An Ode to Bree's Dad

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Paulmark18 5
An Ode to Bree's Dad

A moment of silence for...what was his name?

Blogger Paulmark18
Date Posted January 13th, 2007
Description In order to deal with the death of Bree's dad, I'm taking Nikki Bower's advice and writing an ode. I must admit though, not even I knew much about him..
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Music La Toussaint by Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys
Paul Unknown
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An Ode to Bree's Dad is the fifth video in the Paul & Andrea series. Paul follows Nikki's advice from The Last Hours of Bree's Dad's Life - NBR 9 about dealing with the loss of Bree's dad.


(Paul is sitting on his porch.)

Paul: Hey everyone, it's Paul. I saw Nikki's latest video, and... it really made me think. I can't believe Bree's Dad is really gone. I mean I never actually got to meet him or anything. In fact... I don't know much about him at all. Well, besides Daniel's complaints about having to tape some religious play one time, and of course there were those periodic bannings from Bree's house, but beyond that, I never even glimpsed him around town. Despite that, I still feel like... that something was lost, something you can't get back, and there's nothing that I or anyone else can do to make it up to him or... can't even go and pay my respects. Maybe I should pull a Nikki B. and scour the obituary pages, looking for a grave listing or something. (Paul smiles and shakes his head.) Ah, as if the Order would actually let that information out. So, I guess the best solution for now, to get over the death of a man I never even met, is, as suggested, to write an ode. (Paul produces a small journal (with stars and planets on it) and pen.)

(Montage of Paul writing in the journal as music plays)

Paul: Alright now, no one said I was a Shelley, Shakespeare, Millay or Rossetti, but... tried my best, and that's all I can do. I hope you like it guys, especially you, Nikki. (Paul reads from the journal)

Oh Bree's Dad, whom we hardly knew,
Nor of you saw much past your shoe,
A fleeting glance, that's all we got, least until we saw you shot.

Peering out from under that golfing cap,
You tried to get Bree out of the Order's trap.
You tried your best to help her win,
Except when you were pumping her full of EPOGEN.

You were Bree's loving father till the end,
Even though you later said 'twas all pretend.
A great man until your tragic fall,
To honor you, we'll name you Paul.

Rest in peace Bree's Dad, whoever you were. I guess there's nothing to do now but watch the sunset. See you guys.


  • This is the first Paulmark18 video to not include Andrea.
  • Paul's notebook has a space theme, as does the border which goes around the top of his room in the first episode. This keeps in line with many space-related things connected to Bree, such as her high school nickname Stargirl and the planet mobile found in the episode Poor Pluto.