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Perhaps around the time that it was discovered that lonelygirl15 was a dramatic performance rather than a real teenage girl's video blog, there arose an issue among many fans (perhaps chiefly twjaniak) as to how to deal with the interaction between fans and the series characters. Many fans, especially those that were highly disappointed with the revelation that the series was a work of fiction, chose to attempt interaction with the actors behind the scenes.

Others who were still interested in seeing the series continue and the full plot unfold chose to continue to interact with the video blog as though it were real. This choice was often referred to as fans staying "in character"; as a piece of interactive fiction, even the fans had a chance to be a part of the story to some extent, but only if they were willing to play along with the plot.

Later on, a section of the forum was created for interaction specifically in character so that Bree, Daniel, and perhaps other charaters could interact with fans in new ways.

Examples of In-Character Works