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The The Legend Of Zoey is a Web series created by modelmotion to celebrate the birthday of Zoey, the head admin of LGPedia. The series consists of a mashup composed of mostly content available on YouTube but ties it together to tell what some could interpret as a narrative. The series currently consists of six videos[1]:

The series begins with the quote:

"A Zoeyton is a subatomic force that has negligible mass but an insatiable thirst for drawing knowledge into its sphere of influence. When combined with "Truth" "Beauty" and "Charm" forces the Zoeyton has the ability to organize information and contribute to an entity called a "LGPedia". Long thought to be inert in the Universe, it is now postulated that LGPedia is a powerful force in fighting the spontaneous appearance of plot-holes. This has yet to be confirmed despite the fact that the Zoeyton is now 20 years old with a knowledge base that is unrivaled in the Universe.

Scientists at the Elendi-Waffle Lonelistic Physics Research Institute (EWLPRI) could not be reached, but there is reason to believe that many of their scientists have secretly been investigating this phenomena.

An interesting anomaly of the Zoeyton is that it causes spontaneous episodes of "Juggling For World Peace" in any entity that comes in close proximity to it."

  • 2007: The Birth of the Zoeyton[2]
  • 2008: 21 Years Later.... [3]
  • 2009: Kneel Before Zoey ... [4]
  • 2010: The Evolution Continues: Zoey 2010 [5]
  • 2011: Return To Chronos: Zoey 2011 [6]
  • 2012: Timewave zero: The Rise Of Nibiru: Zoey 2012" [7]
  • 2013: Return To The Chrysalis: Zoey 2013 [8]
  • 2014: Escape From Eternity: Zoey 2014 [9]
  • 2015: Quantum Entanglement: Zoey 2015 [10]
  • The Legend Of Zoey Playlist [11]


The 2012 video contained a hidden puzzle called Miss Something?