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Flock Video - "It" Girl Response Video #5

Those curtains have got to go!

Blogger SandyTravels
Date Posted June 23rd, 2007
URL revver.com
Description Saw that test from the Video blog by Diamonds. Funny to watch because I know they have to be joking. My response is mostly just for laughs although my answers are real and those curtains really are hideous...espcially for a person/character (whatever) who claims to be wealthy. Brooklyn- I will be in NYC on Tues!!!!! :)

Music Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend by Marilyn Monroe
Sandy Unknown
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This article is about the SandyTravels video. For the original video, see Do You Have "It"?.

"IT"...puhlease is the fifth video response to the "It" Girl Video Challenge, a component of The Chosen Flock Video Series.


Text: DIAMONDS. I feel like you are going beyond your paygrade. This is for everyone who wants to know how it really is.

(Cut to Sandy wearing sunglasses)

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