Re: Do You Have "It"? (horrorlass)

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Flock Video 0024
Re: Do You Have "It?"

I'm making a statement.

Blogger Alessandra
Date Posted June 27th, 2007
Description My answers to Chandra and Alondra's questions.

Hope you like them!

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Re: Do You Have "It?" is the twenty-fourth video in the The Chosen Flock video series. It was the sixth response video for Chandra's Do You Have "It"? Challenge.


Alessandra: First of all, I broke my camera. I sneezed, and dropped it on the floor, and it smashed everywhere. Um, I'm borrowing this one off my dad. Um, I don't think it's as good, so I hope this is okay. (She reaches up and turns off the camera. Cut to Alessandra flopping down on her bed.) Seems that Chandra and Alondra have sent their friends some kind of exam. (She pantomimes biting her fingernails, then points to a small stuffed Nemo.) Mascot. (She crosses her fingers.) Kay. Question one.

I'll be honest, I've never actually heard of, (cut to Alessandra in a pair of all-black, secret agent sunglasses) so I'm going with no.

I don't really know why celebrities would need to shoplift in the first place. I think being a celebrity kind of comes hand in hand with being rich. So, if I did see one shoplifting, I'd probably take a picture, in case it went to court or anything, and then I could use my evidence and save the day.

Whenever I go on holiday, um, I always pack to go home right at the last minute, 'cause I always wanna like, get every last minute of my holiday in, and then I always end up being in a big rush at the end, with me trying to pack everything, so it's just cram everything in my suitcase, which means that it's always horribly creased and everything is always just screwed up in one big ball. So, I would probably just wear whatever was the least creased.

I would either wear (pulls out a pair of black Converse tennis shoes) this pair, or (pulls out a pair of tall black and red boots) these ones, cause they're both my favorites. These would probably make more of a statement. But I get the impression that at a premiere there's a lot of waiting around for people to turn up, and then walking up and down red carpets, and your feet'd probably hurt, so I'd probably go with these ones, because they'd be more comfortable.

(holds up a video game box) House. Of. The. Dead. This is my favorite computer game ever. Basically, it has no plot line... well, if it does, it's not really important. What is important is that you spend the entire game shooting the heads off zombies. Anyway, I hope I passed your little test, and I'll speak to you guys later. See ya.


Video Comments

Liandra said:
Great video Alessandra! I'm glad you could get a replacement camera... even if its just borrowed.  :)
Betsy said:
love the chucks!!! and the boots!
Cynthia said:
Alessandra, why havent you responded to my messages? I'm just worried about you *hugs*