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Agent Penn
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First Appearance Last Appearance
The Hand That Feeds (File 0/15) The Good Soldier (File 7/15)
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Age Deceased
YouTube opzerosum
Portrayed by Unknown
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Agent Penn, also known as HO #16-05-14-14, was a character in The Home Office.

He was a high ranking member of the organization, and reported to the Director that Agent Cargill had captured Linc in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Penn sent Cargill a sound file telling her to rendezvous in El Paso. Penn and Cargill attempted to apprehend "7", the person Linc was headed to meet, but she left before they were able to get to the meeting place.

He entered #TheHomeOffice chat and revealed that the organization's monitors have been monitoring the online activity of the past 24 hours, and that they were impressed by how productive making their activities more public has been, and have decided to continue that way for the time being. He also stated that "In the coming struggle we could use a few good analysts. We're going to need them. Recruit as needed." However, he also cautioned against those pretending to be agents, but assured users that the information collected by the Home Office for "Operation Zero-Sum" wouldn't be misused.

On Midnight (PST), Penn posted footage of Linc's debriefing, and attempted to persuade him to cooperate with them. He appeared to be unsuccessful, as Linc made it clear he did not want any part of what they are doing. Annoyed with Linc's lack of cooperation, Penn began reviewing the footage obtained from Linc's belongings in Order to get him to reveal all that happened during Operation: Zero-Sum.

While Penn and Cargill continued to investigate 7's whereabouts, Linc escaped. Around this time, The agents noted that a man with a T-shaped tattoo was watching them, but were told by the analysts to stay put for the time being. As a result, Penn was killed by the Shadow, and the Director took over reviewing the footage.

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