Assignment 6- October 25, 2006

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This was the last assignment of The Homeschoolers Aggregate game.

Assignment Six: Final Orientation Assignment

Review/Study questions:

Are you willing to commit to HSA –to follow blindly, trusting that we only want the best for you?

Will you sacrifice financial freedom today for the promise of total freedom tomorrow?

Would you leave your families if they disagreed with your decision or would you find a way for them to join you –and join us?

Are you tired of the cold, cruel world where order does not reign, but chaos is the norm?

Will you give yourself to us fully, knowing we would fulfill your needs –emotional, spiritual, physiological?

Answer these questions quietly to yourself. Answer these questions while thinking of your future. Answer these questions with your life. You already know the answers to these questions, so keep them locked away in your head .

Practical Questions (the real deal):

1. What happened to HSA?

2. What is Lyn’s involvement?

3. What has happened to her mother?

4. Who is Mayati?

5. What is Twjaniak’s role?

6. What’s the deal with Rose Kelly?

7. Who will laugh at Rose Kelly?

Answer these 7 questions and you won’t need HSA. Answer these 7 questions with theories and you’ll be correct. Answers these 7 questions with questions and you’ll get the answers. Either way, answer these 7 questions and you’re golden.

This assignment is due on Saturday 10/28.