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First Appearance Last Appearance
Hey Everyone! Flock 5on5 Teaser Trailer 1
Character information
Age 19
Date of Birth ("Capricorn")
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
MySpace grainofsandra
YouTube grainofsandra
Revver grainofsandra
Portrayed by Unknown
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Sandra D. is a character in The Chosen Flock Video Series. Sandra is a cheerful girl who is going to camp this summer. Her sister Betsy is a singer, an example of how the Hymn of One can enrich one's life.

Plot background

Sandra was very young when her family converted to the Hymn of One, so she was practically raised in it. Sandra is extremely obedient to her religion and has lots of fun doing it.

Sandra was accepted into a very exclusive summer camp. She is very excited about this in Hey Everyone!, and is eager to meet new people and have a blast at camp.

On the summer solstice, Betz lost contact with Sandra. She was worried until Sandra posted the video Camp is the Word, where she is safely at summer camp. Betz is concerned over her sister's bizarre behavior, as she seems to be in some sort of trance until the last few seconds where she asks someone off-screen if there's any pizza left.

After leaving camp, Betz's husband Mike took Sandra to Los Angeles to the Hymn of One Center for a retreat.

In the Flock 5on5 Season Finale, it is revealed that Sandra is one of Mike's patients, and has undergone brain-alteration which has resulted in change of personality. The reasons behind the tests remain unknown.


  • Sandra loves the Movie Grease, and quotes it repeatedly in Camp is the Word.
  • Sandra, according to Betz, has allergies


Sandra is a popular female name. It is often a shortened form of Alexandra, the female version of Alexander, which means Protector of Men. There are variants such as Sandrine, Sandrilene or Sandy, or various diminutives. Sometimes a male version appears, such as Italian, Spanish and Portuguese Sandro, or French Sandré.

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