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First Appearance Last Appearance
It's A Cult The Stabbing
Character information
Age Unknown
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
YouTube jerrypjr
Portrayed by Jerry Wright
List of Jerry's blogs
Videos with Jerry

Jerry is a minor character in the lonelygirl15 video series and a major character in its parody, LonelyJew15. In the latter, his character is loosely based off that of Jonas.


Jerry reveals what he knows.

Jerry first appeared in It's A Cult, pretending to be a Hymn of One member. Jerry gave Daniel the footage of the seminar, as well. He later appeared in lonelygirl15 Season Finale 5 of 12 - 12 pm, and helped Nikki Bower locate the warehouse was that Daniel, Jonas, Sarah, Taylor, and Spencer were trapped in. Upon arriving, he distracted a Watcher so that Nikki could knock him out. The duo successfully rescue TAAG, and Jerry turns his focus to other matters, one of which involved Sarah.

After she found out that her dad was working for the Order, she contacted Jerry, and convinced him to help her help TAAG without exposing her as a mole for the Order. He was responsible for leaving notes and videos, such as the one left on the hood of Jonas's car warning him about the eclipse. When he reveals this to TAAG, they freak out and assault him, not knowing why he is following them, despite the fact that he rescued him. He informs them that Sarah had told him to follow them to Lufkin in Order to make sure they were safe, and that the Order believes Taylor's dad to be their new leader. He is unwilling to say anymore, as he seems to think he is in danger, and leaves.


Ties to the Past

Jerry turned his attention to another lonely girl vlogging on YouTube... Anne Frank. He begins posting responses to her videos, dispelling advice and encouraging Anne to do the right thing. After convincing Anne to reconcile with her sister, Jerry becomes concerned once Anne stops posting videos after going out into harm's way. However, he is happy to learn that they rescue Bethany, Anne's stuffed bear, successfully from OpAdolf. However, he feels guilty and sends Margot a video so he can explain to Anne his part in the situation.

When Jerry was young, his family took a trip to Amsterdam. After getting lost in an antique shop, he finds a teddy bear that belonged to Anne Frank, and the shopkeeper tells him that the bear (Bethany) is very special and will tell him what needs to be done. Nothing happened for years, but around the time Anne started blogging, a history book disappeared from Jerry's house and ended up in the past with Anne. Jerry realized that Bethany was a portal to her, and sent her the webcam and the note attached, "Tell the World".

Jerry decided to go to the past and explain this to Anne himself, Anne was nervous, but in the end decided to trust him, as she had noticed Bethany behaving strangely as well. Once they meet, they hash out a plan to take down Hitler and save the past. However, during their attack on Nazi headquarters, they discover that Hitler and Ava have gone on vacation due to the stress caused by Blitzyon and the rest of the resistance movement. Anne is crestfallen, and her friend Peter scolds Jerry for putting her in so much danger, and disheartening her.

In (His Own) Time

Jerry's friend Kitty decides to cheer Anne up by inviting her to a party... in the future! Bethany lets Anne go, and she attends the party. However, Anne isn't warned about her alcohol consumption, and kisses Jerry as a result. Once she's sobered up, she chalks it up to the alcohol, and says that she views Jerry more as a big brother than a romantic interest. Anne does gain a romantic interest in Greggers, a person from her past who seems to be able to travel time as well with the help of a plush toy. When Anne goes out on a date with him, Jerry is livid, and points out that he could be an impostor. Jerry admits the irony of the situation, as his own trustworthiness had been subject to doubt not long before.

Jerry is more content when Greggers leaves, admitting to Anne that he didn't travel from the past, rather Toots has kept him from aging, and that he only went on a date with her because he was ordered to. Anne is disheartened oncemore, and Jerry decided to get Anne a job so she could pay back Kitty and keep herself busy. He gets her an interview for a journalism position, which Anne gets easily due to her experience in writing. However, she is followed and kidnapped by someone pretending to be a dead OpAdolf agent.

When Princess, Kitty's sister, discovers Anne missing, she contacts Jerry, too nervous to talk to Kitty. Jerry scolds her for not keeping a closer eye on Anne, and makes her call Kitty anyway. Kitty is livid, and yells at Princess profusely. Princess is upset by this, and she and Jerry begin drinking anything with alcohol they can can their hands on (and end up saying some rather nasty things about Kitty). Once they've sobered up, they discover that Anne has been captured by OpAdolf in an attempt to get Bethany. Jerry and Princess begin a training regiment so they can rescue Anne from "The Gym of Sun". However, they end up getting drunk again, and become distracted by a bee. While they are out, Kitty rescues Anne from the Gym of Sun and locks her in her apartment, where Jerry and Princess find her working out.

Run and Hide

After Anne returns, Jerry and Princess take her into hiding, which involves Jerry buying a house, in cash, due to him being independently wealthy. However, Jerry made a bizarre deal with the house's owner, and he stayed a resident and became the "Landlord Guy". As there are only two bedrooms, Jerry and Princess argue about whether or not they will share a bedroom or one of them will take the couch. Princess is skeptical about the move, as Anne is reluctant to accept her identity. Jerry attempts to snap Anne out of it with a Barbecue, but has Princess run it, and she is unable to get the grill to work. Jerry and Princess get into a fight, and Princess makes fun of his "cooking" outfit, saying that he looks like Martha Stuart if she had a sex change. Jerry becomes further infuriated with Princess when she lets Anne open a package from Greggers, who sent her a blade to defend herself. Jerry is almost at the end of his rope, when his Landlord slaps Anne, rewiring her brain and bringing her back to normal.

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