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In the Videos

Daniel spends the entire Exploring The Motel video reading the Bible. It is generally presumed that Daniel is not a practicing Christian (fans have speculated that Daniel is Jewish, but there is no evidence to confirm this), hence there is debate as to why he would be reading the Bible. Some speculation suggests that Daniel was looking for information related to Bree's eclectic religion. It is also possible that Daniel was simply bored and passing the time with some of the only available reading material in the motel room.

The Bible and LG15

The Luther Bible.
  • A copy of the Gideon Bible was modified to produce a clue in the ARG Cassieiswatching.
  • The Book of Daniel contains central references to "Beasts".
  • Jonas is another rendering of "Jonah" (from the Biblical book of the same name), who was lost at sea (as were Jonas's parents) and swallowed by a whale because of his unwillingness to perform his religious duties.
  • Fans have speculated that the recurring number 7:10 may refer to a Biblical passage.
  • It has also been suggested that self-designed moniker the Creators may be a sort of Biblical reference, likening the production team to God.
  • Season three is entitled Revelations LG:15, it is speculated that this is a reference to the book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible.
  • In the video Reclaim My Identity? Jonas goes to that clock, that actually reads 7:11, and finds that it refers to the biblical passage in the book of Revelations.