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The tarot from the "jacked" cassieiswatching drop.

Tarot cards have a centuries-long history in use for fortune-telling and other forms of divination. A deck consists of twenty-two Major Arcana (numbered 0 through 21, each with a distinctive name and image) and fourteen cards (King, Queen, Knight, Page, and 1 through 10) of each of the four suits wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. Similar symbology is found in pagan religions.

The best-known of the many competing designs of tarot decks is that devised by Arthur Edward Waite, commonly called the Rider-Waite deck after its official publisher (the illustrations were done by Pamela Colman Smith). Waite, who also wrote the accompanying Pictorial Key to the Tarot, was a bitter rival of Aleister Crowley, who is considered an important figure in Bree's religion.

In the "swimming drop" from Cassieiswatching a tarot card was found. Following the find there was a "denounciation" on the Cassieiswatching YouTube page for the video. If the card was switched the used of a tarot card may point to a Lonelygirl15 fan (because of the Crowley connection), but it could also have been random coincidence.

Years later, the character of Kama in the Polish Spinoff N1ckola used the deck of Tarot cards created by Aleister Crowley.