Ad hoc

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Episode 15/1x015
Ad hoc

N1-015-Ad Hoc.jpg
I hope they didn't take my Monopoly game!

Date Posted February 20th, 2009
Forum forum discussion
Length 1:59
Description Gdzie ona jest?
Location(s) Ola & Daniel's apartment, Wrocław
YouTube Tags n1ckola bartek lekarz
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Marcin Męczkowski
Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried, Amanda Goodfried, and Kamil Przełęcki
Vidplay Jakub Kossakowski
Story Zdzisław Miśkiewicz
Music Paris Music/Vivart
Ola Ania Narloch
Bartek Bartek Picher
Woman Ewelina Biedunkiewicz
Daniel Paweł Parczewski
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Ad hoc is the fifteenth video in the N1ckola video series.


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(All lines in this transcript were either originally in English or have been translated into English. N1ckola intro is shown. Shot of the City. Cut to Daniel walking up the apartment stairway.)

Daniel: Ola, contact me as soon as you turn on your phone! Please, I don't know what's going on. I miss you. Kisses. Bye!

(Daniel hangs up. Cut to Bartek sitting on the bus using his laptop. Cut back to Daniel entering the apartment doorway, then cut back to Bartek. He navigates several pages on the computer and pulls up a news story about the death of Dr. Harris. Cut back to Daniel entering his ransacked apartment. He picks up a camera off of the ground. He takes a couple of steps and picks up the lid to a monopoly game, then looks around the room. Cut to Bartek getting off of his seat on the bus. He walks back to where Ola was sitting, but he discovers Ola gone.)

Bartek: Excuse me, where's the girl who was sitting here?

Woman: What girl?

(Bartek starts to head towards the front of the bus. Cut to Daniel petting Ramzes.)

Daniel: You're here. I hope that you made all this mess.

(Daniel puts Ramzes down on the couch, failing to notice the figure leaving the apartment behind him. Cut to Bartek running to the front of the bus.)

Bartek: Stop now! (Picks up his laptop.) Please, stop now!

(Cut briefly to footage of Ola holding a camera. Credits are then shown.)