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In the video Ransacked!(Nov. 27, 2006) Bree announced that she was going to be in the LG15 Chat room at 6 p.m. November 28. Gemma announced in the video Scared To Go Home that she would be there as well.

On November 28 at 6pm PST (2am GMT) Bree was scheduled to ask fans for advice on what she should do next in a longlygirl15 chat room. Users were told that this chat would not take place in the regular "Userplane" chat room in place at that time but rather on a new alternative platform. As the scheduled time approached the lonelygirl15 web site began to function slower and slower and at times was essentially inoperable. The link to the new chat room never became operable. Users began to migrate to the normal "Userplane" chat room, and as rooms filled up additional ones were created. Essentially this meant that the lonelygirl15 characters who participated (Bree, Jonas and Gemma) could only interface with participants in one of the rooms. In fact, the characters themselves had difficulty entering the rooms because each room appeared to have a 100-person limit. However, somehow a backdoor was discovered to the room the characters eventually appeared in, which climbed to over 200 participants before the event ended.

So many participants were asking questions that many people found the chat impossible to follow. But, in summary, Jonas showed up and offered his house as a place for Bree and Daniel to stay. Gemma said she was unsure if it was wise to go live with an internet stranger.

An official transcript was never provided.

Below is a rough copy of some material from the chat preserved by fans at the time. Some of the sections may overlap and chunks may be missing.

Section 1

MishieRox1 (guest): Bree - I think you should go with Daniel to Jonas

lonelygirl15: LOrdGrey, you're so generous. Thank you

rory05 (guest): bree you should stay with jonas!

Noony (guest): give her your number, call him from a pay phone, dye your hair and go hunt watchers.

calphilips: Jonas, tell us why you think she will be safe at your house.. woont they follow her there and endanger you also?

Changingwaters (guest): I think you should stay with Jonas, but please take Daniel with you.

obrien1991: wow this is crazy

cuddlebunni (guest): You can stay with me bree, but i agree you can trust Lordgrey as well

khjqueen: Bree go to LordGreyStokes place, he will protect you

Pariah164: Do not trust the Police

Rocker_Cat176 (guest): People the constant fighting over who's in the order and whos not isnt solving anything.

dizziva (guest): police are corrupt

LordGreystoke422: Bree...I spoke with Jonas the other night..a guy that likes Orange slurpees cant be too bad

seth (guest): hi bree

towelflick (guest): get paul and andrea to help. and cassie.

MissKiwi4 (guest): Go talk to Jonas IN PERSON and see if you think you can trust him!

AdrianIsAwesome (guest): How does going home help?

Pariah164: to them, you will be runaways

allamericangirl (guest): GO WITH LIZARD BREE

PBandJ: Does CU Roi know about this?

rhimix (guest): Bree,u need to consult Daniel. Even tho ur low on money, do u have any other options? like relative to stay with?

MrsCop: The Police can't be bothered

jerik76: what kind of cult was your family involved in?

lovekjam (guest): gemmers where are you?

gemmers19: I agree with pinkhoody! YOu can only trust daniel. Don't even trust me if you don't want. trust him

butterfly (guest): No offense Jonas, but how can you help Bree find her parents?

starfly2 (guest): Bree, don't you think that people might be watching this chat?

heartattackz: BREE: get paul and andrea to check on your house!

bakedbree (guest): Don't trust Paul why does he have a bandage on his arm?

nfalcone (guest): haha orange slurpees

hawtstuff (guest): BREE - The Order has put you in a place where you HAVE to trust Jonas... Thats what THEY want!!!! DON'T DO IT!

Elain_Reducer: LordGreystoke seems crazy, Bree.

falsetto13: If you go see jonas, keep PMonkey, Owen, and daniel by your side

sanoj (guest): daniel's not reliable. he's getting fed up

heartattackz: and thor!

lovekjam (guest): yeah, but where is daniel????

dizziva (guest): trust no one, everyone has an angle

ballsymcd: LORDGREY- so you believe jonas is ok?

gnome (guest): If you are going to meet with Jonas meet with him ina public place

lively551: my eyes can't read all of this fast enough...i think it's starting to give me a headache...haha

tralagal: BREE, you know you could start a fundraiser on your site and I'll bet many people will help you out.

MJSR5: One thing is certain, stay with Daniel

MishieRox1 (guest): Bree - what's Dan's opinion on everything ?

MissKiwi4 (guest): But Daniel will be WITH her, he'll protect her when she meets Jonas

cyberpunk7_2000 (guest): i still say find an enemy group to the order and go with them on this

pmonkey17 (guest): Gemma, are you ok? I'm worried about you, from your last video

ForeverMourn: Bree you are so stupid if you don't go home. I am so sick of this.

fliptopbox (guest): You know which part a dog loves to have scratched most? Give up? It's the BRISKET!

thejyav (guest): Gemma you think she should go home??

sidewalkflight: MJ please change your font!

amesy: whaaat, where is Bree? i'm lost

jonas_tko: i live kind of in the middle of nowhere. if she wants, i will buy sweeping devices to check the room for bugs lol

analin: gnome- so true

lordgreystoke422: yeah....I kinda seem like..Bree

heyitsisra (guest): pmonkey definately has some sort of tracking device in him...


MJSR5: why?

Changingwaters (guest): Have you checked all of your stuffed animals for tracking decives?

belobela (guest): i agree daniel is the one to trust

bettboop7 (guest): i think you shoud go back to daniels

smguti (guest): (someone tell me who jonas is)

BabiGurl5935: ok lets not forget thor

sidewalkflight: it's too much like Gemma's

Changingwaters (guest): devices*

terminallycute: Definately stick with daniel....don't go home, unless you

are positive yer not being followed, and .........

Section 2

BabiGurl5935: BREE!!! Get daniel to call one of his friends to drive by and check ur house

melissa (guest): have a backup plan --- to make sure Jonas duesn't do anything shady

Cariii (guest): follow your heart.

HoorayForMeImMakingOut (admin): SLOW DOWN

Emily (guest): Bree go if you don;'t like it you can leave

greenrose04: Bree, if you *were* to stay at Jonas's house... were would you go from there? Stay there forever?

Taruffi: gemma is a trap

Tumness: Don't trust Jonas! It's better to live in a car than to go with a stranger!

froppo (guest): Jonas is a good idea. He has money and a large place you can stay. He seems harmless to me!

calphilips: Ok, Bree, Jonas, Be safe, please.. I have to go.. Look us up in IRC sometime.. Team Tachyon is here to help you.. with whatever you need


Rocker_Cat176 (guest): Oh good god you people think EVERYBODY is in the order. Next thing you know you'll be thinking BREE is in the order.

StandingInLine (guest): Bree, you mentioned you felt like yorents contacted BREE, you mentioned you felt as if your parents contacted you? How?????

Dizzeh: Then what is the problem with her AND Daniel staying with Jonas.

sidewalkflight: change your font please Emily

terminallycute: the people following you prolly kbnow yer car...anyway to switch up, trade it in on something a car? borrow from a friend? throw the watchers off track?

jewelybug: Bree, you need to consider going home. Your life is there Noony (guest): you don't speak gut?


x HxC eMo x: Bree: Have Daneil Call onas.

obrien1991: Bree what is your gut saying

dmcooney (guest): HE WAS TOO NOSY

x HxC eMo x: Jonas.

goodonpaper: smguti---check the video responses onthe, he's jonastko

x HxC eMo x: Or go home.

trainer101: Bree, we've spoken before (George Wasington). Surely you can trust a good man like Jonas.

lonelygirl15: By calphillips

chelsyem (guest): dont meet jonas without daniel

khjqueen: Bree, how about going to one of Daniel's friend, someone that you know

sidewalkflight: Change your font please jewelybug

allamericangirl (guest): Bree, go back home.... you may be confused but that is where this all started so i think you should go back cautiously and research

Broken Kid (admin): emily, jelwly change font

jonas_tko: tumness, thank you for saying i am a good idea. i appreciate your support

MJSR5: Daniel is just scared like Bree is, cut him some slack

bettboop7 (guest): daniel does not cause problems

HarLeQuin (guest): bree u may be able to trust jonas, but if you do, then you will continue to live in fear, if the watchers found u in a motel, then they will def be able to in a listed adress

modelmotion: TOM SAYS HI BREE...HE HAS BEEN KINDA TIED tied up with katie

californiababy (guest): go jonas!

bettboop7 (guest): stay with daniel

MissKiwi4 (guest): Bree I think you AND Daniel should go meet Jonas and consider staying with him.

Turbofist: Why are you worried Jonas? You don't know her, you've seen her vids like all of us, but you just joined us recently. What makes you more capable of helping her?

cyberpunk7_2000 (guest): nah this is too convenient

heartattackz: anyone with font like bree or gemma, please change it its too confusing


GutterStar723 (guest): did you meet Jonas through YouTube?

Owned (guest): i think jonas has a good plan

cyberpunk7_2000 (guest): way too convenient

Lovelygirl19: MJSRS: Well said!!!

butterfly (guest): Look deep inside - you will know the answer. I think if you are hesitant, that's your gut telling you something just isn't right.

lordgreystoke422: Bree everyone that is telling you to go home are confirmed followers of the people that ransacked your house..careful hon

sydney90 (guest): AND GEMMA STAY SAFE!

sidewalkflight: stay with jonas bree but make an escape plan with daniel. if you find you have misgivings while with jonas, BAIL.

Owned (guest): i think that daniel will protect you

lovekjam (guest): definately - go to jonas (plus, he's a hottie)

loisadreamer (guest): Bree are you starting to have feelings for daniel?

jiboo77: Bree, i know thigs are really hard for you right now, but i also know you are a very very smart girl, Talk to Jonas privately..

gemmers19: THANKS sydney90

princess_raa: i thbree, he seems like a nice guy, meet him with daniel fisr then go

starfly2 (guest): What happened to Cassie?

ballsymcd: i agree with grey


cuddlebunni (guest): bree, what does daniel think about jonas?

sydney90 (guest): NP

dizziva (guest): why doesn't anyone in a school, social worker find a 15 year old on the run odd

Emily (guest): better?

Owned (guest): and GEmma should keep staying with friends

lonelygirl15: Jonas is obviously a nice guy...but with everything that has happend I don't know what to do


dmcooney (guest): W

gemmers19: I'll wear "Watcher" repellant

Section 3

BabiGurl5935: Prove the order wrong

flipzpretz (guest): lame

watcher (guest): Wow, THAT was productive

yellwogurl (guest): Gemma.

pnktinkerbell21: omg i came in too late....

jeffishot15 (guest): bye. stay safe

lively551: ok that's it shes gone

SeamasC (guest): is gemma here?


khjqueen: I"M DIZZY

yellwogurl (guest): !!

californiababy (guest): jonas, take care of bree

omar-the-lobster: 100000 dollar ransom? law and order..

lodaho (guest): I poop in your mouth!

AdrianIsAwesome (guest): I doubt it.

HyeMew (guest): Gemma you have a long neck.

TEA (guest): i guess that's it

trainer101: Goodbye Bree... We'll be WATCHING

EvilMonkey85: bye bree be safe

dudeman (guest): he has his penis in mind


lovehilro (guest): wait everyone left?

Demo (guest): is jonas still here?

Oh_Snap: time to grill JONAS!! is he here?

lovehilro (guest): whats'g oing on?

yellwogurl (guest): Okay

itselisabeth (guest): gemma ask your parents!

x HxC eMo x: SHES GONE lively551: my eyes hurt.....ouch

Moonpies: Jessica was never here. Only Bree.



hoozaboboodoo (guest): this is Gemma

januiba (guest): did she leave

sidewalkflight: if you have alternative motives jonas, WE WILL FIND YOU!!!


RobAsh (guest): What did I miss?

melissa (guest): the point of this chat has been made. bree will stay with jonas.

dimdimdim (guest): no wait

californiababy (guest): hey nikki!

gemmers19: BYE

falsetto13: alright gemma! you stay safe as well!


hjhvjdkfvdsgs (guest): PROVE SCIENCE WRONG!!!!!!

lovekjam (guest): Gemma - still WATCHING??

sydney90 (guest): GEMMA CALL UR PARENTS

Changingwaters (guest): Gemma you're my favorite character!

SeamasC (guest): no _anxiety: BYE GEMMA

dimdimdim (guest): no WAIT


x HxC eMo x: GEMMA!!!!

californiababy (guest): byeee

lively551: bye germma

AdrianIsAwesome (guest): It's funny how the plot lets us talk to the actors and actresses. ^o^

froppo (guest): Hey Jonas want to play some ball sometime?

linoleum (guest): ththis is crap no one could g ??

Section 4

omar-the-lobster: what is this letter i'm hearing about?

HyeMew (guest): NIKKI = investigative reporter

polythene_pam (guest): paul and andrea were here?

flipzpretz (guest): why is nikki relevant?!?!?!

rhema: everyone is slowly leaving...

thejyav (guest): bree said...i dont know what to do or who to trust

glowe126 (guest): i think they did a good job

cyberpunk7_2000 (guest): ahhh

PaulOTron: Yes, I proposed to Nikki.

question (guest): they can't afford fiscaly to add another charactor guys, be reasonable

HyeMew (guest): I'll find the channel for those who don't know

justtommie: Seriously, did any one find it wierd that gemma was pushing the trust Daniel thing?

PaulOTron: (Kidding it wasn't me.)

thejyav (guest): she seemed to be leaning more towards jonas but she didnt make any plan

omar-the-lobster: what was the letter!

cyberpunk7_2000 (guest): yeah that was basically the gist of it from thejyav

heyitsisra (guest): who's nikki?

bakedbree (guest): Paul what is up with the bandage?

HyeMew (guest): are u really Paul?


omar-the-lobster: AAAH someone update the lobster!




heyitsisra (guest): i don't remember anything about nikki

sydney90 (guest):

improv (guest): THX SO MUCH!

lovelyJ (guest): LOL

lovelyJ (guest): thanks

thejyav (guest): daniel was not here

PaulOTron: I am not THE Paul, but that's my real name.

heyitsisra (guest): is paul in here?

thejyav (guest): he told bree he thought it was stupid

question (guest): ohh, they actually met them

glowe126 (guest): yeah, but it's like that movie the legend of billie jean where they hide out with the rich ikid

_Anduniviel_: BYE BYE

heyitsisra (guest):

HyeMew (guest): which makes it so contrived glowe

HyeMew (guest): don't leave Anduiviel

HyeMew (guest): I love your Elvish name

_Anduniviel_: HYEMEW, AW THANKS

livelongandprosper77 (guest): elvish haha

HyeMew (guest): yes it always strikes me when I see it logged in at the forum

efrisp: BYE... BE CAUTIOS

livelongandprosper77 (guest): interesting name to be sure

glowe126 (guest): so what happend on the law and order episode?

heyitsisra (guest): ...

livelongandprosper77 (guest): not sure what happened but i taped law and order ahha

HyeMew (guest): Paul proposed to Nikki on Law and Order

question (guest): no35%jf@34sg&8dj$

melissa (guest): at least the rich kid (jonas) is an outsider. that's appealing.

efrisp: BYE!!

HyeMew (guest): outsider... who was .......................

Section 5

HyeMew (guest): yes it always strikes me when I see it logged in at the forum

efrisp: BYE... BE CAUTIOS

livelongandprosper77 (guest): interesting name to be sure

glowe126 (guest): so what happend on the law and order episode?

heyitsisra (guest): ...

livelongandprosper77 (guest): not sure what happened but i taped law and order ahha

HyeMew (guest): Paul proposed to Nikki on Law and Order

question (guest): no35%jf@34sg&8dj$

melissa (guest): at least the rich kid (jonas) is an outsider. that's appealing.

efrisp: BYE!!

HyeMew (guest): outsider... who was probably PLANTED by the ORDER

melissa (guest): if he's bad, then they'll escape somehow

HyeMew (guest): just like Bree's parents did, ehh Melissa?

livelongandprosper77 (guest): yeah jonas is a fresh face and different perspective

question (guest): law and order?

question (guest): wasn't there just and OpAphid movie about the book of law

question (guest): and she running from an order?

sadpinkmidget (admin): whoa weird

Oh_Snap: haha good point

melissa (guest): it'll be fun to watch the videos at least of that

question (guest): If Jonas is acting then he's way better then jessica or Gemma

melissa (guest): bree and daniel are not as obedient as bree's parents

livelongandprosper77 (guest): better than Gemma maybe but not sure about being better than Bree haha

question (guest): ren, you're way too late

ren (guest): hahaha i know

ren (guest): my bad

ren (guest): ah well

ren (guest): recap?

question (guest): it wasn't that great

question (guest): umm

Oh_Snap: it was chaos!

melissa (guest): jonas is eye-candy.... no matter how he acts, he'll still have fans

ren (guest): i figure!

question (guest): I only caught the tail end because of the jam

Oh_Snap: imagine the speed of these posts x100

question (guest): but alot of people to bree she should go home ren (guest): are u kidding me

question (guest): Gemma doesn't trust jonas Oh_Snap: my eyes were going just about the speed of REM sleep xD question (guest): lol

mich (guest): what happen to admin?

question (guest): jonas should wire money but shouldn't meet with bree was a popular opinion

Oh_Snap: there isn't much to admin =/ the chat's over

ren (guest): think theyll post the chat somewhere

ren (guest): without the extra crap?

Oh_Snap: of course

melissa (guest): but bree seemed to accept jonas' hospitality

question (guest): one person kept saying the order wanted her because of her virginity

Oh_Snap: lol ya i remember that question (guest): yeah, one of the admins said they would

jellybean33 (guest): have you guys seen the cult's videos?