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The Beginning of the End (File 1/15) In This Twilight (File 15, Part III)
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Age Deceased
Portrayed by Unknown

Videos with Julie

Julie was the callsign for a character in the Dehteraew videos and The Home Office ARG.


Julie was a member of an OpAPHID "kill squad", whose job it was to keep tracking and surveillance, as well as plan assassinations. In 2005, they captured and released a gas station owner that was later arrested for arms sale. However, in 2006, she and her teammates, whose callsigns were Linc and Pete, failed a critical mission and were given the nicknames as reminders. Their situation continued to worsen after they failed to capture Bree Avery. OpAphid had finally had enough with the team's screw-ups, and sent a Shadow to kill her and her teammates. After Pete is killed by an explosion in his appartment, Linc contacts Julie and tells her to go on the run.

In January 2008, Julie was recruited by the Home Office to help bring down the Order. After months of loyal service, Julie decided to try and get Linc's assistance on a particularly difficult assignment. Linc is reluctant to help out, and throws a tantrum when he finds out that the assignment is to kill an Elder using the alias Nicolai Black. However, Julie manages to calm him down, and the team meets with a rogue Shadow with information on Black. While on a lunch break, Michael informs the team that they have been followed. After a brief chase scene, Linc and Summer successfully install a GPS tracking device on the Order Goons' car. Julie is chosen to drive after they find out that Linc had been driving drunk, and the team goes to the location of the tracked car.

Once there, Linc gets out and confronts the Goons, much to Julie's annoyance. While watch Linc get beaten up, Julie tells Summer that she never understood his stubborn determination. After the Order Goons leave, Julie gets out of the car to get Linc and call him an idiot. They later discover that the phone has a GPS tracker on it, and the Order Goons arrive at the safe house. Linc manages to capture one of them, but the other kidnaps Julie. Julie is taken to the tunnel where Linc had been captured a year before, and is held captive by the Order Goon and Black's Shadow. While the Shadow is gone, Linc kills the Order Goon and frees Julie, but is shot in the leg by the Shadow when he returns. After Julie gets the bullet out, the team is forced to relocate to another safe house.

Linc mourns for Julie.

At the safe house, the decide to contact Linc's former college Nash who works at Verdus Pharmaceuticals. Nash gives them a compound that will give a false reading in a trait positive test, but will be purged from the body after 48 hours. Julie takes the compound, and is put on a list of trait positive girls kept by the Order. Linc is later tracked down by Black's Shadow, and Julie and Summer locate him hiding in an alley. The team is informed that Black is meeting with a Helper alone, but upon arriving at the location, they discover that the mole betrayed them, and they are attacked by the Shadow. Linc is thrown to the ground and beaten by the Shadow, and Julie tries to save him, only to be shot and killed in the attempt.

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