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Welcome to the LGPedia page for the fan club of the drop-dead gorgeous character of Gina. Here is a little information about me, surfthetsu, and why I made this club:

When I first started to watch the series, my favorite character was Bree, as was everyone's... however, with Bree passing away, and the fact that the first LG15 video that I watched was 'Slutiness Prevails', made me turn my attention towards Taylor. I still love Taylor with all my heart, but she has been popping in and out even less in more recent times/videos... At the time when Patient #11 was introduced, no one even knew if Taylor was still a character on the show... which is why I turned my attention towards Gina, whom everyone thought was Patient #11 at the time.

Reasons why we love her!

  • Surfthetsu: "Gina is certainly one of the most beautiful and gracious characters in the series, and when we were first introduced to her, I fell for her head over heels. Another point about Gina that I'd like to bring up is that she is Bree's sister, which almost places her into the category of the super-awesomest characters ever in the series, in my humble opinion. There are also reasons why I like Gina, but I can't think of anymore off the top of my head."
  • Selene: "I've been interested in her character since we were first introduced to her. After the more recent videos I can only say that I'm even more intrigued by her personality. Plus...she is Bree's sister. Gina's first video blog posted was great! We now know she is an artist. She speaks through her work. She is creative, and talented. I can't wait to see more of who she is and more of her story unfold."
  • Sami: "Plus, she is a carpenter (adding on to what Selene said)."


Credit goes to: Lyssa (Watching_Watchers) for the group idea...


Fans/member of The Gina Club of Super-Awesome Gina-Loving Lovers are:

  • Surfthetsu
  • Watching_Watchers
  • Kit_Kat
  • Pmonkeygetsfunky
  • Sami
  • Hollyxmas
  • BlogGirl14
  • Selene
  • AzukiLotus
  • JustAnotherLonelyGirl
  • Charles Pheonix
  • PandaBaby
  • Quirkynesss
  • Jafin
  • Pllora
  • IndieRockFlutist
  • KrystaCakees
  • Emersion
  • Libra
  • kkl2004neo
  • Houdini
  • Minireb123
  • Echoromeo
  • snl06

Unofficial fans

Caravelle defined this term by saying that he was a member, just not officially.

  • Caravelle
  • ireactions (gave me the inspiration for the group, along with Lyssa, but hasn't said he's joined officially =P)


Admins (These people give approval to join):

  • Surfthetsu
  • Watching_Watchers

How to join

Just declare your love for her, either here or on the forums, and you'll be added on the member list! Oh, and spread the word (and Gina), write you are a proud fan of Gina (if you want) in your signature on the forums