Cabin Fever

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Episode 490/3x080
Cabin Fever

I'm in love with Jonas!

Blogger Sarah
Date Posted June 3rd, 2008
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Length 3:29
Description We've been so bored, but thanks to everyone at for the great idea!
Location(s) Rented Cabin at Big Bear Lake
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 lg15 gina jenny sarah danielbeast jonastko Emma hymn of one
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried, and Amanda Goodfried
Series Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Production Assistant(s) Jenni Powell
Director(s) Marcello Daciano
Camera Kevin Schlanser
Vidplay Blair Singer
Story Tom Pettit, Blair Singer, Jim Campolongo, and Amanda Goodfried
Editor(s) Matt Vanselow
Music Supervisor Seth Jacobs
Music "Cool Stars" by Caution Cat, "Knock On Wood" by Eric Lyman
Sarah Alexandra Dreyfus
Jennie Melanie Merkosky
Gina Crystal Young
Emma Katherine Pawlak
Jonas Jackson Davis
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
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Cabin Fever is the four-hundred ninetieth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the eightieth video of season three.


Sarah: I saw Gina's video yesterday. She has a... "unique" way of expressing herself, but, all that aside, the girl has a point. Everything isn't okay. It's not like we're The Waltons, living this utopian life up in the mountains. Truth? We're a mess; we're the very definition of dysfunctional. (Cut to Sarah in the kitchen.) Reckless. (Cut to Sarah in the dining area.) Narcissistic. (Cut to Sarah on the stairs.) Selfish. (Cut to Sarah lying on her bed.) But we're also... friends. (Cut to Sarah sitting on the bed) Family. And above all else, (Lies down.) loyal.

(Cut to Sarah sitting on the couch.) And I'm not blind. I know how much they despise Carl, but it means a lot to me. You know, that despite his past mistakes, they stood by me. And saved him. (Smacks her hands together.) Our little vacay in the woods has been fun and all, but, to tell you the truth, we're starting to get cabin fever.

(Cut to Sarah holding several playing cards. Jennie is lying on her stomach on the floor, while Gina and Emma laugh.)

Jennie: Any day now Sarah.

Sarah: What?

Jennie: Come on! It's your turn. Go fish already!

Sarah: This is so lame.

Emma: Sarah, do you have a better idea?

Gina: N-n-no, do not ask her that, because last time I asked her for a suggestion, she said we should go skinny dipping in the hot tub.

Sarah: Heck yes I did!

Emma: Okay, that is not gonna happen.

(Jennie and Gina laugh.)

Sarah: Oh, come on, please!

Emma: No, that is not going to happen. Hey, why don't we go camping?

Gina: I've never been camping before!

Emma: It'll be fun.

Jennie: Yes, yes-yes-yes-yes! That is a great idea! I saw some camping gear in the garage.

Emma: Oh, my gosh! Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah!

Sarah: You know what? Let's not.

Emma: Nice. You know what, Sarah? It would be fun. I've been living in a bunker.

Jennie: Please?

Emma: It's fresh air. Please?

Gina: Come on.

Sarah: Yeah, and after Mexico, I think my camping days are over.

Jennie: Oh.

Emma: Ye-yeah. Bad idea.

(Gina peeks at Emma's cards. Emma turns to Gina, who hides her cards.)

Emma: So... (Laughs.)

Sarah: Hey, wait a minute...

Gina: Can I have a one? (Emma giggles.)

Sarah: Didn't, um, didn't the LG15 Community just throw a prom?

Jennie: Oh yeah!

Gina: I think so.

Sarah: And if I recall, I am in the presence of not one, but two ladies who have never danced with a boy or been to a prom.

(Emma and Gina giggle.)

Jennie: That is right! (Points at Emma and Gina.) Them!

(Emma and Gina laugh.)

Sarah: That's it, that's what we're doing. We're throwing a prom. Right here, right now.

Gina: Really?

Sarah: Gimme gimme prom, gimme prom, gimme gimme prom!

(Emma and Gina giggle excitedly.)

Emma: I don't know how to dance!

Jennie: Okay, this- this is either the world's worst idea... (Whispers to Sarah.) Or the greatest! (Nods and gives a thumbs up.)

Sarah: It's the greatest.

(Jennie laughs. Gina taps her on the shoulder.)

Gina: Do you have a four?

Emma: You're a cheater. You're a cheater!

Jennie: Ugh! (Hands her four card to Gina.)

Emma: I saw you cheat!

(Cut Jonas and Daniel on the back porch.)

Jonas: No. No way.

Daniel: Oh, please no!

Emma: Oh, come on! Look, if I remember correctly, we outnumber you guys four to two. (Daniel groans.) Right?

Sarah: Prom it is, fellas.

(Jonas groans. Cut to Sarah sitting on a couch on the back porch.)

Sarah: It's weird, I admit it. But I'm excited! The cheesy outfits, the slow dances. And the boys? Well, they have admitted defeat and they're going along with the whole idea. Listen to this. Daniel wanted to do a Star Wars prom. Ugh. Yeah, N-O to that! And Jennie... oh, poor little Jennie. She wanted to do an Earth Day theme. Yeah, no. That wasn't gonna happen. So we went with my idea. An '80s prom!

So if you guys have any tips on what to wear or how to decorate, send me a message on And who knows? Maybe this time I'll do prom right and behave. Eh, maybe not.


  • Sarah singing "Gimme, gimme prom" is a reference to the Britney Spears song "Gimme More."
  • After this video, a new slogan appeared as the headline for LG15: "Prom: It's To Die For." It was later revealed that the prom was to be a four-part video event.