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Will O' Wisp is a web series drama that premiered as part of The Coalition on YouTube. The series later moved to TheCoalitionTV.com.

Will O' Wisp
Sean Unknown
Bell Unknown
Mr. Gone Unknown
Butterfly Tsunami Unknown


William Sean Wise has awakened from a 7-year coma suffering from memory loss and has embarked on a grim quest to unravel his mysterious past and change the course of his foreordained future.

He was raised along with Bell, on a commune run by Abel. Bell is in love with Sean. Known, as the "Eternal Light," Sean is a central figure to the cult living on the commune. The malevolent spirit Mr. Gone (aka Stormgenie) wants the mystical seal that Sean possesses.

Bob Samuels is a bartender who meets Bell and finds an instant connection to her. Bell apparently dies and Abel goes missing at the Vertumnalia festival.

Butterfly Tsunami appears to be a potential ally for Sean. When rescuing Bob and Bell, Sean literally has the soul sucked out of his head. Sean visits Pythia a witchdoctor who lives in the swamp who instructs him to find his soul before it's too late.


  • William Sean Wise was found comatose a child under mysterious circumstances. His uncle kidnapped him and took him to the islands of Earth Eye Swamp. The tribe he was brought to believe him to be the host for "Les 7 Invisibles".
  • Annabel "Bell" Koskova was orphaned at age 8 when her parents were killed in a car crash. She escaped with minor injuries, but still remembers the event.
  • Abel Wise - Sean's uncle and leader of the commune.

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