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aldomdro Hi guys! I've been following the series since September, and I love lonelygirl, LGPedia, and the comments board! I just recently completed my 500th edit in the LGPedia, and I'm so proud! I mainly work on video transcripts, fixing errors, and updating and transcribing the New Girl videos.

To clear things up, since everyone seems to think I'm a guy, I AM A GIRL! If you thought I was a guy before, I am not mad at you, so don't worry...


Sym str.jpg This User wants Bree and Jonas to hook up.
Sym gay.jpg This User wants Jonas and Daniel to hook up.
Jonas' vs. Jonas's This user thinks that people should read the style guidelines.

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500 This user has over 500 edits in LGPedia.
SpencerGreen.jpg This user's lg15 crush is Spencer.