A Tale of Parents and Auditions

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A Tale of Parents and Auditions

I'm doing some investigating of my own!

Blogger Paulmark18
Date Posted May 31st, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description We've undertaken some investigating of our own to learn more about Bree's parents to help figure out what really happened.

Also the Hymn of One will be holding auditions today...

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A Tale of Parents and Auditions is the seventh video in the Paul and Andrea video series.


(Paul is sitting in front of a creek.)

Paul: Hey, guys. It's Paul. Just to bring you a little update. At this point, with Daniel having shown up in just about every terrain known to man - up in the mountains, on the beach in Mexico, and in that single anomaly formerly known as Texas, Andrea and I have basically completely given up on trying to keep up with him. However, we're not completely useless. Because unlike him, we're still here. Back where it all started. So we've been doing a little investigation of our own. Going around town, asking people what they remember about Bree's mysterious parents. As you can imagine, an entire family disappearing without a trace does not go unnoticed. And many around here have been trying to figure out exactly what happened. First off, Bree's dad. What I've managed to gather from everyone seems pretty much the same. He went to work, he came home, he read the paper, he went to bed. And uh, he signed his daughter up for secret cults. But overall, he was a very by-the-numbers guy. He was also a very good man. He always did what he thought was right for his family, and as you can see, he raised about the smartest daughter anyone could ask for. He must have done something right.

Bree's mom, on the other hand, well, Bree's mom liked to move around a lot. She was a very adventurous person. Believe it or not, (???) the protective parent. When she was younger, she liked to climb things and fling herself off of cliffs and ride big wild horses and fly planes.

(Cuts to Paul sitting in a wooded area.)

Paul: When it comes down to it, it seems like they were very different people with very different dreams. And while they managed to sync it up for the most part with Bree, I think it was these differences that led to the diversion she alluded to after seeing her dad again.

(Cuts to Paul sitting in front of the creek.)

Paul: So what can I do from here? Not much. However, I do have a surpise for you. You know that Hymn of One cult, which now has Bree and everything. Turns out they're holding auditions today or something. Andrea and I would go, but seeing as we've put up videos before, they might recognize us as Daniel's friends, and we don't want to be in that position. After all, they've made it clear they're not above breaking into someone's house and kidnapping them. But, then again, neither is Daniel. I know what you're thinking - disappointed, right? Well, don't be. Because we told our friend Jess about it and she was good with the assignment. So right now, she's undercover trying to get an audition with the Hymn of One. I'm not sure what any of this means, but hopefully she'll have some good footage to bring back. Presuming she does come back. So stay tuned.