2006 Graduation Ceremony (full version)

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HSAO Video 1-19
2006 Graduation Ceremony (full version)

Hsaovideoimage 2006GradFullVersion.jpg
We understand.

Blogger Ms. Kelly
Date Posted December 29th, 2006
URL youtube.com
Description Leave it to a teen like Paul to show up late! Special thanks to all our friends for their support. Student, you should be proud. I am.
YouTube Tags hsa mskelly graduation friends guests pay attention bookshelf lonelygirl15
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2006 Graduation Ceremony (full version) is the nineteenth video put up by Ms. Kelly of The Homeschoolers Aggregate.


(Revolving Earth picture, caption: HSA: Graduation Ceremony)

Graduation Day

(A picture of a bookshelf with five books and a bundle of letters)

This term we began with the goal of exploring technology and art to see where they connect.

Along the way, we began to converge, buildng and growing from one another.

We explored ways in which art can be dependent on technology.
We examined ways in which technology can hinder art.

We have viewed amazing examples of art and technology working together beautifully.

You have created your own pieces of art and shared them with each other.

(Several screenshots of responses pages, side-by-side)

We applied our work to the mission of living thoughtful, structured and orderly lives.

We analyzed a chain of events caused by disobedience.

(Screenshot of the Lessons from Bree page)

We viewed what happens when the balance between good and evil is broken.

(The clip of a rose unfurling and crumpling into itself)

We watched with excitement when decisions were finally made and action finally taken.

(A clip of Jonas spinning around in his chair from My Name Is Jonas)

(A picture of Daniel)

(A picture of Bree)

And I watched you.

For your graduation, you deserve praise.

Some friends and well-wishers have offered their words of wisdom, some sound advice and their support for you.

Pay attention, students.
Their words are valuable.

ApotheosisAZ: (Screen reads: Attention, graduates! People Of The Highest Ethical Order Submit Insane Satire And Zaniness!) Attention, graduates! People of the highest ethical order submit insane satire and zaniness! Fortunately, most of them remain clothed. (Screen reads: All your future Deeds Must Involve Respect for others, Energy and Selflessness) All your future deeds must involve respect for others, energy and selflessness. Certainly, that's a laudable goal. Remember, however, (Screen reads: Most Serial Killers Emerge Last from Locomotives. Yes they do!) most serial killers emerge last from locomotives. Yes they do! This has been a public service announcment from (In TiKO script: Generous Funding provided by: TiKO Foundation) the philanthropists at Tiko.

"Never be the victim in someone else's life story; Always be the star in whatever you do."

(A picture of Twjaniak, with 'TWJANIAK' written across it)

Learn to trust yourself before you trust the people around you.

(A picture of Jonas with 'Jonastko' written across it)

What doesn't kill you will make you stronger.
You all have really accomplished something wonderful.

Sit back and enjoy it while you still can, the hard work is about to begin.


Sister: (A clip of Sister sitting in a car speaking to the camera with 'Sister' written across it) I just wanted to say congratualtions on the wonderful journey that you've undertaken, Ms. Kelly has coached you guys and you've really grown out of the mold that she has created for you and I'm so proud and so glad that I found you guys. (The clip changes, and she is standing in front of the car) Congratulations on a job well done Homeschoolers Aggregate Online (The words 'Guillotine Calamity' flash across the screen, and the clip changes back to her in the car) and just, so this is me, saying congratulations and, good luck!

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't achieve what you want in life becase it is too difficult. Being too difficult is not a reason not to try but rather the best reason to try.
Dr. Immant

(A picture of Dr. Immant with 'Dr. Immant' written across it)

Your students should always remember to leave the house dressed approriately. Nancy Drew says that "dressing well will open any doors, even those connected to a top-secret factory." Maybe that's how Tachyon was able to get her information? ~Nikki Bower

(A picture of Nikki Bower reading a Nancy Drew book with the words 'Nikki Bower' written across it)

Paul: (Paul is in his bedroom, the word 'Paul' written across the screen) Congratualtions, graduates. It's Paul here to wish you a great graduation. (A line across the center of the screen reads: Andrea is home studying, of course.) I applaud you for this great undertaking you've accomplished, and though this journey is over, I want to encourage you to never forget the world of education. It's a world in which you've already ridden Tolstoy's sad train of Ms. Kelly, sailed down the Mississippi with Huck and Jim, and, of course, solved mysteries with Nancy Drew. As your wonderful teacher has already told you, graduation is an ending, but also a beginning. Never let it be an end to your education.

(A spiral with a monkey in the middle, the monkey is replaced by the words) Simian Liberation Front Reminds HSA graduates:

(The picture is replaced by plain text) Study Hard, Play Hard, Party Hard. Yay Beer!

Disclaimer: Ms. Kelly believes beer should only be consumed by those who are of legal age.


Many sincere thanks to our special guests for sharing with us their talent, insight, time and effort.

(Words scroll up the screen) Thank you ApotheosisAZ Dr. Immant Jonastko (m.b.) NikkiBower twjaniak Sister Simian Liberation Front Paul

(Words scroll up the screen) Congratulations! Faith Joanna C. rustydevil MysteriousC Fitzroy Ashley KT Amy#2 Momo Blair Luminous Jules

(A picture of a smiling woman with black hair in a blue dress shirt)

(A clip of black graduation hats being thrown into the air)

(Revolving Earth picture, caption: HSA: Graduation Ceremony)

And if you don't understand us, that's okay. We understand.


  • One of the graduates was Jules. Suspicious much?