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First Mention Last Mention
In The Park Missing Friends
Character information
Age 20
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
Portrayed by Unknown

Paul is a friend of Daniel's and Andrea's boyfriend. Bree mentions meeting them in the video House Arrest He was mentioned in the video In The Park as going bowling with Bree and Daniel. He has not yet been seen on camera. However, his house has been seen, as Daniel stayed there a few times while he was on the run.

Shortly after their mention in the Lonelygirl15 videos, a duo "Paul and Andrea" began posting videos on YouTube as the user Paulmark18. They have posted a number of videos spoofing the LG15 series.

In the video Back Home Daniel mentions that his mom thought he was staying with Paul throughout the time he was actually on the run.

In the video Missing Friends Daniel confirms that Paulmark18 is in fact the real Paul.

Although it is nothing more than speculation, many fans have suggested that the original mentions of Paul and Andrea by Bree were a reference to YouTube star Renetto and his wife, who are also named Paul and Andrea. The characters were first mentioned around the time Renetto's popularity was steadily increasing in the YouTube community, so the two characters may be a nod to him by The Creators. At about this time, Renetto also made a popular parody video defending Lonelygirl15 when it was revealed to be fictional.

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