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This is a Behind the Scenes page that contains real world information. It may be locked for editing due to privacy concerns.

The Creative Artists Agency is one of the largest talent agencies in the United States entertainment industry. Founded in 1975 by employees who left the rival William Morris Agency, it was long headed by Michael Ovitz, who left to become president of the Walt Disney Company.

During the hunt for Bree, the IP address that lonelygirl15 used was traced to the private servers of the Creative Artists Agency by the Phorum 3. Richard Rushfield of the LATimes called the CAA, who declined to comment. The revelation that the CAA was involved led to the Creators coming forward and revealing that they are now represented by the Creative Artists Agency.

Amanda Goodfried, the wife of Greg Goodfried, is a former employee of the Creative Artists Agency. When users sent e-mails to Bree, it was Amanda who would respond, sometimes from her computer at work, which led to the IP address being traced to the CAA.

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