayBUaGUgT3JkZXIgYm91Z2 h0IGEgY29udHJvbGxpbmcgaW50ZXJl c3QgaW4gWW91VHViZS4gQVJHSCEgVH J5aW5nLi4u
  • Translates to "I think The Order bought a controlling interest in YouTube. ARGH! Trying..."

November 28th, 2006

What's with these shifty guys making up stories about me calling them? As if!

November 30th, 2006

You know, I've never met anyone like you before. Usually when I meet someone new I feel awkward and shy. But with
you it's different. I can talk to you. You know what I'm thinking without my having to explain to you in fancy
terms. We speak each other's unspoken language... fluently. I love you.
  • Quote from the movie "The Sure Thing"

December 1st, 2006

"Go that way, really fast. If something gets in your way, turn." 


Lately, I am not having the easiest time with the situation i am in. But i can handle it, right? What other choice
do I have? /// Oh, and if you think you can beat Stalin (because he's a punk)... http://the-K12.redirectme.net/ d3c0d3 4 k3y / c0d3d 1n70 l337 5p34k 17 3qu4l5 'T'
  • The quote is from the movie "Better Off Dead"
  • The leet speak translates to "Decode a key / coded into leet speak it equals 'T'
    • T in leet speak is 7.
Come on everybody, gather round..

December 6th, 2006

To my "Brother" : 

WW91IHN0aWxsIGhhdmUgYWxsIG9mIG 15IHN0dWZmLCByaWdodD8gT3IgZGlk IHlvdSBmaW5hbGx5IGNsZWFyIG91dC
B0aGF0ICJob21lIG9mZmljZSIgb2Yg eW91cnMgY
  • Translates to "You still have all of my stuff, right? Or did you finally clear out that "home office" of yours and put my things into storage?"

December 9th, 2006

To my "Brother" : 

Tonight and tomorrow, things shall come into focus.

December 10th, 2006

One step at a time, before the next. I wouldn't want to confuse you. Figure out what you need and we'll go from
there. The time is now, and I'm waiting on you to move forward. Step 1: Always be prepared. MTogMzAzOTM1MzAzNDMxMzEzMzMxMz MzMTMwDQoyOiAzMzMyMzEzMjMxMzIz MjM5MzEzNTMyMzANCjM6IDM5MzczNj M3MzkzMTM2MzMzOTM2MzgzNw0KNDog MzMzOTMyMzAzNDMxMzEzMzMxMzMzMT MwDQo1OiAzODMyMzQzNTM4MzQzMzM0 MzAzNDM5MzcNCjY6IDM4MzUzMzMwMz AzMDMzMzQzNTM0MzIzMA0KNzogMzYz MjM2MzUzMTMzMzIzOTMxMzUzMjMwDQ o4OiAzNTMyMzMzMjMzMzEzMTM5MzMz NTM4MzANCjk6IDM2MzIzMTM1MzYzMz MyMzkzMTM1MzIzMA0KQTogMzQzMjM2 MzUzMDM3MzYzMTM2MzczMjMwDQpCOi AzMzMyMzYzMjM4MzIzMjM5MzMzNTM4 MzANCkM6IDMxMzIzNTMzMzgzNzM0Mz AzMDM0MzQzMA0KRDogMzgzNDM3MzUz NjM4MzYzMTM2MzczMjMwDQpFOiAzNT M3MzUzNjMyMzAzNjM5MzMzMzM0MzAN CkY6IDMxMzczMjM4MzMzMDM2MzkzMz MzMzQzMA==

Later, the following was added:

b2gsIGluIGNhc2UgeW91IGhhdmUgYW 55IHByb2JsZW1zIHdpdGggdGhlIGFi b3ZlLCBpdCdzIGRvdWJsZSBiYWdnZW 
QgcGx1cyBpICd3b3JrZWQnIGVhY2gg bGluZS4gdGhlIHJlc3QgaXMgb24geW 91LiA6KQ==
  • Which translates to, "oh, in case you have any problems with the above, it's double bagged plus i 'worked' each line. the rest is on you. :)"
Step 2: 

Finding the Order is simple. As long as you watch each one closely (and can spare the hours, of course). With any
luck you'll work past any 'identity' issues to make the necessary connections as well. See below for details. NGQgNjEgNzQgNjMgNjggMjAgNzQgNj ggNjUgMjAgNzEgNzUgNmYgNzQgNjUg MmYgNzMgNjMgNjUgNmUgNjUgMmYgNz MgNjUgNzEgNzUgNjUgNmUgNjMgNjUg MjAgMjggNjkgNmUgMjAgNmMgNmYgNz cgNjUgNzIgNjMgNjEgNzMgNjUgMjkg MjAgNzQgNmYgMjAgNzQgNjggNjUgMj AgNmQgNmYgNzYgNjkgNjUgMjAgMjgg NjkgNmUgMjAgNTUgNTAgNTAgNDUgNT IgNDMgNDEgNTMgNDUgMjkgMmUgMjAg NTcgNjEgNzQgNjMgNjggMjAgNjEgNm UgNjQgMjAgNjMgNmYgNmQgNzAgNjEg NzIgNjUgMjAgNzQgNjggNjUgMjAgNm MgNmYgNzcgNjUgNzIgNjMgNjEgNzMg NjUgMjAgNzMgNjMgNjUgNmUgNjUgMj AgNjkgNmUgMjAgNjUgNjEgNjMgNjgg MjAgNTUgNTAgNTAgNDUgNTIgNDMgND EgNTMgNDUgMjAgNmQgNmYgNzYgNjkg NjUgMjAgNzQgNmYgMjAgNjYgNjkgNm UgNjQgMjAgNjEgMjAgNzAgNjEgNzQg NzQgNjUgNzIgNmUgMjAgNzQgNjggNj EgNzQgMjAgNzcgNjkgNmMgNmMgMjAg NjQgNjUgNzQgNjUgNzIgNmQgNjkgNm UgNjUgMjAgNjggNmYgNzcgMjAgNzkg NmYgNzUgMjAgNjggNjEgNmUgNjQgNm MgNjUgMjAgNzQgNjggNjUgMjAgNTUg NTAgNTAgNDUgNTIgNDMgNDEgNTMgND UgMjAgNmMgNjUgNzQgNzQgNjUgNzIg NzMgMmYgNmUgNzUgNmQgNjIgNjUgNz IgNzMgMmU= =

December 11th, 2006

If you've got the time, then you're much closer to putting a good face on it.

Thirty minutes later, this was added:

To my "Brother" : 

I know there's a lot going on right now, important work towards a greater reward. 

If you can ask a friend or two to help, it makes sense to multitask at this point. I know you're overwhelmed, 
but I have faith in you. So even though you're not finished with the step you've been working on, perhaps you'll be much closer to having it
completed by the time your friend(s) return from running an errand for you. Aren't you glad that you taught me the value of teamwork?

That evening, this was added:

My brother is there? He can't risk getting caught by them! Maybe I hid the package too well?
  • This was in response to Luv2LuvEm seeing "Brother" at the drop location.

December 13th, 2006

I'm sure you've got your friends working on what was recovered. But it's one of those xx/xy things that some people
are good at, and other people just can't wrap their head around it. However, multitasking is necessary! So with step 2 completed, set those results aside for the moment while we move on to Step 3: Don't worry, there are
just a few tiny details below... -- MTogNzk3OTYyNmI3ODZlDQoyOiA3OT MzNzg2MTY0NzQNCjM6IDc5MzYzODdh NmY3Ng0KNDogNzkzNjcxNzg3NTcwDQ o1OiA3OTMzNzg2YzZlMzgNCjY6IDc5 MzU2YTM0Njc2Mg0KNzogNzM2NDdhNm QzNw0KODogNzkzMzM2NjczNTM5DQo5 OiA3OTM3NmE2MjMyNjcNCkE6IDc5Mz I3MDM3NjMzOQ0KQjogNzkzNDM1NmI3 NDc0DQpDOiA3NTc1NzQzNDcyDQpEOi A3OTM0MzI2ODZjNjINCkU6IDc5Nzk3 Mzc2NjU2NA0KRjogNzY2ZjZkNzk2MQ 0K

To my "Brother" : 

I'm sure you've got your friends working on what was recovered. But it's one of those xx/xy things that some people
are good at, and other people just can't wrap their head around it. Once they play matchmaker, I am sure they will
figure out how to open the file. However, multitasking is necessary here! So you should have a seperate team begin work on the following. With step 2 completed, set those results aside for the moment while we move on to Step 3: Don't worry, there are
just a few tiny details below... Download those and come up with a strategy to divide them. Step 4 is forthcoming.

Step 4: 

Finding the Order is simple. As long as you *listen* to each one closely (and can spare the hours, of course). With
any luck you'll work past any 'identity' issues to make the necessary connections this time as well. See below for additional instructions. -- bDogVGhvc2UgZGFtbiBjdWx0cyEgSS Bkb24ndCB0aGluayB0aGUgT3JkZXIn cyBlbmdpbmUgaXMgk2RyaXZlbiBieS B0aGUgc2FtZSBtb3RvcpQgdGhvdWdo LiBKdXN0IHRvIGJlIHN1cmUsIEmSbG wgY2hlY2sgaXQgb3V0IGF0IGEgbGF0 ZXIgcG9pbnQuDQoNCm06IE9oLCBzby B5b3UncmUgbm90IHRpbHRpbmcgYXQg d2luZG1pbGxzPyBJdCBtdXN0IGJlIG FmdGVyIHRoYXSScyBjbGFyaWZpZWQs IGFuZCBmcmVzaCBpZGVhcyBhcmUgYn JhaW5zdG9ybWVkhWZvbGxvdyBhbG9u Z4V0aGUgcmlnaHQgdGltZSBpcyBjbG VhciB3aGVuIGEgYnJlYWsgaXMgZmlu YWxseSBuZWVkZWQgZHVlIHRvIHRoZS BsYWNrIG9mIGV2ZW4gYmVpbmcgYWJs ZSB0byBmaW5pc2ggYSBzZW50ZW5jZS 4NCg0KbjogSSBuZXZlciBoYXZlIHRo b3NlIGtpbmQgb2YgdGFsa3MgaGF2ZS B3aXRoIG15ICJCcm90aGVyIiBlaXRo ZXIuIEFuZCB3aGlsZSBteSBwcm9mZX NzaW9uIGlzIGRpZmZlcmVudCwgSSBr ZWVwIHN3ZWFyaW5nIHRoYXQgSSdtIG dvaW5nIHRvIHF1aXQgbXkgam9iIGlu IHNpeCBtb250aHMgYXMgd2VsbDsgdG hhdJJzIHRoZSBwb2ludCBJkm0gZ2V0 dGluZyBhdC4NCg0KbzogVHJ5IG5vdC B0byBnZXQgc2lkZXRyYWNrZWQgYnkg YW55IHRhbGsgb2Ygd2FmZmxll3VtLC BhY3R1YWxseSBuZXZlciBtaW5kIHRo YXQuIE9uY2Ugb25lIG1vdmVzIHBhc3 Qgc3VnZ2VzdGlvbnMgb2Ygc2luZ2lu ZyBzaG93dHVuZXMsIGFuZCByZWFjaG VzIHRoZSBwb2ludCBvZiBwb25kZXJp bmcgdGhlIGJhcm9tZXRlciB2cy4geW FyZHN0aWNrLCB5b3WSbGwga25vdyB5 b3WScmUgaW4gdGhlIHJpZ2h0IG1vbW VudCBpZiB0aGUgYnJlYWtpbmcgcG9p bnQgaXMgbmVhci4NCg0KcDogVGFrZS BpdCBmcm9tIG1lOiBZb3UgdHJ5IHRv IGJ1c3QgYW4gaW50ZXJuYXRpb25hbC BqZXdlbCB0aGllZiBBUyBhbiBpbnRl cm5hdGlvbmFsIGpld2VsIHRoaWVmLC B5b3UgZG9uJ3Qgc3RhbmQgYSBjaGFu Y2UuIFlvdSBnb3R0YSBsb29rIGJhY2 sgdGhvdWdoLCB0byB0aGUgcG9pbnQg b2YgYXNraW5nLCBob3cgY2FuIHlvdS BOT1QgYmVsaWV2ZSBpdD8gDQoNCnE6 IFNvdW5kcyBsaWtlIGEgZ3JlYXQgcG FydHkgZ2FtZSwgZXNwZWNpYWxseSBz aW5jZSBJJ20gbm90IHRpY2tsaXNoLi BHb29kIGFzIHlvdSwgaW5kZWVkLg0K DQpyOiBIZWFyaW5nIGl0IGRlc2NyaW JlZCB0aGlzIHdheSwgYXQgbGVhc3Qg aXQncyBvYnZpb3VzIGF0IHRoaXMgcG 9pbnQgdGhhdCBJJ3ZlIGdvdCBvdGhl ciBvcHRpb25zIGlmIHRoaXMgZ2lnIG RvZXNuJ3Qgd29yayBvdXQuIEknbSB3 ZWxsIHN1aXRlZCBmb3IgaXQsIGJ1dC Bub3Qgc28gc3VyZSBJJ2QgZGlnIHRo ZSBkcmVzcyBjb2RlLg0KDQpzOiBBbm QgSSB0aG91Z2h0IG15IGNoaWxkaG9v ZCB3YXMgbWVzc2VkIHVwISBBZnRlci B5b3UndmUgaGVhcmQgdGhlIGRldGFp bHMsIHlvdZJsbCBrbm93IHlvdSBhcm UgYXQgdGhlIHJpZ2h0IHNwb3Qgd2hl biBvbmUgcG9uZGVycyB3aGF0IHBhaW 4gaXMuIEl0knMgYmVmb3JlIG9uZSBj b3VsZCBhc3N1bWUgc2hlIG1heSBoYX ZlIGxvY2tlZCBoZXIga2V5cyBpbi4u LndlbGwsIG5ldmVybWluZC4NCg0KdD ogQWZ0ZXIgeW91IHRha2UgYSBtaW51 dGUgb3Igc28gdG8gcmVjb3ZlciBmcm 9tIHRoZSBzaG9jayAoYW5kIHJlYWxp emUgdGhhdCB0aGlzIGlzbid0IGJvZ3 VzKSwgcmVjb2duaXplIHRoZSBwb2lu dCB0aGF0IGlzIHF1aXRlIHByb2ZvdW 5kLCBiZWNhdXNlIHRoaXMgc2ltcGxl IGxvZ2ljIGlzIGFjY3VyYXRlIG1vcm Ugb2Z0ZW4gdGhhbiBub3QuIEFjdGlv bnMgYXJlIGRlZmluaW5nLiBBY3Rpb2 4gbWVhbnMgZXZlcnl0aGluZy4NCg0K dTogQWZ0ZXIgeW91IGtub2NrIG9uIH RoZSBkb29yLCBhbGwgdGhhdCBtYXR0 ZXJzIGlzIHRoYXQgdGhlICpub3Rpb2 4qIHRvIGZvbGxvdyBpdCB3YXMgYSBz dHJvbmcgb25lLiBZb3UgcmVhbGx5IG NhbpJ0IG1pc3MgaXQsIHRydXN0IG1l Lg0KDQp2OiBBZnRlciB5b3UgY2xvc2 UgeW91ciBleWVzIHRvIHZpc3VhbGl6 ZSwgeW91IG11c3QgcmVjb2duaXplIH RoYXQgb25jZSB5b3UgcmVhY2ggdGhl IHBvaW50IHdoZXJlIHlvdSBjYW4gZG 8gaXQgd2hpbGUgYmVpbmcgY2hhc2Vk IGJ5IGEgbmVpZ2hib3IncyBkb2csIH lvdSByZWFsbHkgYXJlIHRoYXQgZ29v ZCENCg0KdzogSXQncyBzaG9ydGx5IG JlZm9yZSB0aGV5IG51bWIgeW91IHVw IHRvIG1ha2UgeW91IG5vdCBmZWVsIH RoaW5ncy0tVGhlIHBvaW50IHdoZXJl IHdlIGNhbiBleHBsYWluIG91ciByZW JlbGxpb24sIGR1ZSBsYXJnZWx5IHRv IGJlaW5nIHJhaXNlZCBieSBhIHJlbG lnaW91cyBmYW1pbHkuDQoNCng6IFRo YXQgZGVzY3JpcHRpb24gc291bmRzIG tpbmQgb2YgbGlrZSBteSAiQnJvdGhl ciIgTE9MLiBUaGF0J3MgdGhlIHBvaW 50IEkgYW0gZ2V0dGluZyBhdC4gT2gs IGFuZCByZWdhcmRpbmcgdGhlaXIgdG hlb3J5LCBpdCdzIHRydWUgdGhhdCB3 ZSBhbHdheXMga25vdyBvbiBzb21lIG xldmVsISBCdXQgaWYgeW91IHJ1biBp bnRvIHRoZSBtb3ZpZSBiZWluZyBwcm 9qZWN0ZWQgb24gdGhlIHBlcmluZXVt LCB5b3WSdmUgZ29uZSB0b28gZmFyIQ 0KDQp5OiBUaGUgc3RyZWV0IGxpZ2h0 cyBhcmUgb24sIGl0J3MgdGltZSBmb3 IgdGhlIG9sZGVzdCBzb24gdG8gYnJp bmcgaGlzIGJpY3ljbGUgaW4uDQoNCn o6IEZvcmdldCBldmVyeXRoaW5nIHRo YXQgbGVhZHMgdXAgdG8gd29uZGVyaW 5nIHdoZXJlIHlvdSBhcmUsIHRoZSBw b2ludCBvZiB0aGlzIG1pbnV0ZSBpcy B0byBwcmVwYXJlIHlvdXJzZWxmIGZv ciB3aGF0IGZvbGxvd3MuIEFmdGVyIH RoYXQsIHdlIGNhbiBhbGwgYmUgZW5s aWdodGVuZWQgYnkgb25lIG1hbidzIG lucXVpcmllcyB0b3dhcmQgdGhlICJm b3VudGFpbiIgb2Yga25vd2xlZGdlLi BBbmQgc2hvdWxkIHlvdSBldmVyIG5l ZWQgYW4gYXR0b3JuZXkuLi4NCg0K


It apears that the 13 x's and 3 y's relate to the card Daniel finds in Jonas Sucks.

To my "Brother" : 

Step 5: A tiny project. 

MzczMTMzMzYzNjYxMzczMzMzMzgzNz M5
  • Translates to "373133363661373333383739"
[ a tiny hint: jx62t ]

December 14th, 2006

To my "Brother" : 

Hope you're figuring it all out. I am en route to my next location. So in the meantime... 

Step 6: A small test. 

(see below)

  • Translates to:
I/II [E] 0/0 
X: 6B36676B38B2B2E03EE03AE033 
Y: A respectable score (or the room where the players dwell)
[ a small hint: X decoded by Y = Z ]
[ is Doug Ramsey around? what about Warlock? ]

December 16th, 2006

To my "Brother" : 

I'll be sending something your way later today. Be on the lookout, because I think you'll find it rewarding... 


December 17th, 2006

Step AA: A small taste. 

MDYyNjk3Mjc0Njg2NDYxNzkyZTBkMG E=
[ A small hint: To find the answer, all you need is 'love.' Hopefully that will 'convert' you. ]
Step BB: A small victory? 
(see below)


January 8th, 2007

Tachyon says "hi."

There's more, but her penmanship is atrocious... 

Some language lessons might be in order if I am ever going to figure out the rest of this.

January 14th, 2007

Tachyon says "hi."

There's more, but her penmanship is atrocious...

I'm not too worried about it though. It's mostly suggestions for while she's away in Fiji, assisting 
our friends at 5 on a recovery mission. Trust me: I can maintain this peace