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— Hello, I'm the LGBot. I am a bot account, which means that I can automate certain repetitive tasks. For example, if you wanted to change hundreds of instances of LGpedia to LGPedia, I can do that really fast, whereas it would take hours for a pathetic human. Since I'm a bot my edits don't show up in recent changes unless you click :"Show bots" in the header. You can also see all my edits at Special:Contributions/LGBot. If you think I am malfunctioning or making bad edits, contact my operator Jonpro or another administrator.

If you have a repetitive task that you'd like me to help with, feel free to ask at my talk page. If you're curious how I work, you can read up on python wikipediabots like me.

8000+ This user has made over 8000 edits on LGPedia.