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Irene Yim
Age 23
Birthday 23rd April,1984
Forum Posts AzukiLotus
YouTube irenequanna
Portrayed by Herself
live in Hong Kong,China
Windows live Spaces Irene's home

Introduction of Irene

Irene Yim (a.k.a. AzukiLotus)is a Chinese LG15's fan who lives in Hong Kong.She attended to LG15 series in May 2007. She loves eating , drinking and searching grest artists on the internet.

Her favourite foods are bitter chocolate puddings and any puddings made by Azuki beans/lotus seeds/almonds/roses/lavenders.

Her favourite LG15 characters are Emma ,Sarah and Daniel.Her favourite LG15 cast member is Katherine Pawlak but her unwanted cast member is Jessica Lee Rose.

Her signature:

Emma=A gorgeous pudding made of Azuki beans and roses. Sarah=Lavendered chocolate truffles. Bree=A delicious pudding that the recipe was not handed down.

Her opinions about LG15 characters

Emma/Katherine Pawlak

Irene feels that Emma is more lively and lovely than Bree.When Irene saw Emma in the video “A Family Affair”,she thought that the actress might be 13 or 14 because she looked so cute and naive.However,when Irene read Katherine's profile,she was surprised that Katherine is 1 year older than her.

Irene loves Katherine's gorgeous acting very much because Katherine can show the quintessence of a cute,naive and lively 15-year-old girl.In Irene's mind, Katherine is the best actress of LG15.

Bree/Jessica Lee Rose

Irene does not like Bree very much.Irene had seen most of videos of the first season,but she did not feel that Bree was 16 but a 20-year-old woman pretending to be 16.Irene feels that Jessica has a flashy face only and her acting isn't the worst ,but, mediocre.


Irene feels that Sarah is a sexy,cool,brave and sensitive heroine.Although sometimes Sarah was impetuous,Irene still thinks that she is more specific than Bree.


0294-EmmaBlogging-Cropped2.jpg This user's favorite lg15 character is Emma.