Assignment 3--October 18, 2006

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This was the third assignment in The Homeschoolers Aggregate game.

Assignment Three

What do you love and why?

You may answer in any way you wish. You should probably consider a definition of love or the kinds of love you possess. I love shrimp scampi, but I wouldn’t sacrifice much for it.

Good luck. You may participate in study groups if you choose. If you have a study group already, this is fine. Others can use our socialization post to solicit study group members. Please do not exclude anyone. It would break my heart if someone wanted a group, but no one responded. I do not want people’s feeling to be hurt. Everyone deserves inclusion.

I look forward to your creative and thoughtful answers.

This week the password will not change. I cannot keep changing your reality, can I?

Extra credit: What is up with my images on our homepage?

Next assignment: Assignment 4- October 19, 2006