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This template generates a sidebar similar to Template:Blog, but for use on the main descriptive pages of shows.


|name     =
|image    =
|creators =

|cast     = {{Show/row|CHARACTER|ACTOR}}
|former   = {{Show/row|FORMER CHARACTER|FORMER ACTOR}}

|portal   =
|lov      =

|bgcolor     =
|headercolor =
|headerfont  =
|fontcolor   =
|bordercolor =
  • name defaults to the page name.
  • image expects only the filename, no preceeding Image: or other parameters.
  • creators is shown exactly as entered, so that a list of links can be made.
  • cast, former and crew are meant for use with Template:Show/row - see that page if you're unsure how to use it.
  • portal and lov ask for the Portal and List of Videos for that show, if they have them.
  • bgcolor controls the background color (defaults to #FFFFFF).
  • headercolor controls the subsection header colors (defaults to #D3D3D3).
  • headerfont controls the subsection header font colors (defaults to #000000).
  • fontcolor controls the overall font color (defaults to #000000).
  • bordercolor controls the border color (defaults to #AAAAAA).

If the series name equals the page name, and portal and list of videos are at the default locations, all three values can be omitted.