Call Me Toni

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Episode 3/1x003
Call Me Toni

Now That's What I Call Research, Vol. 1

Blogger Antonia
Date Posted March 10th, 2009
Forum forum discussion
Length 2:15
Description I did some research we need to find out where this girl lives, it's important!
Location(s) Toni's bedroom
YouTube Tags LG15 The Last lonelygirl15 Australia Antonia Order Hymn of One Call Me Toni katemodern bree coopitquiet Chas
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) EQAL
Producer(s) Samantha Carr, Emily Rose Robinson, Andrew Strouthos, and Catherine Williams
Director(s) Andrew Strouthos
Assistant Director(s) Dominic O'Connell
Director of Photography Andrew Strouthos
Visual Effects by Dominic O'Connell
Story Samantha Carr, Emily Rose Robinson, Andrew Strouthos, and Catherine Williams
Editor(s) Andrew Strouthos
Music "Chopin Prelude No. 4", "Chopin Etude Op.25 No.9", "Chopin Aeolian Harp", "Chopin Mazurka Op.68 No.2", "Chopin Nocturne Op.15 No.2", "Chopin Raindrop Prelude" by Berrycomposer
Antonia Samantha Carr
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Call Me Toni is the third video in the LG15: The Last video series.


Antonia: Oh my god, what do I do? What do I do? Chas. I think that I'm the Antonia Moore that you're looking for. You see, I did some research.

(Cut to Antonia lying on her bed surrounded by a pile of books.)

Total history buff coming on here, but I did find some interesting stuff. Did you know that religion has played a part in daily life since eons ago? Like the Ancient Egyptians. (A book falls off the bed.) The Hieroglyphics are so fascinating to decipher. Oh, and you want to hear something really cool? (Another book falls off the bed.) I was doing some research, and I found this really weird symbol next to my family tree. And do you know what it was? It was the symbol for the ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor. How cool is that?!

(Cut to Antonia lying on a pillow. All of the books have been arranged in piles.)

Every book holds a memory for me. I can't even remember a time when I was without one. Every single moment in my life is just tied to a book. There's just something so romantic about reading. (Cut to Toni lying on the bed gazing up at the ceiling.) The physical connection. The escapism. The way the story unfolds.

(Cut to Antonia sitting on the edge of the bed. All the books are gone.)

Chas, there's something you should know. I'm part of the Hymn of One family. Although I've grown up in this religion, I feel as though they're partially responsible for the danger that we're in. I feel I'll be safest with you, because I've seen someone watching me. I feel it's them. They're so over-protective. It seems like you have the answers I've been looking for. (Cut to Toni sitting farther up on the bed.) I feel we should meet. But it'll be too obvious if I leave right now. Maybe if I wait a few days, that should be fine. Also, I have some information for you. (Grabs a piece of paper off the night stand) "coopitquiet" belongs to a Jayde Cooper in Queensland. I don't know where, but it's important that we find her and tell her what's going on.

(Cut to Toni sitting in front of the camera.)

Chas, please keep yourself safe. Keep a lookout for anything that seems out of the ordinary. As you can see, I dyed my hair to conceal my identity. Oh, and call me Toni. (Reaches to turn camera off.)