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First Appearance Last Appearance
First Blog / Dumb Dora Prevails I'm Sorry Kitty
Character information
Age 16
Date of Birth June 12th, 1929
Place of Origin Flag german.png Germany
YouTube lonelyjewfifteen
Portrayed by Jenni Powell
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Videos with Anne

Annelies Marie "Anne" Frank is the protagonist of the parody series Lonelyjew15. She a 16-year-old Jewish girl who is hiding from the Nazi's during the Holocaust. One day she finds a video camera with a note attached - "Tell the World". Her character is loosely based off that of Bree.


Anne's first appearance on camera is awkward, as she is reluctant to say too much about herself due to the fear that someone will find her and send her to a death camp. However, she's really bored due to how little there is to do in the attic, and decides to use the camera she is sent in order to kill time, as she is getting sick of writing in her diary. She is interrupted when her friend Peter pretends that there are Nazis outside her bedroom door, and she isn't happy with him. However, she decides to make her next blog alongside him, and the two attempt to "Prove History Wrong."

Trial and Error

Anne becomes disheartened when her parents don't let her make cookies with Peter, despite the fact that they had been saving up food rations for weeks. Her parents feel that it isn't good for her to spend so much time with Peter, so they have Miep, their helper, spend the day with Anne. At first, Anne is less than thrilled, expecting Miep to be a girly girl who wants to play dress-up, but she soon discovers that Miep is a feisty and fun-loving person, who takes Anne outside for the first time in months. After Miep saves Anne from a Nazi, she teaches Anne how to "Kick Nazi Tuckass". The training goes to Anne's head, and she convinces herself that she can take down Hitler. She tries to "shoot Hitler in the face", but she misses, and locks herself in her room, ashamed of her failure.

The Historical Anne Frank

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