Yellow Snow

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Template:Blog3 Yellow Snow is the one hundred thirty-fifth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. The gang heads to Jonas's cabin in the mountains.


(Highway scene roles. Golden Rules by Golden Shoulders plays. Cut to Bree in right front seat of car.)

Bree: We left Jonas's house and we're heading to his parents' cabin in the mountains. We turned off all of our cell phones, removed the batteries and SIM cards, so that should be okay. It's really secluded up there, so we should be safe. I don't know why that Watcher just stood there. It's like, they've been following us all this time, but they've never really made a move. It was the same thing when we rescued Daniel. It's like they're afraid to hurt me, or force me into making a decision. The whole time Lucy just kept saying, "It's your choice." Anyway, Daniel couldn't wait to use the facilities, so we pulled over.

Jonas: Yeah, he's been out there for kind of awhile, too, so maybe you, uh, you should go check on him.

Bree: Well, maybe I will.

Jonas: Maybe you should.

(Outside of vehicle. Daniel is facing away near a tree.)

Jonas: Check it out. There he is.

Bree: How's it goin'?

Jonas: What's up, buddy?

Daniel: Hey, stop filming!

(Bree and Jonas laugh)

Bree: He gets stage fright!

Jonas: Hey - you need a hand? You a'right?

Daniel: Arrgghh.

(Bree and Jonas laugh)

Bree: Arghhh - You're taking forever! Why is this taking so long?

Daniel: I'm trying to write my name in cursive! - Chill!

Bree: There!

Jonas: That's it, shake it out, let's go!

Jonas: Alright we're gonna go - give him a little privacy!

Bree: (Talking over Jonas) Okay, that's enough!

(Scene cuts to Jonas standing outside a public building)

Jonas: Bree refused to... commune with nature, so to speak, so we had to stop at this roadside market and Err, she's using the facilities. She's been in kind of a while though. I hope she's buying me something - hot chocolate?

(Highway scene roles. Golden Rules by Golden Shoulders plays again. Cuts to car scene - Jonas is on his cellphone)

Jonas: 30 minutes... thanks, bye!

Bree: Jonas, I told you, you can't use your cellphone!

Jonas: I needed to call ahead, I'm sorry but I needed to turn the heat on and all that so...

Daniel: Dude, that's how they tracked me down last time! C'mon man!

Jonas: (Laughing) No they didn't - they tracked you down dude because they found your fake ID!

Daniel: No! That's not... no name, no address, what are you talking about?

Bree: Well, either way you know, we can't mess around like that.

Jonas: Okay, I won't do it anymore - I think I'm lost anyway! I'm just going to call for directions one last time!

Daniel: (Laughing) Shut up!

Bree: (Laughing) Try turning around!

Jonas: Alright

Daniel: This guy, man...


  • Bree's mention of Daniel's stage-fright was a reference to her earlier videos, where she described him as camera-shy: "Daniel is kinda like an abominable snowman. He doesn't like to be on camera... " (The Danielbeast)
  • "Yellow Snow" is commonly recognized as snow that has been urinated on.
  • Jonas has a Cal (UC Berkeley) sticker on the back window of his car.
  • Some fans have always been suspicious of Jonas's allegiances. His use of the cell phone stirs up those old suspicions.
  • On YouTube, a picture of Bree and "LG15" in the top left corner is put right in the middle, making it appear as a thumbnail. You don't usually see this because you're not paying close enough attention while watching the video. This trick has also been used in Watch This! and The Unthinkable Happened