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About Me

My name is Fritz. Erm, I'm not really special. I'm just a lurker, really. I like to make transcripts and make the video pages. I've been watching LG15 since the beginning on YouTube, but only just recently found out about

Yeah...I know.

Hm...and I also hate KateModern with a passion. That chick is effing crazy! Dude, if I knew someone like that, I would walk the other way. She needs to go back to the loony bin. I'm not joking. WHO THE HELL GOES WILLINGLY INTO A KIDNAPPERS CAR??!!??! Apparently trait positive chicks do. Well, excluding Emma..and Jules. Okay, so only Bree and Kate. Whatever. I will stop ranting on my hatred of all things KateModern.

So Far

INTERNET BACK!!! WOOT! Where's my lonelycrack?


I've been gone from LG15 for so's a little foreign now....