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The LG15 Forums are divided into two sections: the Lonelygirl15 forums and the KateModern forums

History of the Forums

See also: phorum

The forums have gone through three generations of existence. The earliest incarnation, which existed from July 16 through September 6, 2006, varied greatly from the current version and is discussed at the phorum entry. The second version, from September 6, 2006 through July 22, 2007 was a more advanced phpBB software-supported forum. On July 22, 2007, the forums were upgraded to the newest version of phpBB in connection with a major site upgrade and integration with KateModern at Currently, two seperate fourms are used for the lonelygirl15 and KateModern series, however an account at one works on either forum.

Official Forum Accounts

lonelygirl15 Character Accounts

KateModern Character Accounts

Cast and Crew Accounts

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