Change is inevitable...

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Flock Video 0038
Change is inevitable...

Change is inevitable.jpg
I will not sing my eternal song

Blogger Betsy
Date Posted September 5th, 2007
Description For Nicky.
YouTube Tags 5on5 the flock sandra betz28 new girl daniel bree lg15 lonelygirl15

Betz Betsy Rice
Mike Credit Withheld
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Change is inevitable... is the thirty-eighth video in the The Chosen Flock video series. It is the second video in the 5on5 season finale.


Betz: Hey gang. I don't have much time, because Mike will be coming home from L.A. in a little while, and I need to get ready. But I wanted to show you this cute... ohmygosh, look what I found. (Holds up a CD in a blue case.) I bet it's the CD that I lost the other night. Mike has this friend in the recording industry, and he let me come over and record a few songs. The recording studio's in his home! It was the first time I've ever been in a recording studio! I hope this is the CD. Alright, let's see!

(She puts it into the computer, and turns away. Cuts to Betz drinking a glass of wine and looking frustrated.)

Betz: The CD contains profiles of patients that Mike has treated. I didn't recognize any of the names though. There was this Cassandra girl, and then this Daniel in California. But I did notice that Sandra's name was on the list! (Holds up medical records.) I mean, Experiment: mind alteration. Evaluation: Subject experienced change in personality. Noted. Subject completely complacent.

Mike (off-camera): Hi honey!

Betz: (Holds up medical record.) Why didn't you tell me about this?

Mike (off-camera): I'll explain.

Betz: What are you treating my sister for?

Mike (off-camera): Relax, honey.

Betz: I will not relax! What is going on?

Mike (off-camera): Sing your eternal song.

Betz: I will not sing my eternal song!


  • We are to believe Mike is the one who brainwashed Daniel and Jonas in Miss Me?, and also did the same to Cassie.