And That's What Everyone's Talking About

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Episode 0018
And That's What Everyone's Talking About

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Kelsey has been driven absolutely freakin' insane.

Blogger kelseygirl15
Date Posted June 7th, 2007
Description So..I rant a little. Then I do something that might make a lot of people really hate me.

Note: Don't take me too seriously.

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YouTube Tags kelseygirl15 linsybeast paris hilton mighty ducks ottawa senators music dance crazy insane rant
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And That's What Everyone's Talking About is the eighteenth video in the kelseygirl15 video series. Kelsey rants about Paris Hilton, the Senators, and more insane things.


Kelsey: Disclaimer: I am not insane. I'm just really freakin' pissed off! So I've got a lot to rant about today. If you ask me, the world's pretty freakin' f-ed up. And even though some of my complains may seem petty to you all, they don't seem petty to me. Because they're drivin' me absolutely freakin' insane! Rant number one. Paris freaking Hilton. After three days of her twenty-three day sentence, Paris has been sent home for "medical reasons." When asked what these medical reasons are, police have no comment. Paris will be spending fourty days in her million-billion-trillion dollar mansion. Too bad her tan's probably going to get ruined by that electric tracking device attatched to her million-billion-trillion-gazillion dollar ankle. God, life sure sucks when you're Paris Hilton. Rant number two. Last night, the Mighty, Mighty Ducks won the Stanley Cup. And as happy as I was that The Senators did not win, it made me realize how much I just want... I just want one national championship. A Superbowl or a Stanley Cup, please please please. Hopefully sometime when I'm living please, not after I'm dead and my grandchildren and great-grandchildren and other children are dead. Please God, please. Send me a Superbowl, please! Only 92 days 'til the Bills kick off their season.

(Cuts to Kelsey dancing to Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne.)