Short Changed

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Flock Video 0037
Short Changed

Short Changed.jpg
Alondra in a car wreck?

Blogger ShepherdX
Date Posted September 5th, 2007
Description For Nicky.
YouTube Tags ApotheosisAZ shepherdx 5on5 chosenflock lonelygirl15 lg15 flock chandra alondra alessandra cynthia liandra betsy sandra

Music Big Rock
Ash Pitasooze Credit Withheld
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Short Changed is the thirty-seventh video in the The Chosen Flock video series. It is the first video in the 5on5 season finale.


(A green X appears on screen. Cuts to a news screen.)

Ash Pitasooze: With breaking news from the GNN News Desk, I'm Ash Pitasooze. We now have more details on the car crash involving Alondra, the protege of music sensation Finn. Eyewitnesses say, she was seen leaving a Hollywood nightclub at aproximately 1 am after a night of heavy partying. 25 minutes later, authorities had received a 911 call about a car that had rolled over. Alondra was rushed to Cedar's Sinai Hospital, where she is currently listed in "critical condition." We also learned that toxicology tests were performed. Finn has released the following statement: My hopes and thoughts for a full recovery are with Alondra. She is a lovely and talented girl. My personal wish is that she is well enough so she can enjoy the success of her debut DC which drops next week.

(Camera zooms out on a map, over a city skyline, to a hospital. Inside, people are walking with a gurney. A helicopter lifts off. A landscape is panned. A body is taken from the helicopter and transported onto a waiting gurney. Cuts to a newspaper article regarding the incident, stating that Alondra's single "Eterenal" has topped the charts. Cuts to ShepherdX logo.)