an update of sorts

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Episode 6/1x006
an update of sorts

Sending the folks some love

Blogger Tachyon
Date Posted September 24th, 2006
Length 2:00
Description so now you can finally all get off my back and stop asking me what i've been doing! ;)
YouTube Tags tachyon dodgers angels swimming hiking summer fall equinox busy habitat nested familiar illusion hindsight
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Glenn Rubenstein
Assistant Producer Mari Devincenzi
Director(s) Glenn Rubenstein
Camera Glenn Rubenstein
Vidplay Glenn Rubenstein
Story Glenn Rubenstein
Editor(s) Glenn Rubenstein
Music "Can I Play With Madness?" by Iron Maiden
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an update of sorts is the sixth video in the OpAphid video series.


(Black screen, white text.)
Text: so I haven't updated this in awhile

and I removed all of my old videos.
(long story, but i learned my lesson)

it's nice to have fallen into a gig
that'll keep me nested in a somewhat familiar habitat...

...but I fear that is just an illusion.

at least I keep telling myself that.
but how long can i keep observing
an illusion as real before my mind
accepts it as reality?

thankfully, the weather is nice.
plenty of nature to expore. every
week I learn about new places to
go hiking or swimming...

...if and when i get that rare free
moment, I hope to have the energy
left to actually prioritize that!
(double optimism)

all summer, the momentum of my
day-to-day demands has kept me
feeling like I am trapped in a state
of exhausted motion

[irony noted]

at least it's helping me ignore just
how surreal I should find all of this,
and i am ignoring it quite well.

i am trying to approach it as my
ability to keep up with these
demands directly reflects qualities
of my inner self...

...and my inner self has a fierce
determination to be able to watch
the World Series this year.

right now, nothing sounds better
than an actual game. I could use an
excuse to try out some obscene
gestures i've acquired

but given that I was so
overwhelmed with busy work
yesterday that i had to be reminded
that it was already the Fall Equinox...

I am going to try and keep my
expectations realistic. Believe me,
I know that the closest i may get is
watching it on live TV.

I am glad at least that I found the
time to write a little tonight.

i should remind myself to do it
more often.

I've had a long day, so i'm off to let
my mind focus on a fantasy that
actually might show even greater
optimism on my part...

[and believe me, if i could help
make it happen I would]

but I'd love it if the Dodgers and the
Angels faced off next month.

but given my track record as of
late, i haven't been so hot with
most of my predictions.

[I most sincerely hope I'm due]



[Please tell Mom and Dad that I'm thinking of them, i miss you too]


  • OpAphid suggested that we look into Tachyon's "i's." She suggested that I is her Order persona, and that i is her persona.