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Series outline: TunnelRatatat436 is an ARG that follows the stages of grief and appears to use the meta references to lonelygirl15, imagery and songs to explore each stage.


After the "Denial" video [1] a tinyurl (http://tinyurl.com/thetruth436) was left on LG15 Today that led to a medical page with the 5 stages of processing grief:

  • 1. Denial and Isolation.
  • 2. Anger.
  • 3. Bargaining.
  • 4. Depression.
  • 5. Acceptance.
  • Puzzle solution: hex solves to "forgiven but never forgotten"

The second video in the series was "Anger' [2]

The description of the "Bargaining" video [3] contained the following poem:

  • "All around me darkness gathers,
  • Fading is the sun that shone;
  • We must speak of others matters:
  • You can be me when I'm gone
  • Flowers gathered in the evening,
  • Afternoon they blossom on;
  • Still are withered by the evening:
  • You can be me when I'm gone"

Character Descriptions

Character accounts

TunnelRatatat436 [4]



Because of they way this series used images on "Eqal" and the creators it led to a lot of controversy. While some thought the videos might carry a negative message the majority seemed to respect it as a creative effort to explore the process of adjusting to change.

In response to the controversy the following message was posted on the account on YouTube.

"(These videos are of a fictional nature depicting a community's grief and are not intended to be taken as threatening to others)"

External Links

TunnelRatatat436 on LG15 Today [5]