URGENT: For My Helper!

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Episode 16/1x016
URGENT: For My Helper!

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Blogger Tachyon
Date Posted October 28th, 2006
URL youtube.com
Length 4:07
Description I have thought it over, and I think it is time to come home. I have the calling card, and I am going to start getting things in order to leave as soon as you can make the arrangements!
YouTube Tags tachyon serious decision please help calling card elders mom dad parents petrol order souvenir courier soon home bree
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Glenn Rubenstein
Assistant Producer Mari Devincenzi
Director(s) Glenn Rubenstein
Camera Glenn Rubenstein
Vidplay Glenn Rubenstein
Story Glenn Rubenstein
Editor(s) Glenn Rubenstein
Music "The Best Deceptions" by Dashboard Confessional
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URGENT: For My Helper! is the sixteenth video in the OpAphid video series.


Black screen, white text

i think it might be time that I thought things over.
i might have too much order in my life, to the point
I can’t make sense of it!

I feel like i am just waiting.
Waiting around for all of the things I want to happen.
Things i need to happen.

Waiting for something…
I wait, i wait, I wait.

It’s like I am waiting for you to just tell me what i should be doing.
Waiting for Mom and Dad to make sense of the order for me,
To help me see the meaning in it all.

Even though I feel invisible lately.
[in every facet of my life, actually]

I have nightmares that none of you even care anymore.
And i can’t help but let it get to me.

Am I cut off?
i’ve just been sitting still.
[it feels weird]

in light of that…
I am going to figure out what conclusions I have come to.

i don’t have access to all the answers. It feels like I’ve only had access
to a lot of questions.
I am too confused to try to figure it out on my own.

Maybe once we sit down, look at it all, and talk about it…
Maybe then we will be able to make sense of it!

I think that sounds like a good idea, don’t you?

So can I please come home now?
Pretty please?

I know you’ve all been busy.
I haven’t heard from you in ages.
And I haven’t been able to get ahold of any of you either.

So I am going to use the calling card you gave me for
situations like this.
And I hope that you can make the arrangements for me.

Please remember:
I wouldn’t ask if i had any other way to get home!
I am counting on your help here.

i’ve just been dealing with so much that I can’t handle it all anymore.
I really fear that I have been losing my mind for a while now.

None of us want that. Right?

In my heart,
I know that I am making the right choice in regards to my difficult decision.

With that in mind:
I anticipate that i will only be here another day, maybe?

i will have a few goodbyes, which are important since i should try to leave
on a pleasant note.
i can handle that, I am sure.

Before the sun rises today, I will gather all that i can.
There’s a lot to pack. i will leave with more than I came
here with.
I might have a few souvenirs to grab as well.

i cannot carry much, so I’d prefer to courier the bulk of it.
Once you receive this message, can you immediately send
a courier over to retrieve it all?

Once the plan is in motion, I’ll use the calling card.
I just need to overcome a few restrictions I’m dealing with.
But they shouldn’t be a problem.

Hopefully I will see you soon!



  • OpAphid suggested that we look into Tachyon's "i's." She suggested that I was her Order persona and i was her persona.