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HyeMew was an early LG15 fan who worked to make the Phorum a vibrant place. He was shocked that despite LonelyGirl's popularity her webpage forum was completely quiet and so decided to attempt to stir up some activity. He also felt his thoughts had a better chance of being seen there by the people behind the project, whoever they were, since leaving messages in the comment sections of Bree's videos would just result in them getting lost in a sea of others. He joined the Phorum on August 7, 2006 as the 15th registered user.

One of HyeMew's many claims to fame is his creation of a MySpace Danielbeast page, also on August 7, 2006. Since lonelygirl15 already had a legitimate MySpace page, it was widely assumed that MySpace Danielbeast was authentic. He never actively attempted to pretend to be Daniel, but was more curious in experimenting to see how many people would find and friend request Daniel without promoting it. As the investigation into the mystery of lonelygirl15 heated up however, the Danielbeast MySpace was used multiple times in attempts to validate if people pretending to be connected to the project actually were (since those actually involved with the project would not be fooled and would know that Daniel was fake, while the many fakers fell for it.) Among other things, HyeMew determined that Phorum poster "t" was a fake through the use of this MySpace account, and also learned that one of the broader group that was later whittled down to become the Phorum 3 had tried to rat out their plan to the Creators when that member started messaging "Daniel" regarding of the group's activity. He was apparently worried about "Bree's" safety and wanted Daniel to warn her.

Thus, for all these reasons, and many more, it was fitting that Virginia Heffernan of the New York Times dubbed HyeMew the "Dauntless Dean of All LG15 Fans" on September 7, 2006. [1] HyeMew was also the most prolific poster at the Phorum, with 325 posts between August 7 and September 5, 2006.

HyeMew later became a moderator at both The Children of Anchor Cove and the official lonelygirl15.com forums.

He is also notable for having a poem he wrote to Bree featured on her MySpace page which has been there since early August.

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