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Samantha Carr
LG15: The Last: Creator, producer, writer
Portrays Antonia
Background information
Age 36
Birthday August 22nd, 1987
LG15 10109

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Samantha "Sam" Carr is the actress who plays the role of Antonia "Toni" Moore in LG15: The Last web series, in addition to being one of the original four Creators of the series. Born in Sydney, Australia, Samantha made her debut performance at the age of four.

Samantha has been studying acting since the age of 11 and has appeared in various theatre productions and musicals including; the Pirates of Penzance, The Darling Buds of May, Our Town, If the Shoe Fits, The Tales of Sherwood, Roald Dahl’s Cinderella and Macbeth. She has also attended acting courses at The Marion Street Theatre Company to enhance her acting abilities.

After graduating from high school, Samantha went straight to university to study a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma of Education and is currently in her fourth year of study.

As a hobby Samantha has always expressed herself through her writing and has previously co-written for a web site and is in the process of working on her first novel. Samantha came across lonelygirl15 and was drawn into the series primarily because of the unique interactive aspect that the show provided. She saw the competition of LG15: TSIY and immediately took action using her writing skills and developed a brief outline of characters and the plot.

Samantha met Emily Robinson and Catherine Williams when she first commenced high school at Sydney’s Pymble Ladies’ College. The three of them formed a strong friendship and they all shared the common passion for acting. Later she moved schools to attend Barker College and met Andrew Strouthos. Together she felt they could create an entertaining series which prompted them to enter LG15: TSIY, and through the collaboration of their various talents created the series, ‘The Last’.

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