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--There's something that's been bugging me here. (I don't have an LG15 account, so I'm using this to vent my theories instead)

--Daniel lists the names in a weird order:




  • space*





--First of all, why's there a space? Do these names or the order in which they're listed have some significance? Maybe taking the first letter of each and unscrambling them, or something like that.

Sorry if this seems irrelevant/already been posted or something...

Hey there,
Thanks for your thoughts. It hasn't been posted anywhere here. I think you should try starting a forum thread on it, you'll probably get more responses there. I'm not any good at code-cracking myself =(
Do let me know if anything comes of it or if you have any questions!
OwenIsCool 22:30, 26 February 2007 (CST)