Crazy Decisions

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Episode aaronbeast #3
Crazy Decisions

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Daniel is alcoholic!

Blogger aaronbeast
Date Posted April 18th, 2007
Description Daniel's being stupid; I hope Jonas can help him!
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YouTube Tags aaronbeast aaronbeast1 lonelygirl15 danielbeast jonastko crazy decisions drinking bree daniel jonas aaron
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Crazy Decisions is the third video in the aaronbeast series.


White Text on Black Screen: Daniel... it's your brother Aaron...

(Cut to Aaron's face)

Aaron: Daniel... for... no about a year or two has always been known to drink. You know, he used to always try to hide it from mom and dad, but trust me, they knew. I mean, it was kind of obvious. But I never got why he did it, you know. Why he still does it. It's a really stupid decision, and it's not going to help you with anything. Just... actually... it makes things worse. You know, I can't even stand to see my brother like this. This is just crazy. I hope, you know, Jonas does come up with something to help him. Daniel can't go on like this. This is... this is crazy. And, you know, it would even be okay if it was once in a while, but he's like... an alcoholic.

(Repeat of Aaron saying "Alcoholic" in slow motion while the screen flashes a variety of colors.)

Aaron: Now he's going crazy. (Shakes head sadly) And it's a really dumb decision and he shouldn't be doing it.

(Screen fades to black)

White Text on Black Screen: